BPTH Chapter 13

The Green Serpent

Night had fallen, as the moon hung high in the sky.

The Battle Beast Hall was ablaze with lights. Right now, all the candidates of the Awakening Ceremony, together with their parents had been asked to leave, except for Qinghan.

“Oh, It’s a lion-nosed dog!”

“Definitely… God doesn’t bless our Ye Family.”

The elders kept on scrutinizing the cub that was sleeping in Qinghan’s arms. Eventually, they came to the conclusion that the beast Qinghan had summoned was really a lion-nosed dog. After the confirmation process, the expressions of those elders were a rather sharp contrast with a few minutes ago. Some were sighing, while others were shaking their heads in great disappointment. A few of them even shot resentful glares at Qinghan.

Elder Tianqing calmed himself down a little bit, as he stared at the little cub. “Hey, young man, don’t be nervous. Tell us what you’ve seen during your awakening moments. Don’t drop a single detail.”

Standing beside the altar, Qinghan had been closely observing everyone’s expressions. He saw the disappointment on his uncle Ye Qiang’s face, but he also saw the despicable smile on Ye Jian’s face. At the beginning, Ye Jian had been worried that Qinghan would summon a high-ranked beast, while after the elders’ reevaluation and confirmation, he became rather relieved.

Within just a few minutes, Qinghan had been through a series of complex feelings, very much like riding a rollercoaster. Now, he knew what he should do with the cub.

“Yes, Elder!” He respectfully looked back at Elder Tianqing.

The elders took a seat, but they still couldn’t take their eyes off the black cub. Now, they were prepared to listen to Qinghan’s narrative of the events that had unfolded during his awakening. Although the result had dashed their original hopes for a holy-grade beast, they were still rather curious to hear what Qinghan had seen during his awakening. After all, it was a nine-colored halo.

“When I entered into the altar, some white smoke rose up. I mean, this white smoke was quite different from the normal one. It was so special… It was like… Oh, It looked like the fog on a rainy day! But you know what’s the most amazing part? Haha, the white smoke penetrated into my body…” Qinghan gestured hysterically as he narrated, while he was intoxicated in his own world.

“Humph! Cut the bullshit and get to the point! Be simple, garbage. You should arrange your words before speaking…” The man with a scar on his face interrupted. He was the vice-president of the Punishment Department of the Ye Family.

Truly, the elders in their seats were rather annoyed by this meticulous and lengthy speech. They were the leading members of the Ye Family, who had no leisure time to listen to nonsense.

“Oh? Be simple? Ok. Here we go.” Qinghan lifted the corners of his mouth, “Through some white rays I saw a mysterious valley, in which numerous little beasts sat. And then I used the summoning method. Finally, I’m back here. That’s it.”

Everyone listened attentively, trying to find out some impressive parts from his narration. However, Qinghan had stopped, as not another word was coming from his mouth.

“Then?” Ye Ron inquired.

“Then what? It’s the end. Oh… I remember… Then I summoned such an adorable little cub.” Qinghan pretended to be puzzled, as if Ye Ron was an idiot to ask such a self-evident question.

“That’s it?”

“That’s it!”

“Shit. How can it be so simple?” Ye Ron was apparently outraged, as his anger made his scar seem even more hideous.

“Yes, that’s it. It was you who told me to be simple! Is the process of summoning a battle beast really that complicated?” Qinghan continued to pretend to be innocent and bewildered.

Interestingly, the other elders coldly glanced at Ye Ron, as if he was indeed a dumbass.

“Bastard, I didn’t mean that ‘simple’…” The disapproving glares of the others made Ye Ron even more upset, as he even slipped into a small fury.

“Humph!” Elder Tianqing, who sat next to Ye Jian, let out a stern humph. He silently threw a glance at Ye Ron, which almost scared the latter to death. Needless to say, Ye Ron kept his mouth shut.

“Kid, come here. I will ask and you will answer me in detail. Ok? What was it like in the valley you mentioned?” Elder Tianqing turned to Qinghan, speaking to him in a soft voice.

“Oh, that valley was huge. It stretched about 500 meters from one end to the other. In the middle of the valley there was even a lake.” Qinghan didn’t dare to monkey about in front of Elder Tianqing.

