BPTH Chapter 12

Lion-nosed Dog?

Back when Qinghan’s slipped into unconsciousness, the white ray emitted from his bronze ring had healed him. He was basically fully healed, except for the broken yin vein in his chest, where the white ray still quietly lingered. Suddenly, the ray shot through his armpit and returned into the ring.


At this moment, Qinghan woke up. As he opened his eyes, he felt that his body was comfortably wrapped up by some kind of warmth.

“What is going on? Am I ok now? It seems the broken veins have recovered…” Qinghan widened his eyes, as he screamed with an utterly unbelievable expression plastered on his face.

All of a sudden…

The halo trembled violently, as Qinghan’s vision became blurry. He then entered into a dreamland – a little valley with all kinds of flora and fauna.

“Is the Secret Code for Sacred Blood finally taking effect?”

“Have I succeeded?”

“Is this place the so-called summoning space?”

Being stunned by this outlandish scenery, Qinghan went to the valley to see if there were any beasts there. The moment he was only several steps away from this valley, he was petrified by the sight in front of him. He held his breath, trying to figure out what had happened. Yet, his brain failed him, as it was stuck like a broken machine.


Indeed, the valley was not a large one. It was only 500 meters to walk from one end to the other. In the middle of the valley, there was even a tiny lake. This valley was almost completely surrounded by mountains, except for a small area on the northernside. Here, there was a small path, which seemed to lead into the innermost part.

Walking down this northern lane, Qinghan suddenly stumbled upon a world of cubs. Looking closer, he realized that these little animal babies could be generally categorized into several groups.

In the eastern part of the valley, there were reptiles, such as the violent bear, the spirit wolf, the blood lion and other similar high-ranked beasts. Most of these beasts were silently crouching on the ground. While a little white tiger arrogantly stood in the middle of the crowd, observing its surroundings like he was the king of the forest.

In the northern part of the valley, there were animals with scales and armors. The brown serpent, the tyrannosaurus and the three-headed scaled anteater were scattered around here. In the middle, a little green dragon was curled up with its eyes closed. Despite its tiny appearance, the domineering authority as a dragon wasn’t something that could be hidden.

In the western part of the valley, there were all kinds of fowls, including the cyan eagle, the red phoenix, the lightning bird and some other unknown flying animals. The most staggering one was the firebird in the middle, as it had a ball of fire burning around its body.


“What the fuck… Did I slip into the wrong space? Is that the white tiger, the green dragon and the fire phoenix? Is this place a beast-breeding farm? Haha! I’ll be rich! I’ll be rich! I just need to randomly take any of these cubs away…”

Out of sheer joy, Qinghan kicked up his heels, like a lottery buyer who had just won the jackpot.

Yeah, a jackpot winner, this was exactly how Qinghan currently felt like. He was like a regular lottery buyer, who only occasionally got some petty rewards, like five yuan. However, one day, he was told that he had won the jackpot – five million yuan!

Since he had almost no access to the top confidential data of the Ye Family, he wasn’t completely sure if these were actually the white tiger, the green dragon and the fire phoenix. However, he was certain that these weren’t just some ordinary beasts.

Qinghan felt so blessed because of the appearance of so many rare beasts. However, how could he possibly choose between these beasts?

The green dragon, the white tiger or the fire phoenix?

He would choose the best of the best, rather than the relatively lower-ranked spirit wolf or tyrannosaurus.

“Hmm, this green dragon looks perfect! It would be so cool to walk down the street with a dragon!” Qinghan’s previous life was in China, where the dragon was considered as the cultural token of the nation. Therefore, he finally decided to summon the green dragon as his battle beast.

However, when he was about to use the method from the Secret Code, he heard an abrupt sound coming from the lake.

A giant ripple undulated on the water. Then, from the center of the swirl emerged a tiny, black animal, that bounced up in the air and hovered above the valley for a long time. Finally, it landed slowly on the lakeside.

