BPTH Chapter 116

The Members of the Mars Prefecture Form a Legion

“Maybe… they’ve been teleported to a faraway place. I believe they’ll return in the next few days!” Looking at the depressed face of Qingcheng, Sainan tried to cheer her up a little bit.

“Yeah, Qinghan is such a romantic. Perhaps, he’s flirting with a young woman right now. Haha, don’t worry too much about him!” Shuiliu also made a joke, as he was trying to warm up the atmosphere.

“Go to hell! Your head is full of obscene thoughts!” Feng Zi wrinkled his nose, as he was surprisingly defending Qinghan. Soon after, he arched his eyebrows, and turned to Sainan, “Miss Sainan, I just heart from outside that you’re going to attack the demons and barbarians?”

“You’re right!” Since the other young lords have arrived, Sainan was in high spirits, as she smilingly replied, “We’ve received the latest report that the demons and barbarians have been attacked by the Black Dragon, during which their casualties surged to more than half. Right now, they’re desperately fleeing. We’re planning to cut their route off, and suppress their morale, to make them less competitive in the final war. As for young leader Wuhen, he has his own conservative plan. Nevermind, we won’t force him to do anything!”

In a few words, Sainan briefed the general situation to Feng Zi, as a slight despising accent could be heard when she mentioned Wuhen.

“What’s the odds of the authenticity of this news?” Feng Zi frowned in a solemn expression.

In a crisp and firm voice, Sainan replied, “At least ninety percent!”

“Great! Since Yao Kaka and Man’gan set up such a big trap, in which our whole super team would’ve died if it wasn’t for the sacrifice of the Sickle Team, we have to launch a revenge to balance our indignation! On behalf of the Feng Family, I swear that I’ll follow Miss Sainan, and am ready for fight!” Feng Zi twisted his muscular body, while looking sternly at the members of his family.

Following Feng Zi’s resolute promise, Hua Cao raised his feminine voice to a pitch-high tone, “On behalf of all the teams of the Hua Family, I agree to join Sainan’s legion. If any member of the Hua Family rejects to do so, I will relocate the training field for practicing the Invisible Technique to his family’s bathroom!”

“All members of the Yue Family are under your command, Sister Sainan! Also… for those who refuse to obey Sainan’s commands, you’ll be listed as unwelcome individuals to Silvermoon City.”

In a melodious voice, Qingcheng spoke up. However… what the seemingly faerie-like girl said shocked everyone one present, as if they were struck by lightning.

As the saying goes, women have the most despicable heart beneath their gentle outlook. It was so true… Not allowed to enter Silvermoon City? How cruel would it be to most of the men here! The holy-virgin of the Yue Family would disrupt their “below-the-waist-happiness” if they didn’t follow Sainan, no one would bet against that.

Even Wuhen rolled his eyes and jerked his head towards Qingcheng, appreciating her beauty, while at the same time, annoyed by her suggestion. He was left somewhat indecisive on whether to follow Sainan or not. Silvermoon City (also known as Enchantment City) was the famous paradise for men, especially for those affluent, dissolute young lords. As for Wuhen, the suffering of not being allowed to enter Silvermoon City, would be equivalent to ending his life. While on second thought, he regained his rational sense, and decided not to wage into this “murky water”, thus he could avoid being recognized by Yao Kaka and Man’gan.

“Since young lord Feng Zi has decided to go, I’ll definitely support him!”

“Yeah, the demons and barbarians are so ugly. Now, I got the chance to slaughter them all!”

“I agree!”

“I second that!”


Owing to the arrival of the young lords and Miss Qingcheng, most of the people present changed their mind, except for Wuhen, and several other small teams. For some flip-floppers, they also followed the trend.

“I’ll adhere to my previous opinion. Anyway… I’ll stay in the camp!” Wuhen gritted his teeth, as he saw Sainan’s eyes move to him.

“Alright! This isn’t a mandatory order, for those not willing to go, just do whatever you like. As for those whose ideas align with my proposal, prepare and have a good rest tonight. Tomorrow morning, we’ll set up for the fight up ahead. I hope that all of you can accomplish great contributions for our Mars Prefecture!” Sainan concluded, before she dismissed the crowd.

At night, people were hustling about, as they were preparing for the next-day’s fight. It was their collective fight as a group from the Mars Prefecture. Everyone took it very seriously. Apart from the Xue Family, all the teams of the other four families gathered here, waiting for the biggest mission they had received since they had arrived on Ghost Island.


The next day, at dawn, a few thousand fully-armed elites were assembled in the open ground in front of the temporary camp; all of them carried aspiring young faces. Their main target were the demons and barbarians, who were still fleeing from the dragon, led by Yao Kaka and Man’gan respectively.

Originally, the total number of participants from the Mars Prefecture was just over 10,000. Now, several months had passed, and more than two thousand people had already died in battle. There were only approximately four thousand people left, excluding Wuhen’s team.

“For this mission, all of you should act according to my order. I’ll promise you, that I’ll always be the first one to rush to the frontline to fight with the enemy, and the last one to retreat. Also, I won’t claim ownership of the credits, all of which will be allocated to you guys! For the bravest, most-accomplished ones, I’ll certainly report to my father, and reward you accordingly!”

Before they left, Sainan gave a morale-building speech; though short in words, the members she led were now full of motivation.

The first to go to the frontline, but the last to retreat! Even some men couldn’t meet this standard. As a girl, Sainan left all of the opposite gender here feeling eclipsed in the face of her breadth of mind.

“For the top ten performers on this mission, our Yue Family will provide them with one-month of free service!”

Qingcheng gave out yet another mind boggling reward, shortly following Sainan’s generous promise. Now, the team members, which consisted of mostly young, unmarried young man, felt their morale reach the apex.

“Let’s go!”

By pointing her sword in a certain direction, Sainan led thousands of people out of the camp, charging toward the mingled battlefield. At the same time, members of the Hua Family all disappeared. Yesterday, those from the Hua Family had received an important task: each and every direction should be patrolled along the way, to ensure the security of the whole team. Since the Hua Family was famous for their Invisible Technique, this task undoubtedly fell on their shoulders.


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