“Oh, so large?” Elder Tianqing, as well as the other elders looked at each other, as all of them had unbelief plastered onto their faces. They knew, that the bigger the space, the higher the ranking of the battle beast was.

“Hmm, what kind of little beasts have you seen then? If you don’t know their names, just describe their appearance.” Elder Tianqing added.

“Er… So many, but I didn’t know all of their names. Oh, I saw the spirit wolf that Qingfeng had summoned this morning. And… The violent bear, the same as Qingkuang’s. Oh, and a three-headed scaled anteater…”

“Spirit wolf? Violent bear, and a three-headed scaled anteater? Hoho, why don’t you just say there was also a green dragon. You’re such a braggadocio!” Ye Ron unexpectedly interrupted.

“Humph! Ye Ron, if you aren’t interested in Qinghan’s narration, please leave. This is the Battle Beast Hall, not your Punishment Department.” Elder Tianqing glared at Ye Ron. In terms of cultivation, Ye Ron was superior to Elder Tianqing, but he wouldn’t challenge his seniority, as Tianqing was of the same generation as his father.

“Do you mean the green serpent-like beast? It has an armor of scales all over its body. It has four legs and two horns.”

“What? The green serpent?”

“Oh, God, That could be the green dragon!”

“It’s possible, considering the nine-colored halo.”

The crowd was ignited once again by the mentioning of the green dragon, which had long been considered as a holy-grade battle beast. Currently, there was only a single green dragon that lived in this continent. It inhabited the Dense Fog Mountain, which was listed as one of the three most mysterious places in the continent because of the dragon. Over thousands of years, the Ye Family had been collecting information on this green dragon, in the hope that one day their descendants would be able to summon such a beast.

According to Qinghan’s description, the green serpent was most likely the green dragon. Qinghan’s ambiguity on identifying the dragon was understandable, because he had never had the chance to get any information about this holy beast, due to his low status.

“But why, I mean, why didn’t you summon the green dragon?” Elder Tianqing began to show a sense of disappointment.

“I tried, yet, that serpent… Er, sorry, that green dragon completely ignored me. I couldn’t figure out why either!” Qinghan replied thoughtlessly.

“It’s the will of the heavens… Ok, we’d better never challenge God’s will. Alright, you’re allowed to go back home and have a good night’s rest. Don’t forget to go to the School of Battle Beasts tomorrow.” Elder Tianqing collapsed on his seat, feeling as if his whole body was weakened in disillusion.

Looking at the disappointed Elder Tianqing, the rest of the elders were in no mood to inquire anything from Qinghan. After all, they couldn’t make Qinghan go back into that space and summon the dragon. With sighs and grumbles, they all prepared to leave.

“Respected elders, and Third Uncle, I have to go now.” Qinghan bowed to the elders.

“Be diligent in cultivation. You should set your father as your role-model.” Ye Jian patted on Qinghan’s shoulder, showing a face full of hypocrisy.

“Garbage is garbage. Since you have seen such a precious beast, why don’t you summon it? You lost a golden opportunity, idiot. You’re wasting the rice and resources of our family.” Ye Ron scolded Qinghan before he left.

“Qinghan, don’t feel discouraged. You know, a holy beast isn’t easy to summon. Keep on cultivating, I have confidence in you.” The gentleman-like Ye Qiang stood up and went to Qinghan.

“Thank you, Third Uncle. I will!” Qinghan nodded his head in response. Ye Qiang was generally neutral to what had happened between Ye Jian’s family and Ye Dao’s. However, he had always been kind to Qinghan, offering him a favor every now and then. Therefore, Qinghan was rather grateful towards his Third Uncle.

After all the elders had left the hall, Qinghan stepped out as well.

Outside the hall, it was already late in the evening. Under the nebulous sky, a white shadow stood silently in the moonlight, just like a night blooming cereus.


Seeing his beloved sister, Qinghan tried to hold his tears back, as he was touched by her unconditional support for him. He stepped forward and held her hand. “My dear sister, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for so long. Let’s go home. I’ll show you my miraculous little battle beast.”