BPTH Chapter 120

Super Defensive Armor Created by Burning the Barbarian Force

The advanced cultivators from Dragon City, who were held liable for their young lady’s security, followed closely behind Sainan. Their backs were soaked in cold sweat, for they were terrified that Sainan would suffer from her rash decision. If the only daughter of Long Pifu encountered some unexpected misfortune in this battle, they wouldn’t be forgiven, even if they were to kill themselves. With even louder howls, they sped up to catch up to their young lady. At the same time, the others all held their swords in their hands, as they dashed towards the top.

– Bang! Bang! Bang! –

Numerous Swords of Battle Qi were rushing towards the barbarians in front of them, yet none of the barbarians looked frightened in face of such turbulence. With a unanimous shout, the barbarians managed to form layers upon layers of yellow beams around their body, to defend themselves from the approaching swords. The moment these swords finally landed on the heads of the Barbarians Emperors, the yellow light dimmed a little bit, but their physical bodies were as intact as before, as not even a scratch could be found. Meanwhile, the other demons and barbarians also joined in the chaos, as they exhibited their unique techniques in face of the humans. All of a sudden, the entrance to the top had turned uncontrollably boisterous, with firework-like cracking sounds and colorful smoke all over the place.

“Ah! They formed a super Defensive Armor by burning their Barbarian Force!” Sainan’s expression turned even more anxious, as she screamed out in panic.

Since the Mars Prefecture and the Barbarians Prefecture had long been at odds with each other, they were well aware of each other’s basic techniques. Now, in face of the attacks from the Prince-Realm cultivators from the human side, the barbarians had used their well-known super technique – Burning the Barbarian Force. By utilizing such a heaven-defying technique, they were able to shield themselves from the incoming Battle Qi coming from the human side.

As barbarians, they were innately endowed with magical force, and each and every one of them was able to cultivate this so called Barbarian Force. It was just that their cultivation process was extremely slow, and arduous. The Burning of the Barbarian Force, for instance, was a skill that could only be acquired after one became a Barbarian Emperor. However… every time they used such a technique, it would be rather detrimental to their cultivation. After all, it would cost them one or two years of accumulated Barbarian Force to carry out such a technique.

Right now, the Barbarian Emperors in the forefront, however, were collectively burning their Barbarian Force, as if they had a limitless force inside their body. At the same time, they formed illuminant Defensive Armors on their bodies. The defensive skills of the barbarians vastly excelled over those of the other races in the continent; it was a plus for them to add such a formidable armor. It was fair to say, that their defensive level had been upgraded to such a degree, that they were like the deathless cockroaches, whenever an attack came, they wouldn’t be hurt in the slightest.

Of course, if the cultivators led by Sainan were given an adequate amount of time, they would continuously attack the barbarians until the latter wore off their Barbarian Force.

However, the other demons and barbarians wouldn’t allow this to happen!

“Watch out! All of you, hold your breath! The wolf race demons are releasing their Wolf Fragrance!” The magical, attractive smell had already permeated in the air, Sainan was the first to realize this trick, while she was escaping a large palm from a Barbarian Emperor. After she had just inhaled a slice of the Wolf Fragrance, she had realized that her circulation of Battle Qi had slowed down, and her movements had appeared less nimble than before.

However, for the Prince-Realm cultivators behind Sainan, the reminder came too late! They had been attacked by the Wolf Fragrance before they held their breath in. Actually, owing to their advanced cultivation ability, they had successfully sneak attacked several Demonic Marshals already, even though they were facing such a tight defensive formation. But now, after inhaling the Wolf Fragrance, they were forced to slow down their speed, and were actually sneak attacked by several Demonic Emperors instead!


Giving out a helpless sigh, Sainan reluctantly ordered a retreat order. The cooperation between the demons and barbarians so far was quite good, for the barbarians in the front line had created such a super defensive “wall”, that it was almost impossible for the human team to take a single step forward. Also, every now and then, the demons and barbarians from behind would shoot arrows in a totally unpredictable way. The landscape of this mountain had given these demons and barbarians the upper hand, while the human side had no way to overcome this deadlock.

