BPTH Chapter 124

A Barbarian Troop is Approaching!

The group that took the lead were all death warriors, and they were well aware of their own destiny. With no excessive grief or emotional sadness, they smilingly told their comrades their last wills. Although Sainan, together with other young lords, had already made their promise to take care of their relatives, if they were to die in the upcoming battle, they couldn’t help but nag over the undone trivial matters. They didn’t care how absurd, or naïve they looked like, they just wanted to express something before their death…


In face of the crazy attacks from the Mars Prefecture, Yao Kaka and Man’gan began to worry about their own survival. The continuous consumption of Barbarian Force would eventually reach its limits. Since the reinforcements hadn’t arrived yet, they were afraid that the Barbarians Emperors in the front line of the formation would be killed once their Barbarian Force wore off. At that time, they could be annihilated by the Prince-Realm cultivators led by Sainan, because they had no advanced barbarians to secure their safety then.

Left with no better choice, they recalled the Barbarian Emperors to the second line, and invited more than one thousand common demons and barbarians to perform as guards in the front. In that way, the two sides would fall into a hand-to-hand fight.

In order to cater to the new situation, Yao Kaka and Man’gan decided to shift their strategy a little bit. If the human side sent out its Prince-Realm cultivators, they would ask the Barbarian Emperors to confront them; whereas if the humans deployed the common elites of their team, they would meet them with similar less component counterparts.

Crazily, Sainan kept sending her members to the top of the mountain, dashing towards the demons and barbarians, as they fought a desperate battle…

Since the top of the mountain was first taken by the demons and barbarians, they enjoyed the geographical benefits of this place. It was true, both sides had severe losses, but the number of casualties from the Mars Prefecture Legion was exceedingly larger.

The winding path, that led to the top of the mountain, was now stained with blood, for countless wounded members and corpses had been thrown down from the top. Also, the hillside was strewed with numerous segments of body parts, some of which were still bleeding…

This grand battle had lasted until midnight. In total, the two sides lost one thousand members! The Breaking Blade Summit was emanating a pungent smell of blood, as the meat of the dead corpses began to decompose after receiving so much sunlight during the day. The humans, demons and barbarians were driven by a bout of murderous intent, as they couldn’t get themselves to stop fighting. Yet, as night fell, some of them felt disheartened, and exhausted.

– Dong! Dong! Dong! –

The beating of the drums eventually called off the battle! The Breaking Blade Summit stood quietly in the moonlight, for not a sound could be heard from the three races. Unlike the other days, their vigor had all been worn out in the ferocious battle, and they had other tasks to finish, such as to collect their comrades and cremate their remains.

It was late at night; yet none of them showed any signs of sleepiness. They were now standing in silent tribute in front of the burning corpses, as even the wounded members had forced themselves up with the help of a stick or branch. They couldn’t accept the fact that their comrades, who they’d been joking with just earlier on the day, would be left behind in this mountain forever…

The flaming fire lighted up their bodies, revealed the inconsolable sadness, as well as hatred in their eyes! Tonight was bound to be a sleepless night!

The morning sunlight began to pierce through the pitch darkness of the late night, but the members of the Mars Prefecture Legion had already stood up with their weapons held firmly in their hands. They would continue to battle, though they knew crystal clear it would be, once again, a fruitless one!


“Hey, guys, we better stop here!”

Qinghan and the other three were still running, as sweat had long ago soaked their clothing. However, this afternoon, Shiqi, who was on the duty of patrolling, suddenly turned around and exclaimed with a panicked expression.

Shiqi waved hysterically to the other three, as he yelled his lungs out. Judging from his gestures, it seemed that there was something dangerous up ahead!


The three in the rear abruptly stopped upon the calling of Shiqi. Although Shiqi had behaved quite frivolously in normal days, he would never play a hoax on big things. Thus, Qinghan, as well as Shisan and Qingwu, all sensed that something ominous might happen in the next moment. In order to know all the details, they spurted in front of Shiqi, wishing to hear more about it.

“10 kilometers up ahead, there… there emerged a group of barbarians! In my estimation, there could be… one to two thousand of them in total!” Shiqi explained in between his breaths. He looked so frightened.



“Are we under siege again?”

The three of them looked at one another with wide open eyes. But on second thought, they regained their sense of reason, and predicted that these barbarians weren’t coming for them. Because they were only with four, why would their enemy bother sending out thousands of barbarians to tackle just the four of them? Also, both Shiqi and Shisan were Prince-Realm cultivators; they were able to handle thousands of normal barbarians, even if they were double their size.

“Have you investigated the left and right side of the surroundings? Did you discover any other demons or barbarians?” Shisan had regained his composed manner after the initial shock, and asked Shiqi closely.

“Errr! No, I have only patrolled the front side, and ran away immediately following the discovery of the barbarians. I didn’t have time to multitask in such a short period of time. You know, I have to report to you first.” Stroking his hair embarrassingly, Shiqi replied.

“Go and investigate to the right and left of us. You only have twenty minutes to finish this task!” With some light in Shisan’s eyes, he ordered Shiqi straightforwardly.

“What?” In confusion, Shiqi murmured. However, after looking at the solemn expression on Shisan’s face, he immediately ran away and disappeared in the distance.

After that, Shisan didn’t show any anxiety, but asked Qinghan to sit down and cultivate. Leisurely, he roamed around the vicinity, seemingly appreciating the beautiful scenery.

“Shall we run away?” Shocked by Shisan’s response, Qingwu raised her concern and asked.

“No. I don’t think there will be anything bad happening to us. Take a rest, Qingwu. We’ll be reassured once Shiqi comes back!” With a gentle smile, Shisan spoke to Qingwu in a heroic tone.

“The other three sides are all clear!” Ten minutes later, Shiqi brought back the good news, which met Shisan’s expectations.

“Oh, that’s great! Have you learned the possible direction of the barbarian troop? In what direction are they charging?” Shisan nodded his head, and added.

It took Shiqi a full moment before he could speak up, as he frowned his eyebrows, “Errr… Sorry, I didn’t take much heed about that. You know, there are simply too many of them… I’m afraid to get too close and be spotted. Let’s think… They’re walking far in front of us, and a bit to the left. Ah! Right! There are two Barbarian Emperors leading that way!”

“Left side? Ahh! They are going to the mingled battlefield! But… what for?” Murmuring in a low voice to himself, Shisan plunged into deep meditation. A long while later, he raised his head up, and said mysteriously, “Hmmm, I guess something big is around the corner, otherwise the Barbarian Prefecture wouldn’t gather such a large legion. Shiqi, you’ll work harder to follow up on their latest situation. Oh, do be careful, we’ll follow closely behind you. Let’s see what they are up to!”

“Alright!” With a firm nod, Shiqi disappeared once again.

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