BPTH Chapter 119

Breaking Blade Summit

After half-an-hour’s running, the Breaking Blade Summit finally came into their view. A flash of thrill appeared in Yao Kaka’s rapacious eyes. Ever since his first time visiting this mountain several days ago, he had listed it as the haven for escape. With three cliffs standing around the mountain, and an extremely narrow road leading to the summit, it would be a perfect place to defend against the attack from the Mars Prefecture Legion.

Back in the Black Dragon Valley, Yao Kaka and Man’gan had assembled some 2,000 members in total to slaughter Ye Qinghan, half of which had been annihilated under the Black Dragon’s Breath. Now, the total number of surviving demons and barbarians was reduced to 1,000 or so. Despite the diminished size of their team, Yao Kaka was rather confident in confronting the Mars Prefecture Legion. In his estimation, they could at least sustain for ten to fifteen days.

Since they had sent out the signals for more reinforcements, Yao Kaka believed that in the next few days, all the other demons and barbarians on Ghost Island would come to assist them. At that time, the Mars Prefecture Legion would be attacked from both the front and the rear. He planned to crush the whole temporary camp that belonged to the Mars Prefecture, once they had defeated them here at Breaking Blade Summit.

Meanwhile, the bald-head Man’gan was busy investigating the landscape, and was satisfied by the discovery of several teleportation posts scattered on the top of the mountain. Without any hesitation, he also ordered his team members to wait for the incoming enemies in full spirit. It was only a matter of time, until they could slaughter those human beings, he thought.


It was unclear to Sainan, that the first-time alliance between the Demonic Prefecture and the Barbarian Prefecture had been forced by the temptation of obtaining a saint-level item; while this time, they had formed an alliance on their own volition, which had as goal to annihilate the human legion. On the top of a uniquely-shaped mountain, in a formidable array, the demons and barbarians were in full swing, ready to receive the attack from the Mars Prefecture Legion.

Looking upward at the winding, small road, as well as the thickly-dotted demons and barbarians at the top, Sainan’s eyebrows knitted together once again.

“Fuck, this is the strangest summit I’ve ever seen! How do we launch an attack in such a landscape?” Feng Zi cursed this mountain for being too dangerous to climb up, but when he found the looming demons and barbarians on the top, he gritted his teeth, as he was desperate to have a face-to-face fight right now.

As for Hua Cao, he also gave out a helpless sigh, for he knew that even if the Hua Family members used their Invisible Technique, it would be of little service to attack in such a risky landscape, with so many enemies.

“Miss Sainan, I can’t think out any better solution. Do you have any good ideas?”

“No matter what, we have to launch the attack! If we retreat now, we’ll undoubtedly be labeled as ‘losers’ after the Prefecture War! We have no choice left, though it is such a tall order!” Shockingly, without waiting for Sainan’s response, Qingcheng abruptly cut in. She stared at the conceited howling demons and barbarians, while an unprecedented feeling of abhorrence filled her heart, for Qinghan and Qingwu were still missing, and she missed them so much.

“Let’s have a good rest tonight. Tomorrow, we’ll fight!”

As she forced herself to calm down, Sainan gave out an order, even though her heart was entangled with doubts. She was crystal clear about the current situation, and what they would face the next morning, when the war commenced. Holding little advantage at hand, their legion was doomed to suffer a lot in the process. However, like an arrow on the bowstring, there was no turning back. Once they retreated, it would be a setback for the continuous efforts of establishing their morale, which was considered a pivotal element in any fight.

As the saying goes, the planning lies with men, the outcome with Heaven! Sainan gave a soft, yet helpless sigh, before she turned away.


The next day, when the first glimmer of dawn shone on the mountain, this place was already in a clamor. Both sides were preparing their breakfast: they would dig a hole on the ground, suspend a pot above it, and stew whatever they liked. After that, they began polishing their swords, and checking their armors. The atmosphere turned extremely aggressive, with both sides glaring at each other with murderous intent. If their eyes could be used as weapons to kill people, then the Breaking Blade Summit would already have blood streaming down like a river…

– Boom! –

Against the background of the flaming morning sun, some started to beat their battle drums; while others unsheathed their swords, the light of which reflected brightly in the sunshine. At this moment, the intense atmosphere made everyone present feel that all the things around them were of a scorching temperature, ready to explode.


Holding the Dragon Singing Sword in her hand, Sainan violently waved her other hand in the air, ordering her team members to follow her. Of course, as she had promised, she took the lead, tramping on the small mountain road with Battle Qi wrapped around her body. Looking from afar, she was somewhat like a statue of the Goddess of War.

Sainan was closely followed by several Prince-Realm cultivators, all of whom were in colorful Battle Qi armor, rendering an imposing manner.

The advanced cultivators were followed by the key descendants from the four families; they were walking arduously behind Sainan, and the Prince-Realm cultivators. The rest of the legion had been asked to stay at the foot of the mountain, and wait for further orders.

Considering the unique geography of this mountain, the narrowness of the road, that led to the summit, barred excessive numbers of people from rushing upwards. Yesterday, Sainan had actually held a meeting over this issue, and had eventually come up with a solution – the comparatively advanced cultivators would be sent out to break the defensive line of the enemies, and the others would be allowed to come up to slaughter once the defense was properly crushed. After all, the road could only accommodate a limited number of people; it would be efficient, as well as safer, to march upward in smaller groups.

– Boom! –

Suddenly, a rumbling sound emerged from higher up the mountain, after which scores of Barbarian Emperors stood at the end of the only road that led to the top. Without being flurried at all, Yao Kaka and Man’gan gave out several orders to different groups of the team. Soon after, two lines of Demonic Emperors had circled around the Barbarian Emperors in the rear side. Moreover, another thirty Demonic Emperors and Barbarian Emperors formed a fan-shaped formation from behind, the formation of which made the entrance to the top almost seamless. The less competent demons and barbarians were left behind, ready to assist at any given time.

Overlooking the advanced cultivators, who were climbing up with difficulties, both Yao Kaka and Man’gan sneered in despise. They were so proud of choosing this place as a fighting scene, where only three or four humans were allowed to walk shoulder to shoulder. The width of the road was simply too narrow! That was to say, each time, every three or four cultivators from the human side would have to face up to ten Demonic Emperors or Barbarian Emperors. Even the cultivators in the Realm of the Emperor wouldn’t survive such a massive attack.

Now, as Sainan and her team members had almost reached the top, they had a detailed view of what was in front of them – the end of the road was tightly barricaded! Sainan showed a bitter smile, for they weren’t allowed to go back down either. Desperately, Sainan howled in a high-pitched voice, as she gathered all of her Battle Qi to speed up; after which, her Dragon Singing Sword miraculously unsheathed itself, as it shot towards the pillar-like barbarians.


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