– Swoosh! –

Immediately following Sainan’s order, members of the Feng Family manipulated their swords in the direction of the barbarians. It was true that the long distance would deter the swords from hurting the barbarians, while it was an expedient way to cover their retreat.

– Boom! –

Fearlessly, the Barbarians Emperors extended their palms, as they intentionally collided with the approaching swords, in an attempt to show off their mighty defensive skills. At the same time, the demons, who didn’t excel defensively, hid behind the barbarians, in order to escape the swords. As expected, most of the swords bounced back and fell on the ground following a thud. Yet, the two swords owned by the two Prince-Realm cultivators of the Feng Family had managed to slaughter a Demonic Emperor, and stabbed through several Defensive Armors around the barbarians. However, in the end, the two Prince-Realm cultivators of the Feng Family withdrew their swords, and retreated with an exhausted spirit. They simply couldn’t stand one more relentless attack from the enemy.

Swiftly, Sainan turned around and ran away, together with the rest of her team members. The demons and barbarians were blocked by the numerous swords, and they stopped attacking. The two sides, one on the top, the other at the foot of the mountain, stood at a distance once again, as they were facing each other.

The first round of the battle had only taken a few minutes, yet the process was rather fierce. Fortunately, neither of the two sides had suffered great losses. Within the Mars Prefecture Legion, only one Prince-Realm cultivator was severely injured. While on the other side, one Demonic Emperor, and several Demonic Marshals had died.

It seemed that the Mars Prefecture Legion had won, in terms of casualties. But Sainan was crystal clear that they were the losing side. First, the size of their legion was twice the size of the enemies’; second, all of their members were in full spirit, while the demons and barbarians were exhausted after being chased by the Black Dragon. The enemies had rebounded from the pitfall, and they had even regained their morale while confronting the human team.

The human side had no choice but to attack; while the demons and barbarians, they just needed to defend. The difference was that the human side had sent out the most capable cultivators already, yet the enemy side still had reserve forces behind, not to even mention their leaders Yao kaka and Man’gan. Most importantly, the imposing momentum of the Mars Prefecture Legion had only lasted for several minutes, before it was crashed by the unbreakable defensive ability of the barbarians.

As ancient wisdom suggested, in any battle, momentum shouldn’t be interrupted, it should be as strong as it originally was, until victory had been secured. Sadly, the Mars Prefecture Legion was apparently thwarted by the first round of attacks, leaving a dent in their morale and confidence.

“Fuck! How can we attack in such a bizarre landscape?” Feng Zi couldn’t help but curse. He had been observing the surroundings along the way, hoping to find a way to break the defense of the barbarians and defeat them all. After some meditation and analysis, he found this to be a dead end, and they stood no chance to succeed.

Hua Cao’s beautiful face had lost its usual radiance, as he was overly concerned about this desperate situation. Staring at the almost perpendicular cliff, he let out a helpless sigh, “You’re right, Feng Zi. The end of this path is like a gate, in which the Barbarians stand to prevent anyone from entering!”

“We never knew that the barbarians would go so far as to burn their Barbarian Force! If we can wear them out over the course of several attacks, their decades-old Barbarian Force will definitely be exhausted in the end! That being said, they’re risking their lives by doing so!” Qingcheng also spoke up her concerns.

“No matter how strong their defense is, we shall never give up. We aren’t allowed to retreat at this point of time. You know, if we did, the other two races will chase us all the way to the temporary camp and annihilate our compatriots! Spread my order, take a rest, and we’ll continue this battle in the afternoon!” With stern eyes, Sainan persuaded the legion to stay in the fight, while the corner of her lips twisted a little bit.

“Okay!” The rest of the team members nodded their heads in approval, and looked at the top of the mountain from afar, where the Breaking Blade Summit was just like a sharp-edged sword, directly piercing the sky.


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