BPTH Chapter 130

Doomsday for the Mars Prefecture

“Grrr! Grrr!”

As if they had taken in some stimulant, the demons and barbarians howled in great excitement, after seeing their reinforcements. A moment ago, they were almost forced to retreat; yet now, their morale was rekindled, as they counterattacked the humans.

“Errr? What’s going on over there?” Not knowing what had happened over at the enemy side, the Mars Prefecture Legion was bewildered, after they had witnessed the sudden change that had happened among the demons and barbarians. Could they really reverse the situation with just their flaming passion?

“Oh, Heaven! What are those creatures?! Those creatures up there in the sky!”

Eventually, some members noticed something extremely weird in the sky, and thus screamed in panic. Like a big dark cloud, countless half-man, half-bird creatures were flying towards them! In total, there were actually hundreds of them! None of the elites of the Mars Prefecture Legion had ever seen such oddly-looking creatures, which left them momentarily stunned, as they widened their eyes both in shock and curiosity.

“Fuck! Haven’t the Wing Bird Demons gone extinct a long time ago? How come there are so many of them?”

The normal elites didn’t have access to the knowledge the human side had on the different demonic species, but certain young lords did have access to this knowledge. Sainan’s face instantly turned deathly pale the moment she saw these ugly demons.

As for the other young lords and ladies, like Feng Zi, Hua Cao and Qingcheng, they also immediately recognized this special species, based on their memory of their respective family records. It was said, indeed, that the Wing Bird Demon was neither good at defense nor attack. The performance of this species, was regarded by some as the worst among all demons, in terms of these two aspects. However, they did have their own unique, superb demonic technique – teleportation!

Each Wing Bird Demon could serve as a teleportation post, allowing their counterparts to appear in front of them at any time. By using this incredible technique, groups of reinforcements were instantly being summoned to the top of Breaking Blade Summit. No one had dared to consider, that these already extinct species could reemerge in this world once again!

“Retreat! All of you, hurry up!” Seeing the hundreds of Wing Bird Demons landing on the mountain, Sainan had no choice but to retreat. She was crystal clear that there would be no turning back once the Wing Bird Demons had arrived. They were doomed, completely doomed! After giving out a powerless sigh, she ordered her team members to retreat as fast as their feet could carry them. By now, if she still stubbornly lingered on this battlefield, all members from the Mars Prefecture would find no chance of survival. They would be buried in this mountain forever. “Retreat to the foot of the mountain. Let’s break out of this encirclement!” Instantly following Sainan’s order, Feng Zi rallied the elites around him, and hurried down the mountain.

– Swoosh! –

The Wing Bird Demons on the summit of the mountain emanated golden beams around their bodies, as the light flicked, there would appear a demon or barbarian. In several minutes, more and more demons and barbarians had been teleported onto this battlefield. The size of Yao Kaka and Man’gan’s team rapidly picked up, they were now obviously outnumbering the human side. As most of the members of the Mars Prefecture Legion retreated, only Sainan and several Prince-Realm cultivators were left to fight against the demons and barbarians chasing from behind.

Seeing that their pursuing route was blocked by Sainan and the advanced cultivators, Yao Kaka didn’t show any frustration; instead, he was leisurely watching them on the side, and laughed out wildly.

“Long Sainan, spare your efforts, you’re all doomed! Haha, to tell you the truth, more Wing Bird Demons are yet to come. I and young lord Man’gan have, altogether, assembled approximately 10,000 members. Now, you’re tightly besieged. You guys have no way to escape! I suggest that you surrender now, rather than to fight in vain!”



The demons and barbarians howled like crazy, as though they were echoing with Yao Kaka’s overbearing laughter. Streaks of glaring golden beams lighted the dark night, as more and more demons and barbarians arrived at the mountaintop. Their howls rang out between heaven and earth, as their numbers continued to increase.

“We are finished!”

As the annoying howls reached their ears, Sainan, Feng Zi, and the other young lords all blanked out. They were terribly horrified by the scene in front of them, and were left not knowing what to do. With ghastly pale faces, they were unanimously in silence.

In the far-off distance, the setting sun was dropping down slowly, the light of which reflected a scarlet red glow onto Breaking Blade Summit.


Qinghan still couldn’t get rid of the frightening feeling he had had, after he had seen those Wing Bird Demons last night.

Right now, he was hiding in a tall tree, looking through the thriving leaves. In front of him, there was a spacious grassland, on which hundreds of teleportation posts were shining with a bright golden light. Under the instruction of a barbarian leader, all the barbarians were marching towards these posts, and soon disappeared within their glaring light.

Honestly, the teleportation posts were no stranger to Qinghan, but the number of them was what had scared him. Oddly, these posts didn’t need the required rest period in between each activation, and could continuously perform their function. The barbarians lined up orderly, waiting to be teleported, one by one.

“These teleportation posts were set up by the Wing Bird Demons we saw yesterday! This is a one-way teleportation, and the distance they can teleport to is shorter than the normal ones!” As experienced cultivators, Shisan and Shiqi knew this kind of demon pretty well. While Qinghan acted like an illiterate young man in front of them. Even Qingwu could identify these demons, after a moment of shock.

“One-way teleportation? Ohh, so many barbarians are being teleported. There must be a conspiracy!” Shisan’s face turned surly, as he gradually figured out what might happen next. He exchanged an anxious glance with Shiqi, before he murmured out. Nearly two thousands barbarians had been teleported by the Wing Bird Demons, it seemed as if they were trying to accomplish an urgent task. In Shisan’s prediction, the demons and barbarians must have teamed up, and they were all fighting against the Mars Prefecture.

“Go, let’s skirt this grassland, and head north. Since the distance of their teleportation isn’t too far away, I believe, that we can catch up with them in half a day. We’ll see what kind of nasty scheme they have hatched!”

After weighing the pros and cons, Shisan decided to lead the others to the possible battlefield up ahead. Qinghan’s cultivation had been improved by leaps and bounds, and his power was now equivalent to those in the first level of the Realm of the Prince after integrating with his battle beast. As for Qingwu, once integrated, she could reach the peak level of the Realm of the Marshal. Collectively, their power was invincible; at least they would be able to escape effortlessly, once encircled by the demons and barbarians.

“Let’s go!”

The four of them jumped down from the tree, and quickly disappeared in the dense forest.


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