BPTH Chapter 125

Wing Bird Demon

“Young lord Qinghan, how long will it take to cultivate?” Shisan turned to Qinghan immediately after Shiqi had left.

“Tomorrow!” In response, Qinghan opened his eyes, as he pondered on this question, before he gave an accurate answer. Since the bursting energy inside his chest had been abated these days, he was confident that he could absorb it all by tomorrow. Much to Qinghan’s thrill, his Dantian and Dantian’s acupoint had almost aligned with each other, and he was pretty sure that he would succeed at perfectly aligning them tonight, thus making another breakthrough – into the Realm of the Marshal! Not saying anything else, Qinghan quickly closed his eyes, and continued to cultivate.

“Oh, good. Let’s have a rest here. In an hour, we’ll chase after those barbarians, and see what they’re up to!” Shisan also only said a few words, before he continued to patrol the surroundings.

An hour had passed by. Qinghan and his group continued their journey, as they followed closely behind those barbarians. Luckily, the energy was finally under Qinghan’s control, for he didn’t have to continue to run like a lunatic to stabilize it. Instead, he just needed to slowly circulate his Battle Qi, to push the remaining energy into his Dantian. As Qinghan charged forward, he began to wonder what the possible scheme of the barbarians was.


Sainan knew where these barbarians were going, and what for. The scouts of the Hua Family had already reported to her, that two legions of reinforcements were marching towards the Breaking Blade Summit. Apart from the barbarians, who were coming from the west, there was also a demonic legion coming from the east, the number of which had reached almost 2,500. It was estimated, that within two days, these reinforcements would get themselves involved in the ongoing battle here at the Breaking Blade Summit!

As for the Mars Prefecture legion, their time was limited; and they had to retreat before the reinforcements would flood them from all directions. They had to run away all the way to their temporary camp, the place which was reckoned as the most secure spot for the humans. If they strayed off their path and went into another part of Ghost Island, all the elites from the Mars Prefecture would be chased by the alliance of demons and barbarians like drowned mice, until the end of the Prefecture War!

At this moment, waves of Mars Prefecture elites were forced to go down the mountain path. Seeing this disappointing scene, Sainan let out a deep sigh, and shook her head. The heroine spirit in her face had already been replaced by indifference and disillusion.

“Sister Sainan, what shall we do? By tomorrow evening, if we don’t take control of this mountain, we have to leave. Otherwise, once the enemies’ reinforcements arrive, we’re doomed!” Like Sainan, Qingcheng’s pretty face was plastered with melancholy and anxiety. But, she had some bigger concerns haunting her mind – the whereabouts of Qinghan. Despite all the sadness, she still believed that Qinghan would be well protected by Shisan and Shiqi. She just couldn’t get rid of this solicitous feeling for Qinghan.

Also, after experiencing a series of defeats, Qingcheng felt the future up ahead for the Mars Prefecture Legion was rather bleak. Individually, however, Qingcheng was double-secured, by the protection of Yue Xian’gu, a Prince-Realm cultivator, and the special life-saving treasure bestowed upon her by the leader of the Yue Family. Yet, even if she could survive through this messy battle, what about the hundreds of elites she had brought with her? They would be placed in great risk if the Mars Prefecture failed as a whole.

Girls were girls, they would miss their beloved ones especially in times of danger, no matter how capable the girl was. Qingcheng was no exception. She was desperate to throw herself into the arms of her man, right now! She needed a pair of strong shoulders upon which she could weep wildly. The man she most wished to see was undoubtedly Qinghan, because she had already fallen in love with this young teenager. No matter what happened to them, she hoped that Qinghan would be around her… Even if they had to escape or wander into the deepest parts of Ghost Island…

“We have no turning back. Tomorrow, we will fight to win or die! Anyway, let the heaven decide in the end…” As the commander-in-chief, Sainan was responsible for each and every member of the legion. The atrocious battle of the previous days had left 1,000 or so people dead, and hundreds severely wounded. Now, the number of remnant force had decreased to roughly one thousand. If they could annihilate all the advanced demons and barbarians, in Sainan’s prediction, they could still find a silver lining in this battle.

Nevertheless, what Sainan didn’t know was, that on the top of Breaking Blade Summit, there existed dozens of teleportation posts, with which the leaders, as well as the advanced demons and barbarians could easily escape.

Indeed, during these days, the demons and barbarians had lost half of their original population. Yet, Yao Kaka and Man’gan had refused to use any of the teleportation posts to flee; their passion for this battle wasn’t at all abated by the sacrifice of their members. Instead, they grew more and more vigorous as the battle dragged on.

For such an idealized battlefield, at least geographically, Yao Kaka and Man’gan wouldn’t give up so easily. They’d calculated that in every 1,000 members they had lost, the human side would sacrifice 1,500! What a cost-efficient deal! Now that the Mars Prefecture Legion had lost many of its members, Yao Kaka and Man’gan were thrilled, and wished to annihilate them all on this summit! In that way, they could save the time and energy to chase after them later on.

– Swoosh! Swoosh! –

At this very moment, the air from behind the top of the Breaking Blade Summit vibrated, leaving the barbarians and demons shrieked in panic.

“Shut up! Hush… Look at who is standing in front of you, before you let out that stupid shout. If your voice grabs the attention of the Mars Prefecture Legion, I’ll swallow you all in my stomach!” Yao Kaka gave out a sigh of relief, before he scolded his underlings. While at the same time, when he turned to the approaching figure, his face broke into a big smile.

“Your Majesty, I apologize for my lateness! Please forgive me!” At lightning speed, the black figure threw himself on the ground with one leg kneeled down in front of his master. The rest of the demons and barbarians stared at him in sheer surprise.

“Errr! What kind of demon is this?” Looking up and down at the black creature on the ground, Man’gan exclaimed inquisitively. The demon in front of Yao Kaka was such a weird-looking living thing, with long hair all over his swarthy body, and a pair of giant wings on his back.

A second later, Man’gan patted his brain, as if he had bumped into a ghost, “Oh, Heaven! Is it a Wing Bird Demon? But… I’ve heard that these kind of demons went extinct thousands of years ago! How could this even be possible!”

“Haha!” With a delighted smile, Yao Kaka shot a mysterious glance at Man’gan. Later, he nodded his head to this so called Wing Bird Demon, and said, “Yi Fei, you were supposed to arrive here two days earlier. I suppose, that you’ve already arranged everything, haven’t you?”

“Quack! Quack! Your Majesty, everything is done. The Mars Prefecture Legion will forever stay in this mountain.” The smile of the Wing Bird Demon was ghastly creepy, as he revealed a ferocious, hairy face when he raised his head up.

Hearing this, Yao Kaka laughed out indulgently, and his golden hair shivered, as his shoulders fluctuated up and down in the process. The voice of his laughter turned more and more wild and ferocious, giving full play to his animal-like disposition.

“Haha, good job! You deserve ample rewards! This time, I’ll let the humans die without a burial place!”


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