BPTH Chapter 127

Breaking into the Realm of the Marshal

Of course, the results of the Immortal Ranking List weren’t always comprehensive and accurate. Like Shiqi and Shisan, as per the criteria, they were both qualified to be in the top ten; yet their secret identity, as death warriors of the Ye Family, deterred them from becoming one of the candidates for this list. Likewise, the secretly-trained cultivators of other families would also share the same destiny with Shisan and Shiqi. No matter how advanced their cultivation was, they simply didn’t get the chance to reveal their true ability, and compete with the lineal descendants of their respective family. However, once Qinghan’s age and cultivation level was revealed, he would undoubtedly replace the top one on the list. A 16-year-old Marshal-Realm cultivator, together with his heaven-defying integration technique, he deserved to be placed on the top. At that time, Sainan would willingly admit Qinghan’s ability and hand her first spot on the list over to him.

Looking at the serious young man, who was so submerged in cultivation, Qingwu was caught by a series of complicated feelings, which she couldn’t tell to anyone, but she seemed to be quite enjoying it. Driven by the instinct of a girl, Qingwu felt she was unexplainably delighted by just staring at Qinghan. Her admiration for Qinghan kept growing as the days passed by.

The first time Qingwu had encountered Qinghan, was at the School for Battle Beasts. At that time, Qinghan had looked so immaturely shy, and was bullied by the other young lords from the family. Although Qinghan had long been labeled as a piece of garbage, Qingwu had regarded him with special respect, because of Qinghan’s father, Ye Dao. She could still remember Qinghan’s grateful smile, after she had helped him out of that awkward situation.

Qingwu had been greatly surprised, when they had met each other the second time. The shy teenager had disappeared, and was replaced by an unyielding young man, who boldly killed several key descendants of the family and even ruined Qingkuang’s cultivation. In the end, Qinghan had even ended the life of Ye Ron, a respected elder of the family, by utilizing the power derived from his sister’s Soul Sacrifice technique, leaving the other elders profoundly shocked.

At that time, Qingwu had begun to harbor some special feelings for Qinghan, for she was obsessed with his obstinate and wildly arrogant eyes. Or it could be the romantic commitment Qinghan had made to his sister, that touched Qingwu so much. Either way, ever since that incident, Qingwu had secretly kept an eye on this frustrated teenager.

Therefore, Qingwu was determined to follow Qinghan and thus joined the Prefecture War. But what happened after they had left the Ye Castle had taken her aback many times. She didn’t know that Qinghan’s cultivation would improve so quickly, but this only made her happier. While on the other hand, she had never expected for Qinghan to bring in another girl – the holy virgin of the Yue Family! The most unacceptable part was, that it was Qingcheng that had completely fallen for Qinghan, rather than vice versa. Occasionally, she would be struck with a feeling as if her most precious treasure was being stolen by others… These thoughts made her feel extremely jealous from time to time.

As for Ye Qingyu, Qinghan’s adopted sister, Qingwu didn’t bear any envy or hatred towards her, instead she admired her devoted love for Qinghan. It was Qingcheng, who she considered to be a late-comer, who had disrupted her romantic development with Qinghan. What displeased her the most was that Qingcheng had suddenly turned out to be Qinghan’s fiancée! At the same time, she was only an elder sister for Qinghan, with no title, and no straightforward confession of love.

However, right now, neither Qingyu nor Qingcheng were here; she felt like she had to seize this opportunity to take the first step in their ambiguous relationship. However, much to her disappointment, Qinghan had been solely focussing on cultivating, as he had no time to do anything else!

Most importantly, at this critical moment, Qinghan was about to break into the Realm of the Marshal. If he integrated with his battle beast, he would well surpass Qingwu’s cultivation level, and be as powerful as those in the peak level of the Realm of the Marshal, or probably even as strong as those in the first level of the Realm of the Prince. By that time, Qingwu would obviously lose her advantage – Contrary to Qinghan, she was entitled as the number one genius in cultivation back in the Ye Family.

Within one year, this garbage-like seventh young lord, whom she had protected once, turned out to most likely snatch the “most promising genius” title away from her.

The previous glory in Qingwu’s cultivation now seemed to be nothing more than a bad joke. However, despite being overshadowed by Qinghan, whenever she looked at his matured face, she would still feel thrilled. This man was destined to be hers, and she would bare no grudge over her beloved man’s prominent achievements in cultivation. Instead, Qinghan’s excellence only served as a proof that she was a woman of vision, in terms of choosing her Mr. Right.

Absorbed in cultivation, Qinghan was ignorant of the stares from Qingwu, a super beauty that even touched the string of Tu Qianjun’s heart. Neither did he know that this young lady was deeply in love with him.

The only thing that occupied Qinghan’s mind, was his upcoming breakthrough! Soon, he would enter into the Realm of the Marshal, and be empowered with a great ability in cultivation. Normally, the process of aligning the Dantian and its relevant acupoint was a meticulous job, which would take a cultivator a whole night to achieve. Yet, Qinghan managed to do this within a mere ten minutes! One had to remember though, that this was only possible due to his bronze ring.

On his left hand, there were actually two rings, one was the bronze one with the character “soul” sculpted in it; the other one was the yellowish ring, with the character “war” on it, and the numbers showing the credits he had gained so far.

He had received the yellow ring back in Dragon City, which was known as a special badge. Since the moment Qinghan had put this ring on, it couldn’t be taken off, unless his finger was cut off. The only place that could dispel this witchcraft was Immortal City, where they would go to exchange their credits in the final stage of this Prefecture War.

Owing to the painstaking efforts made by the super elite team, as well as Little Black’s contribution in the process, the total amount of credits now well exceeded 5,000, and was only slightly less than 6,000!

The other ring, a magic saint-level item, was first obtained by Qinghan’s father in the Luo Shen Mountain. This ring had helped Qinghan greatly in his cultivation. Although, at the very beginning, Qinghan had doubted the authenticity of this ring, and had even mocked it as a counterfeit. It was back in the Wild Mountain Range, when Qinghan was on the verge of death and this ring had saved his life, that he had started to believe in its magic. Thanks to the self-healing function of this ring, Qinghan had successfully cleared his heavily-stuffed meridians.

Because of this marvelous ring, Qinghan had dropped all his concerns over the explosion of his Dantian, if he didn’t control the force appropriately. Directly, he poked through the surface of his Dantian, and within a second, a familiar, warm smoke arose from his left hand and penetrated into his body. It didn’t take Qinghan much time to accomplish the alignment.

Amazingly, the turbulent Battle Qi in his Dantian hadn’t only brought some positive changes to his body, but also to his soul. Now, Qinghan felt that he was mentally and physically relaxed, as well as empowered with an unprecedented ability! With a peaceful smile, Qinghan slowly opened his eyelids.


“Did he succeed?”

“So fast!”

Shisan, Shiqi and Qingwu were all left dumbfounded, once they noticed the ongoing changes in Qinghan’s body.

“It’s fucking incredible!” Shiqi murmured to himself, while wriggling his dehydrated lips.


“Congratulation, young lord! You are the number one on the Immortal Ranking List, no doubt about that!”

“Young lord Qinghan, I’m afraid that you’ll outstrip me sooner rather than later!

“Little Qinghan, you’re such a pervert in cultivation! Now the title of the most promising genius in the Ye Family is definitely yours!”


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