BPTH Chapter 129

Bloody War

“Young lord Yao Kaka, are you sure we can succeed?” With extremely anxious eyes, Man’gan turned to Yao Kaka, after having looked at the chaos stirred up by Sainan’s team. He knew all too well about the true ability of his barbarians. Despite the shining armors wrapped around each Barbarian Emperor, they couldn’t sustain any longer. The almost over twenty-years accumulated Barbarian Force was almost completely consumed in the previous series of attacks launched by the Mars Prefecture Legion. If Yao Kaka’s plan failed, all the barbarians would be placed at great risk, or even annihilated in this battle.

“Relax, buddy. In half an hour, you’ll know!” Yao Kaka replied with a ghastly evil smile, as his golden hair once again swung in the sunset light, fully revealing his demonic temperament.

Being reassured, Man’gan felt his bald head with his hand, and immediately focused his attention on the fierce battlefield

At the entrance of the top, only approximately ten people were allowed to stand together. The rest of the Prince-Realm cultivators were left behind, however, they had already released their Battle Qi, as they were ready to join the fight at any time. The cultivators in the frontline had to be excelling at multi-tasking, if they wished to survive. Their main task was to attack the Barbarian Emperors; while at the same time, they had to avoid the sneak attacks launched by the demons. This was obviously an arduous fight.

But they all knew, this was their last chance. All these days, numerous elites from the Mars Prefecture had lost their lives, paving their way to today’s final attack. Also, under the series of attacks, they believed that the Barbarian Emperors had to be on the verge of collapse. They had to, therefore, seize this golden opportunity and give the barbarians the last blow.

Without any reservations, the Prince-Realm cultivators in the front were gushing out their Battle Qi, before they shot it towards the Barbarian Emperors.

– Rumble! Rumble! –

The explosive sounds, made by the collision of Battle Qi and Barbarian Force, rang out in everyone’s ears. Almost every second, such an earsplitting noise would erupt. The colorful Battle Qi, released by the Mars Prefecture cultivators, the fancy demonic techniques, as well as the seemingly never-fading-away yellow halos around the Barbarians, blended into each other as the battle went on. Looking up from the foot of the mountain, it was as if countless fireworks were bursting into blossom on the top.

“Now let’s all attack the third Barbarian Emperor on the left side!” With a swift turn, Sainan escaped a Barbarian Emperor’s blow, before she yelled out her order.

At the same time, with a firm push, her Dragon Singing Sword stabbed out directly towards the third Barbarians Emperor on the left.


The Prince-Realm cultivators immediately followed Sainan’s instruction, as they directed their Battle Qi towards this barbarian.

– Bang! Bang! Bang! –

Under a dozen of attacks, the targeted Barbarian Emperor was now enveloped by large amounts of colorful Battle Qi. An instant later, there came a ground-breaking boom, followed by the diminishing of the Battle Qi as well as the yellowish armor surrounding this barbarian. Finally, his Barbarian Force was worn off!


Almost in a second, the two Prince-Realm cultivators, who stood near this Barbarian Emperor, stretched out their light-flickering long swords, and ruthlessly chopped down onto this barbarian!

– Boom! –

Following the collapse of this Barbarian Emperor, several demons were also thrown away by the mighty force of the explosion. The leather armor on this barbarian was cracked into pieces, revealing two deep wounds that revealed the bones inside the flesh, which was a shocking sight.


Encouraged by the death of one Barbarian Emperor, each and every member of the Mars Prefecture Legion shouted triumphantly. The continuous attacks, which had already sacrificed thousands of lives, had finally turned fruitful – an opening was made in the enemies’ tight defensive formation!

Cheerfully, several Prince-Realm cultivators immediately broke into the defensive formation, and tore the opening even wider by slaughtering more enemies.

“Good job!”

Excitedly, Feng Zi waved his fist in the air. It was definitely a heart-stirring moment for the Mars Prefecture Legion! This was the first time that they had succeeded in tearing open the defensive formation of the barbarians. Once all the Barbarian Emperors had collapsed, all the Mars Prefecture members could swoop into the broken circle, and annihilate them all. By that time, it would be doomsday for all demons and barbarians!

“Errr! Whether we can succeed or not lies in this moment!” Hua Cao clenched his sweating fists, and his beautiful face turned somewhat disfigured due to his hyper-nervousness.

As for Qingcheng, she didn’t let out any sound, but rolled her intelligent eyes up and down the mountain. Her curving body was indeed shivering, which she didn’t even notice.


At an even faster speed, Sainan lifted her Dragon Singing Sword, and dashed towards that opening in the barbarians’ defensive formation. The pain of her bleeding back was simply drowned in her grand ambition for success. She knew, that it was their only chance in this battle, or perhaps in the entire Prefecture War. Even if she was stabbed by one Demonic Emperor, she had to march forward and make the opening wide enough for more of her fellow cultivators to come in. As for the low-ranked barbarians and demons, she could slaughter them within seconds. No matter what happened to herself, she was determined to build the stepping stone for the Mars Prefecture Legion’s cultivators that had yet to come.


Under Sainan’s valiant leadership, the defensive formation of the enemy was almost completely broken. All the Prince-Realm cultivators ran into the battlefield, followed by the others in the rear. The balance of success had now slightly skewed to the side of the human race!


“Young lord Yao Kaka, have our reinforcement arrived yet? We’ll be doomed if they don’t come in time!” Seeing more and more humans breaking into the defensive formation, Man’gan turned to Yao Kaka for his advice. Because he knew, once the formation had collapsed, the result would be too unbearable to contemplate.

“Take it easy!” With a surly face, Yao Kaka tried to comfort Man’gan, although he was as anxious as the latter. He didn’t expect that the Mars Prefecture Legion would break through their defense so quickly. A moment later, however, Yao Kaka abruptly burst into wild laughter, as he pointed to his right side to the sky, “Hahaha, they’re coming! Doomsday belongs to the Mars Prefecture! Let’s annihilate them all together!”

“Ohh!” Man’gan followed Yao Kaka’s finger, and roared, “Perfect! My barbarians, just follow me and slaughter!”


With a rumbling howl, all the barbarians and demons wielded their fists and weapons, as they crazily ran towards the humans.


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