BPTH Chapter 118

Yao Kaka and Man’gan Are Fully Prepared

Shisan’s prediction was right, in the mingled battlefield, there was something urgent around the corner.

After three days, the legion of the Mars Prefecture had finally caught up to the demons and barbarians led by Yao Kaka and Man’gan respectively. Thanks to the blanket search done by the scouts of the Hua Family, they had, in advance, learned of their escape route. They planned to set up a hunting net long before the enemies could realize their arrival. In their initial round of fighting this morning with a small barbarian team, the causalities on the enemy side had reached more than three hundred, while the human side had only lost a dozen or so.

Looking at the mess of the battlefield, Sainan frowned concernedly. Seemingly, this first fight was an absolute victory, but she knew in fact this was far from a perfect triumph. For one thing, they had evidently outnumbered the barbarians, with several thousand versus some hundred; for the other, they had predicted their whereabouts beforehand, it was an ambush, not a face-to-face attack. Given all their advantages, they had still lost the lives of more than ten young elites. Most importantly, what made Sainan so upset was, that apart from the members from the four families, the other teams had showed little respect for her by ignoring her orders. The moment they had encountered the barbarians, they had just confronted them in mass numbers, and disorganized formations, enabling one of the Barbarian Emperors to manage to escape out of the sheer chaos.

Actually, having one Barbarian Emperor escape wasn’t a huge matter. Yet, this run-away barbarian would most likely leak the information of the human legion’s arrival. By then, it would be much more difficult for Sainan’s team to cut off their route.

“Sister Sainan! Don’t push yourself too hard. After all, this is a temporary-formed legion; you can’t expect everyone to be obedient. I think their performance is excellent already!” Standing beside Sainan, Qingcheng consoled Sainan with a mellow voice.

“Yeah… you’re right!” With unlocked eyebrows, she turned to Qingcheng and asked, “Where’s Hua Cao and Hua Xin? Have they returned?”

“Look, they’re coming!” Qingcheng pointed her slender index finger to the near distance, and exclaimed with a big smile.

– Swoosh! –

Two black figures appeared in the near distance; they were Hua Cao and Hua Xin, who had been deployed by Sainan on a special mission to chase the run-away barbarian, in case he reported the latest information to their leader Man’gan.

Since the major team, led by Yao Kaka and Man’gan, was only several kilometers ahead of them, Hua Cao and Hua Xin had to be extremely cautious, until they cut off the route of the fleeing barbarian and slaughter him.

“Have you guys caught him?” Sainan couldn’t help inquiring, when they were still several steps away from her.

“He’s dead already! But…” With a surly face, Hua Cao came to a halt, before continuing his sentence, “I cannot tell if it’s the signal sent by this barbarian, or that Yao Kaka had already discovered our arrival, but their team has stopped marching forward! What shall we do now, Miss Sainan?”

“Errr?” The thing that worried Sainan so much seemed to be happening. She arched her eyebrows, as she dipped into deep meditation. Soon afterwards, a flicker of light flashed in her eyes, and she turned around yelling, “All of you, listen up! Let’s proceed at full speed! The demons and barbarians are only 1.5 kilometers away from us now! Chase them and knock them all down!”

Since their presence had been disclosed, Sainan though it was unnecessary to hide in the darkness. It was time to go all out! Plus, considering the sheer size of this legion, it would be quite difficult to stay unnoticed. The total amount of the elites was almost twice that of the demons and barbarians put together, Sainan was confident to win this battle.

“Charge at full speed!”

When Sianan’s order was delivered to every team, the team leaders were excited to hear this, for they were still submerged in the ecstasy of killing. Now, since there were more enemies waiting up ahead to be slaughtered by them, all of them rushed forward at an increased speed.


It was true that Yao Kaka and Man’gan had received the information, through a special message-delivery method owned by the barbarians – they would burn off the Barbarian Force inside their body, to deliver the message to the main team. The content of the message was quite simple, one word only, which showed “Danger!” From previous experience, once a Barbarian Emperor had sent such an urgent message, it was time to stop marching forward, until everything was fully investigated. Therefore, they also sent several scouts to check the surroundings.

Several minutes later, the scouts brought back an explosive piece of information – the members from the Mars Prefecture had formed a large-sized legion, and were chasing after them! Hearing this, all of the demons and barbarians were caught by yet another wave of panic, after the previous wave from being attacked by the Black Dragon.

It took them a full minute to digest this information. After that, as leaders, Yao Kaka and Man’gan began to discuss with each other in fluent human language. Although each prefecture had their own language, the high-status demons and barbarians could all speak and comprehend the human language. People from Immortal City stemmed from the human race after all! The demons and barbarians of high social status would learn human language at an early age, to lay the foundation for them to communicate with people from Immortal City.

After some discussion, both of them agreed to change their route. Neither the front nor the rear part was clear, they were now caught in a converging attack from both the Black Dragon and the human race. Left with no other choice, they eventually turned left instead, before they sent out a signal for summoning more demons and barbarians from nearby places.

The main reason why they chose the left side, was because of its unique geography. There was a mountain called Breaking Blade Summit, three sides of which were cliffs, with only one side having access to the top of the mountain. Yet, the only accessible path leading to the mountain was extremely narrow, and was difficult to climb. It was a natural defense fortress! This time, Yao Kaka and Man’gan were determined to teach those conceited humans a proper lesson, by presenting themselves as bait to lure the human beings in. While at the same time, large numbers of reinforcements were coming at the call of Yao Kaka and Man’gan’s assistance signal.

For both Yao Kaka and Man’gan, they admitted bankruptcy of their mission given by the people from Immortal City. Without catching a glimpse of the legendary saint-level item, they had already lost hundreds of fellow demons and barbarians, many of whom were supposed to be their capable assistants after they would ascend their father’s throne one day. If they returned in such a crestfallen manner, their reputation would be greatly damaged. More importantly, their rivals would seize this chance to shower them with biting sarcasm. Facing similar trouble, both Yao Kaka and Man’gan decided to team up once again, to annihilate the human race team. In this way, they could gloriously return home.

That was why they didn’t resort to the teleportation posts to send them away. They made their joint resolution to defeat the legion from the Mars Prefecture once and for all. As long as Sainan and her team members were courageous enough to fight with them, they would fight back in a much fiercer way…


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