BPTH Chapter 115

Feng Zi, Hua Cao, Yue Qingcheng, Everyone Returns

“Definitely!” Sainan nodded her head firmly, before she swept her eyes over the crowd, searching for their response.

“Haha, I hope all the demons and barbarians are annihilated by that dragon, including their leaders, Yao Kaka and Man’gan!” One of them laughed out loudly, shortly after Sainan’s confirmation.

“The evil demons and barbarians deserve this attack!”

“I like this Black Dragon. He should kill more of those demons and barbarians!”


At the beginning, everyone was shocked upon hearing such an encouraging event, for they had been depressed for many days, worrying to think of countermeasures against the other two prefectures. Right now, however, the black dragon had done it for them! How could they resist expressing their joyfulness?

A team-leader on the left side suddenly stood up, amidst others’ cheerful dialogues. His eyes were full of shrewdness, “Thanks to this Black Dragon… Hey, shall we set out right now and annihilate the underdogs from the Demonic and Barbarian Prefectures?”


Apparently, this proposal had left the happily-chatting others to halt in the middle of their conversations. They quickly fastened their eyes once again on Sainan.

At first, Sainan smilingly nodded to that team-leader, before she replied, “Hehe! The reason why I assembled you guys here so urgently, is because we need to discuss on the current situation and reach a consensus. Although it still makes me perplexed as to why the Demonic and Barbarian Prefectures suddenly formed an alliance, it is a fact now, and we have to face it! A fierce fight with their alliance is unavoidable. The question is when, and how! As this team leader suggested, right now, most of the demons and barbarians’ morale is at an alltime low after being attacked by the dragon. We will surely gain the upper hand if we launch the attack right now. Of course, this is just my personal opinion. I need to hear your opinions.”

“I couldn’t agree more with Miss Sainan. We should avenge our sacrificed fellow brothers and sisters!” Long Shuiliu, sitting beside Sainan, echoed with Sainan immediately following her words. His handsome face looked less attractive in indignation.

“The idea is good, but… the only thing that concerns me is that we’re simply outnumbered by the demons and barbarians, even if most of them are dead. Conservatively speaking, it’s too dangerous to set off so recklessly. Or, we might fall into their trap!”

“Hmmm, perhaps we should give it some further thought.”

“I agree with Miss Sainan’s and that team-leader’s proposal!”

“Alas, many of our team members are still in recovery from previous injuries. I’m afraid, they aren’t able to fight right now!”


Almost half of those present voiced their opinions over this issue. While the others kept silent, and held a wait-and-see attitude.

“Young leader Wuhen, how about you?” Sainan moved her eyes from the distance to Wuhen, hoping to get his support. As the daughter of Long Pifu, she was sure the teams from Dragon City would undoubtedly follow her, but she was uncertain about the other teams, most of whom were from the five prominent families. Now, that Qinghan, Feng Zi, Hua Cao, and Qingcheng were all absent, Wuhen obviously was the only one that could represent the five families. If Wuhen, a young leader of the Xue Family agreed, this proposal would most likely be agreed upon.

“Hehe!” Wuhen forced a smile, and stood up, bowing around to everyone rather politely. He then opened his folding fan, and replied with a good-tempered voice, “Miss Sainan, I’m sorry, but I cannot agree with you! Right now, there are so many doubtful points in this issue… I won’t let my people of the Xue Family get involved. As a young leader, I have to be responsible for the lives of more than one thousand underlings! Of course, I’ll contribute my due part if you carry out the proposal. I… I’ll stay here at the camp, and fight with any demons and barbarians if they dare to invade in. I’ll be generous in releasing my Battle Qi while fighting with them!”

Wuhen deliberately organized his phrases in a seemingly righteous tone. Yet, beneath the hypocrisy, he was disgustingly crooked.

What a joke! If he were to engage himself in a battle against the two other races, he could face the possibility of disclosure of his evil doings from any demon or barbarian. By that time, no one in the Mars Prefecture would stand for his wrong doings. For his part, he had to reject Sainan’s proposal, for he had no choice!

“Xue Wuhen is such a coward! Any real men who wants to fight, just follow me!”

A rough sound, which came from outside the cave, stunned everyone. They all craned their head towards the entrance, curiously waiting to see who had the guts to publicly call the young leader Wuhen’s name.

Long Shuiliu and Long Sainan abruptly stood up from the chair, and broke into a big smile, for they had already identified whom the voice belonged to. With a surly face, Wuhen moved his eyeballs lopsided, stealing a glance at the entrance with the corner of his eyes.

Accompanied by the expectant eyes from the others, a great figure emerged at the opening of the cave, whose body was ridden with muscles and energy, and a black long sword hung on his back.

“Feng Zi, you’re back! Buddy, I said you guys wouldn’t die so easily.” The first exclamation came from Shuiliu, who expressed his excitement in face of their safe return. As for the others, they also greeted Feng Zi with warm smiles. Among them, however, only one guy stood silently with knitted eyebrows – That was Xue Wuhen.

“Haha, I won’t die before you guys. Nice to meet you Miss Sainan. Hello everyone!” With a bout of hearty laughter, Feng Zi jokingly landed his fist on Shuiliu’s shoulder. Afterwards, he bowed to Sainan, and waved his hands to respond to the other’s warm welcome.

“I’m so relieved to see you return safe and sound. How about the others?” Sainan nodded her head, while inquiring Feng Zi closely.

“Hello Miss Sainan! Hello everyone! I’m back!” Shortly after Sainan’s voice had diminished, a feminine sound came from outside the cave. A second later, Hua Cao arrived in front of them.

“Sister Sainan. It’s me, Qingcheng!” At last, a crisp, mellow voice raised in the air, redirecting everyone’s attention to a slender, curving body that had just appeared at the entrance. The agreeable aroma of Qingcheng’s body blew into everyone’s face.

Raising her sword-like eyebrows, Sainan rushed to the entrance, smilingly grabbing Qingcheng’s hands, “Ohh, Sister Qingcheng, thank goodness, you’re alright! I was so worried about you!”

“Nice to meet you Miss Sainan!” Hua Xin, Feng Meng, and Yue Xian’gu all swarmed in.

“Wait… where are Qinghan, and Qingwu?” Sainan’s smile froze, as she turned to Qingcheng anxiously.

“No news has come from them yet.” Qingcheng replied helplessly.

Although most of the super team members were teleported to different places, they had all gathered together at this temporary camp. Actually, they had been waiting for a whole day before they had come to the camp. But now, most of them were back, except for Qinghan, Qingwu, Shiqi and Shisan. Yet, no one knew where these four people were.



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