BPTH Chapter 122

The Terrifying Acceleration in Qinghan’s Cultivation

“Young lord Yao Kaka, haha, you’re such a perfect commander! I found it so enjoyable to work together with you, and I’m so proud of our victory! You know, I feel so fulfilled… And this feeling is much more fierce than anything I’ve done before, including sleeping with a bunch of virgins. Ha, cheers!” Man’gan stroked his bald head, and spoke up in an extremely resounding voice, the vibration of which made some leaves gracefully fall down on his shoulders.

“Haha, you’re the one to be credited for this successful battle. I guess it’ll take a whole year to make up for the lost Barbarian Force your members lost in these battles!” With a bout of hysterical laugher, Yao Kaka showed his appreciation for Man’gan, as he swung his golden hair in the air.

“As long as we win the battle, we’re willing to wear off our Barbarian Force, which can be regained through cultivation anyway. I’ll ask my father to reward my fellow barbarians with ample nourishments after this war! Oh, I almost forgot to ask you, have the scouts we sent successfully transmitted our call for help? Or is it possible that they’ve been discovered and arrested by the Mars Prefecture Legion?” Man’gan waved his giant hands, and replied modestly.

In the barbarian race, they had an exceptional strict hierarchy system. As a young lord of his prefecture, Man’gan enjoyed a high status, and his orders would be followed unconditionally. Under such an authoritarian regime, his underlings wouldn’t reject to burn off their Barbarian Force once they were asked to do so. It was no exaggeration to say, that if Man’gan forced them to kill themselves, they would do it accordingly. Man’gan was used to this kind of loyalty of his subordinates, and would take their sacrifice for granted, rather than feeling guilty about it. But, as for the scouts they had sent out yesterday to call for reinforcements, he did worry about their security.

Although it was a thorough triumph for both the demons and barbarians, they would become imprisoned on this bizarre summit if the arrival of their reinforcements was disrupted by the Mars Prefecture Legion!

In a careless manner, Yao Kaka bottomed up and wiped his mouth, “Hey, buddy, I really don’t care about their current condition. Even if they’re all already dead, our reinforcements will arrive in time. We’ve activated our magical assistant token, and soon our fellow demons and barbarians in the vicinity will come to help us. But, if some scouts survive from the chase of the humans, they’ll help us impart the message, and the reinforcements may arrive much earlier. Relax yourself, and enjoy the fun! I bet, that within three to five days, they’ll be here. Of course, this is a quite optimistic prediction. Hmm, in the worst scenario it’ll take up to ten days. During that time, let’s have more fun with the humans!”

“Errr! Once our reinforcements arrive, it’ll be the day for us to flatten the Mars Prefecture!” Showing a similar wild simile, Man’gan toasted to Yao Kaka once again.


On the other side, Qinghan was physically exhausted after several days’ persistent running and cultivating. Yet, he was delighted for the improvements he had made during these days.

Originally, only a third of the Battle Qi in his Dantian was liquidized; now, within days, the space of his Dantian was almost saturated with drips of Battle Qi in the liquidation state.

It was said that cultivation before the Realm of the General was relatively simple. For those most talented cultivators, it only took them a year, or even as short as a couple of months to reach this point. The physical condition of each cultivator was considered as a determinant factor in the success of cultivation. Those with little jammed stuff in their meridians would find it extremely easy to surpass this realm, for instance, Ye Dao, Qingwu, and Qingkuang.

However, after the Realm of the General, cultivation mainly depended on individual diligence and comprehensive skills. One had to inhale the Essence Qi between Heaven and Earth, and convert it into Battle Qi; then condense the accumulated Battle Qi into liquidized drops, until the Dantian was inflated to a certain size by the pressure of the drops, and perfectly aligned with the accupoint of the Dantian. By that time, the cultivator would be qualified to enter into the next realm – the Realm of the Marshal.

The process could be tedious, arduous, and complicated. Some of the cultivators had spent two or three years, in an attempt to surpass this realm; but most of them would find all their efforts to be in vain. Hua Cao and Feng Zi set a good example for this kind of cultivators, because they had stayed in the same realm for more than an entire year! During these months on Ghost Island, they had made no improvement, for they were still lingering in the third level of the Realm of the General.

In terms of diligence, Qinghan was simply on another level compared with Hua Cao and Feng Zi. It had been just several months since Qinghan had entered the Realm of the General. However, due to his frequency of cultivation, he had now already reached the second level of the Realm of the General.

With the help of the power emitted from the Dragon Crystal, however, during these days, Qinghan had made yet another breakthrough – he had achieved the third level! As long as he continued to cultivate, it was only a matter of time before he would surpass his current realm and break into the Realm of the Marshal.

Right now, the power, that originated from his chest, had continuously dashed towards his meridians. Qinghan firmly believed, that his day of becoming a Marshal-Realm cultivator was just around the corner!

Another beneficiary of the Dragon Crystal was Little Black, who was currently cultivating in the summoning space by inhaling the power created by this treasure. They had predicted, that once both Qinghan and Little Black had upgraded their cultivation level, they would be able to kill a first level Prince-Realm cultivator within seconds by using their integration technique. As for those demons and barbarians, whose cultivation was equivalent with those in the third level of the Realm of the Prince, Qinghan didn’t have much confidence in defeating them in seconds, because those advanced cultivators had begun to comprehend the Laws of Heaven and Earth, thus their soul power would be exceedingly stronger.

Run, run!

Cultivate, cultivate!

The crazy running and cultivating had brought improvements to Qinghan’s cultivation, but also biting pain to his muscles. Qinghan was fatigued, but happy. He cherished these “bittersweet” moments, for he knew it was his chance to become an even stronger cultivator.

Of course, for those who accompanied Qinghan, they were greatly suffering from his crazy zeal. Among them, Qingwu, the spoiled granddaughter of Ye Qingniu, had never been through such an arduous journey. She had been a pearl in the palm of the Ye Castle! However, every time, when she was tempted to give up, she would stare at Qinghan, and pick up her speed again. As a cultivator in the first level of the Realm of the Marshal, how could she be willing to be defeated by a lower-ranked teenager, towards whom she held some special feelings?

As for Shisan, a cultivator in the third level of the Realm of the Prince, he found himself okay to handle such a long journey. But the monotonous running was driving him crazy. Boringly, he glanced at Qinghan, after which his eyes suddenly lit up. He had detected with his soul, that the Battle Qi in Qinghan’s body was circulating vibrantly, in an extent that had propelled Qinghan to achieve the third level of the Realm of the General. Amazingly, this process was continuing in a positive trend.

Recalling the scene when Little Black had come back from the Black Dragon Valley, Shisan didn’t sense the existence of the Dragon Crystal. However… he began to think that Qinghan’s terrifying speed in cultivation must have something to do with the Dragon Crystal.

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