“Ah? Is this the lion-nosed dog? No… Why is there a horn on its head? Why is its tail so short and its body so tiny? What kind of beast could this be? I have never heard of a cub beast that could fly at such high heights and stay in the air for such a long time!” The appearance of this animal confused Qinghan. Even though it looked quite similar to the lion-nosed dog, it was a little bit different somehow.

However, he had no more time to dwell on the distinction between the lion-nosed dog and this black cub. He had to summon the green dragon as quickly as possible.

But to his surprise, when he turned back around, the reptiles in the east, as well as the fowls in the west, were all swarming towards the north. At the same time, the animals in the north even raced towards the exit of the valley, with the green dragon taken the lead.

“Oh, no! My little dragon! The little white tiger and the little phoenix… What is going on? Wait! Wait…”

In the blink of an eye, the thickly dotted animals in the valley had almost all ran away, leaving only some sluggish animals behind, like the violent bear and the gibbon.

Qinghan didn’t even have time to calm down from this runaway event, when a thrilling growl struck him like thunder. Instantly, goosebumps appeared all over his body…

The violent bear and the gibbon who were still in the valley, seemed to be panicking themselves into an early demise.

“Creepy, so creepy! How can a cub this tiny, have such mighty power. Oh… Forget it! I have no time to analyze…” What he saw just now was absolutely beyond his knowledge, or even imagination.

Fortunately, despite the shock, Qinghan still had an accurate sense of time. He knew it had been more than ten minutes since he had entered the altar. As Elder Tianqing had warned, fifteen minutes was the maximum.

“Since this unicorn, which very much resembles the lion-nosed dog, has successfully scared away the other beasts, it is highly likely that this unicorn is a higher-ranked battle beast. Ok… Now it is mine!” Qinghan concentrated his mind on the little unicorn, starting to summon it into reality.

“Oh, No! Time’s up!”

The valley started to become blurry, as the beautiful scenery gradually faded away. However, instead of complaining, Qinghan exerted all of his power to summon this unicorn.



“Is it another failure?”

“Ancestors of my Ye Family, please bless me. I have to be successful this time!”


Outside the altar, the elders were anxiously waiting around the nine-colored halo, which didn’t show any sign of change.

The nine-colored halo had attracted almost all of the members of the Ye Family, as everyone wished to see this miracle. Their ancestor, Ruoshui, who had summoned a holy-grade white tiger with a golden halo, had brought endless glory to their family. Now, it was a nine-colored halo, how could they skip this monumental moment?!

“What kind of high-ranked beast will he summon?”

“What if he summons a divine-grade beast? In that case, our Ye Family will regain its leading position in this continent!”

Everyone locked their eyes onto the altar, as they were emitting “tenderness and love”.

“Brother, you will make it. Dear father and mother, please, bless brother…” At the corner of the hall, Qingyu silently prayed. She was extraordinarily calm throughout the whole ordeal, as she believed that no matter what happened to her brother, be it good or bad, he would always be her beloved brother.

– Weng –

With a buzzing sound, the halo eventually changed back to white. The spectators felt like a century had passed, as they were longing to see the result.

“Exactly fifteen minutes have passed. Did he succeed?”

“Why is nobody coming out of the altar? Has he failed?”

“It’s finished. Why is he still in the altar?”

In the middle of their suspicious discussions, Qinghan slowly walked out of the altar, hugging a pitch-black cub in his arms.

“Wow! He made it!”

“Haha… Good job!”

“God has blessed our Ye Family! Oh… Wait… I guess I have seen this cub somewhere before…”

“Me too! Oh… Isn’t this the lion-nosed dog? Holy shit!”

“Oh, My God! It is only a fourth-grade lion-nosed dog! How come?”

“Oh, this really pisses me off! You… You bastard. You have failed to live up to our expectations! You’ve only managed to summon a lion-nosed dog with the nine-colored halo? What a fucking tragedy!”

The crowd burst into waves of name-calling. Looking at the little cub, which was the size of a fist, they vented their disappointment at Qinghan.

The little beast Qinghan had summoned looked roughly the same as the one that was summoned by another descendant earlier this morning. But this one was much tinier, almost like a newborn baby.