BPTH Chapter 128

One Last Shot

The three of them laughed and chatted for some time, as they were excitedly discussing Qinghan’s new breakthrough. The Realm of the Marshal was considered to be a watershed for all cultivators, and many cultivators would forever linger in the Realm of the General, failing to move that single step forward. What a great achievement for a young man, who wasn’t even seventeen years old! Aside from Qingyu, Qinghan’s beloved sister, in the Ye Castle, these three people here were the most intimate friends he had, and they believed that one day they would share some of the privileges and glory of this aspiring young man.

“Haha, thanks my friends! If it wasn’t for your vigilant protection, I wouldn’t have been able to finish this last stage so quickly!” With a big smile on his face, Qinghan spoke up.

“Errr… Young lord Qinghan, I’m rather confused…” After a minute of silence, Shisan voiced the shared doubt of the three of them, “have you been refining the Dragon Crystal all these days? I mean, the speed of your cultivation was so mind boggling!”

“Dragon Crystal?” Qinghan’s smile froze, as he frowned over Shisan’s question. A moment later, after some meditation, he nodded his head, and replied, “I suppose it is the Dragon Crystal!”

“Doesn’t the Dragon Crystal require one to two years to be fully refined? How come you did this in just a couple of days?” Shisan inquired closely.

Being choked by Shisan’s question, Qinghan scratched his head awkwardly, “I really don’t have a clue either. You know, it’s my first time to encounter such a treasure. Oh, it’s Little Black who is truly refining the essence of it, and I just luckily obtained some of the energy that spilled out of the summoning space.”

“Oh…” Shisan and Shiqi exchanged a surprised look with each other, before Shisan continued, “Little Black? How strong is Little Black now? Since you just reached the Realm of the Marshal, I assume Little Black must also have improved. It’s unimaginable how mighty you’ll be once you and your beast integrate.”

“I understand your curiosity, but I really don’t know! Little Black is still sleeping in my chest. I suppose that he is refining the Dragon Crystal and consolidating his current stage. I bet that we still need to wait at least another day, before he’ll wake up.” Qinghan lifted his head, and added, “As for how powerful we’ll be once integrated… Hmmm, that’s an awesome question. In my opinion, it won’t be a problem for me to kill a cultivator in the first level of the Realm of the Prince by then!”


Once again, the three of them widened their eyes in sheer astonishment.

“What a perverted cultivator!”

“Ohh, Little Qinghan, you have already exceeded me in cultivation. Now it is me that needs your protection!” Qingwu jokingly spoke to Qinghan, while pouting intentionally.

“Errr!” At first, Qinghan was shocked by Qingwu’s abnormal expression. But, when he realized that he was now much more capable than Qingwu, the so called number one genius of the Ye Family, he scratched his head in embarrassment, “Miss Qingwu, please rest assured… I’ll protect you as long as I’m alive!”

“In your lifetime?” Hearing such a heart-warming promise, Qingwu’s face turned red, and her two eyes became two slits, as she showed a heartfelt smile, “Remember this promise, and don’t ever dare to go back on your words in the future…”

A 16-year old, who had the ability to bring down a cultivator in the first level of the Realm of the Prince? Anyone with common sense would regard this as wild talk, but not Qingwu. The holy-grade battle beast was already a plus for Qinghan’s cultivation, and now that he was blessed with yet another breakthrough, he would be even mightier. As for whether Qinghan’s power would be equivalent or even surpass the Realm of the Prince, the answer lied in Little Black. Once he woke up, he might bring with him a package full of surprises.



Another foggy morning, on Breaking Blade Summit, a new wave of attacks had just commenced.

Today, Sainan had reminded all her team members that this would be their final attack on this mountain. Now, since the enemy’s reinforcements were rapidly approaching in massive numbers, they couldn’t afford any more delay, otherwise, they would be chased endlessly by the demons and barbarians! Today was their last shot!

“Rush! Rush!”

Waves of elites flooded onto the mountain, but they were only followed by countless wounded members being carried downhill, and a great number of corpses being thrown off the summit. The blood once again cascaded along the winding path, as it soaked the soil, and finally dyed the grass and flowers…

“All Prince-Realm cultivators, listen up! This afternoon, please follow me to the summit!” Sainan moved her head away, as she was avoiding the scenes of misery, and hunkered down on the ground. She planned to gather all the advanced cultivators and try a final offensive to break the tight defense of the enemy.


With a unanimous echo, all the Prince-Realm cultivators conserved their strength and stored up their energy, as they were determined to perform their last attack.

Right now, Feng Zi, Hua Cao and Qingcheng were giving orders to their respective members, leading group after group to dash towards the demons and barbarians. If the number of dead and wounded members had reached a certain extent, another group would come forth and replace them…

The narrow path on Breaking Blade Summit had now turned into a meat-grinding machine. During these appalling battles, the number of corpses had reached nearly 3,000, with all three prefecture combined. The path was, of course, a place of great strategic importance. Whoever occupied the entrance of this path would have the last laugh.

The demons and barbarians held this strategic spot, barring the Mars Prefecture Legion from coming in any further. They had to wait for the arrival of their reinforcements, and root out the Mars Prefecture Legion once and for all. While, on the human side, they were trying to steal the occupation of this very spot from the demons and barbarians and kill them all, before the reinforcements arrived.


The sun hung in the west, and kept dropping as time went by. Yet the blood on the Breaking Blade Summit kept streaming down the mountainous path. The formation of barbarians and demons had remained as unbreakable as the yellow armor, that was covering each of the Barbarian Emperors.

All of a sudden, Sainan abruptly opened her eyes, and stood up. When she raised her chin imposingly, a cold murderous intent surfaced in her eyes. Meanwhile, influenced by Sainan’s aspiring willingness to slaughter, dozens of Prince-Realm cultivators all got to their feet and followed her. With the same indifferent, and ruthless expression, they glared at the top of the mountain, and released their Battle Qi. The atmosphere was so uncannily depressing, that one would feel as if the air had stopped floating.

– Clunk! –

Slowly, but resolutely, Sainan pulled out her Dragon Singing Sword, and swept her eyes at the followers behind her. Since all the Prince-Realm cultivators were all fully prepared, she brandished her sword up in the air, and yelled at the top of her lungs, “Slaughter!”


Without any more words, the Prince-Realm cultivators followed closely behind Sainan, as they charged towards the battlefield.

Seeing Sainan and the advanced cultivators launching the final battle, Feng Zi and the other young elites also joined this team, as they trampled along the sticky, blood-stained path.

“Fellow demons and barbarians, steady yourselves and prepare for this final assault! As long as you survive this battle, the victory shall be ours!” Standing on top of the mountain, Yao Kaka urged his members, as he had seen Sainan leading a group of her members launching their last, but most fierce attack. Hurriedly, Yao Kaka rearranged their formation, and took out a special token. It wasn’t until Sainan’s team had almost reached them, that he crumbed this token into powder…


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