BPTH Chapter 126

A Storm is Brewing!

“Ahh! Young lord Yao Kaka, do you have a new plan?” Man’gan was so confused, that he couldn’t help but inquire the details, as he rolled his fist-sized eyes.

“Errr… young lord Man’gan, everything will be unraveled after tomorrow. Please rest assured, I won’t launch an attack against your prefecture. You know, if I successfully annihilate the human legion, I will certainly be the biggest contributor to the prosperity of my race! I’m satisfied with that achievement alone; I don’t need to bother myself with messing up our newfound friendship. Let’s put aside all the differences and hatred the two of our prefectures have. At least while we’re on Ghost Island, my demons and your barbarians are good friends!” In order to clear Man’gan’s suspicions, Yao Kaka vouched that he wouldn’t do any harm to the barbarians in this Prefecture War. He had to do so, otherwise, all of his previous efforts would be wasted.

“Young lord Man’gan, I heard your reinforcements are all on their way. Have you appointed anyone as their team leader? If not, I recommend my Wing Bird Demon, to take this position. Yeah, it’s true, he looks small in size, but he’s a great leader!” Relieved by Man’gan’s approving nod, Yao Kaka added.

“Alright, Man Shan, go with this demonic brother, and take my token with you. The barbarians will obey any of your orders by showing them this token. I require you to go right away, and as fast as possible! Once you get there, you must immediately launch an unending wave of attacks against the humans. This time, the Mars Prefecture Legion will have no way to escape!” Man’gan singled out one of the Barbarian Emperors, and gave him a golden plate.

Yi Fei, the Wing Bird Demon, bowed to his master Yao Kaka, before brandishing his wings in the air. After taking Man Shan in his arms, Yi Fei soon disappeared into the darkness of the night…


As Night fell, Qinghan didn’t have any intention to sleep. Not only Qinghan, but the others also stayed awake.

On a branch of a big tree, Qinghan hunkered down to cultivate. While, at the same time, the other three surrounded the tree, to ensure their young lord’s safety. The barbarian legion up ahead had set up a camp in the near distance, so they too, chose a secluded place 10 kilometers away from the barbarians to rest. After a simple dinner, Qinghan unexpectedly told the others that he would step into the Realm of the Marshal tonight, and asked them to take extreme caution of the surroundings, for he couldn’t afford to be disturbed in the middle of this vital stage of cultivation.

Despite the surprise and confusion, the three of them immediately rechecked the environment in the vicinity, before they stood like guards, as they surrounded the big tree.

For normal cultivators, it would be an arduous process, in which one had to spend a lot of time and energy in order to accumulate a great amount of Battle Qi. Whereas, for Qinghan, with the help of the pure energy from the Dragon Crystal, he had almost skipped half of the time period required in the process. Right now, amazingly, he was on the verge of success!

In the Realm of the Commander, the cultivator had to clear all the jammed particles in each and every one of his meridians, and condense the Battle Qi in his Dantian, which provided the cultivator with a warehouse for the surplus Battle Qi. Thus, the circulation of Battle Qi would be more vigorous and fluent. At the beginning, however, the size of the Dantian was quite small and unstable. As one entered the Realm of the General, the Battle Qi would turn into the liquidation state, and the Dantian would become larger.

Until one reached the Realm of the Marshal, the circulation of Battle Qi would slowly become much more stabilized, and the size of the Dantian would be even bigger, to accommodate the increase in Battle Qi. Therefore, in this stage, the Battle Qi inside the cultivator would be more controllable, and its attack ability would also be intensified. After the Realm of the Marshal, the liquidized Battle Qi in the Dantian would be solidified, until it condensed a nucleus of Battle Qi. Once that was formed, the speed of the circulation of Battle Qi would be further expedited, and the offensive abilities would be optimized as well.

From gas state, to liquidized state, and eventually to the solidified state! In different states, both the quality and quantity of Battle Qi differed, because each new realm would surpass the former by hundreds of times, in terms of attacking power! That was why high-ranked cultivators were able to deal with comparatively lower-ranked ones almost effortlessly.

Tonight, in the upsurge of energy derived from the Dragon Crystal, Qinghan had successfully liquidized all of his Battle Qi and stored it all within his Dantian. Now, he was only one step away from becoming a real Marshal-Realm cultivator – he just needed to maneuver the Dantian, to place it in an accurate lineal line with his Dantian’s acupoint.

However! This was a vital step requiring fine workmanship and meticulous care. Like other cultivators, Qinghan had to poke through the surface of his Dantian, and force the two parts to come closer together under the nourishment of Battle Qi. It wasn’t only complicated, but also dangerous! Qinghan had to control the force with which he poked his Dantian; otherwise, if anything inappropriate was done, the Battle Qi would probably burst out and ruin his Dantian, and eventually his meridians would also be destroyed, together with his body!

For the sake of safety, every cultivator would do the same – choose a quiet, and absolutely safe place to carry out the special process that could be marked as a milestone in one’s cultivation. Yet, Qinghan wasn’t that lucky, for he was on Ghost Island, thus there was no place that was one hundred percent safe and secure. Fortunately, he had Shiqi, Shisan, and Qingwu! They were in full vigilance, ready to face any emergency.

“Shisan, is our young lord refining the Dragon Crystal? But didn’t Little Black say he needed one to two years to finish the refinement. How is our master this fast? It’s terrifying… He’s only sixteen years old! Can you image, a 16-year-old Marshal-Realm cultivator! Haha, when the old folks back at the Ye Castle are informed of this news, they’ll be so startled that their teeth might fall out!” Shiqi’s glance travelled from the surroundings to the Battle-Qi wrapped Qinghan, and spoke about Qinghan in an appreciative tone, when he tossed his head to Shisan.

Similarly, Shisan’s eyes were filled with respect and appreciation for Qinghan. He didn’t stop observing his surroundings, while he responded to Shiqi, “As far as I know, it’s recorded that the refinement of the Dragon Crystal requires at least one to two years. I share your confusion as well. I’m afraid, that only our young lord Qinghan can give you a proper explanation. Hmm, a 16-year-old Marshal-Realm cultivator… wow, he should be the number one genius in the Mars Prefecture, the kind of genius that only emerges in an interval of hundreds of years! If we can survive this Prefecture War in the end, the Immortal Ranking List will be renewed. Based on young lord Qinghan’s current cultivation capability, as well as his young age, he deserves to be the number one on the list!”

The Immortal Ranking List was solely made for the up-and-coming youngsters in the cultivation world. Only those below the age of thirty would be listed. Actually, it had a rather comprehensive criterion to determine one’s place on the rankings; both their age and cultivation level were taken into consideration. In simpler terms, the potential of a young cultivator was the determinant factor for their ranking. Taking Qingkuang for an example, he was a 25 year old genius, who was in the third level of the Realm of the General, but when integrated with his seventh-grade battle beast, he could reach the first level of the Realm of the Marshal. With all his achievements, he was only listed at the tenth spot. Qingwu was another example, a female cultivator in the first level of the Realm of the Marshal, could obtain the third level of the Realm of the Marshal once integrated with her seventh-grade Snow Wolf. She was sixth on this list. Sainan, 28, at the peak level of the Realm of the Prince, was only one step away from the Realm of the Emperor, and she was on top!


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