BPTH Chapter 114


“Little Black, hurry up, hurry up!”

Qinghan’s surly face broke into a delighted smile, for an image of Little Black running in their direction emerged in his head. Owing to the Soul Agreement he had with his beast, Qinghan was able to envisage Little Black’s current condition, though the image was so blurry that he wasn’t quite sure if Little Black would arrive here in time, before the return of the male dragon. They had planned to, once Little Black arrived, teleport out.

“Haha! Boss, we’re rich now!”

A couple of minutes later, Little Black conveyed his voice to Qinghan, as he couldn’t help sharing this awesome piece of news with his master. Although Qinghan didn’t quite get what his beast said, he was thrilled to see Little Black catapulting himself towards them.

“Yaaaaa!” Qinghan jumped off the ground, cheering for Little Black’s return

Almost at the same time, a ground-shaking roar came from inside the Black Dragon Valley. Undoubtedly, the male dragon had arrived at barely the same time as Little Black had united with the four of them.

Little Black was immediately summoned back into Qinghan’s chest.


Following Shisan’s order, the four of them jumped on the teleportation post, allowing them to be wrapped by beams of blinding light around their bodies.

“Grr! Grr! Grr!”

Unexpectedly, the gigantic male dragon flew up into the air, growling three times, before he dashed towards Qinghan’s group at the speed of lightning. Meanwhile, he had already exhaled a streak of Black Dragon’s Breath towards the four of them, attempting to annihilate them all.

“You’re too late! See you, ‘big worm’!”

With a sarcastic chuckle, Shiqi waved his hands towards the roaring black dragon. In the next second, they had all disappeared.

– Bang! –

Qinghan and the others had survived the Black Dragon’s Breath, while the trees and plants in the surrounding area weren’t that lucky. Within the blink of an eye, the once verdant forest turned out to be razed to the ground; exposing the teleportation post, as well as the remaining diminished white light lingering on it.


“Little Black, are you ok? What are these in your hands? Errr! Rings!”

The four of them were teleported to a strange place, and Shisan and Shiqi immediately patrolled the surroundings. After being assured that there were no enemies around, the four of them all gathered around Little Black, leaning their body forward to have a peek at the things in his hands. Much to their surprise, they found strings of rings clustered by vines!

Qingwu was shocked by the thickly dotted rings on the loops. She swallowed and stuck her reddish tongue out for a second, “Ah, so many rings! Little Black, the reason why you stayed inside the valley was solely to collect rings? Oh, Heaven! I found five cyan rings, and scores of green ones!”

“Haha, what did she think I was doing in that valley? Boss, I know you need a lot of credits, and in the aftermath of the Black Dragon Valley, rings were everywhere. I simply couldn’t resist picking them up. But you know? The biggest harvest is already in my stomach. Ohhh, I can sense the expanding energy already… Boss, sorry, I have to go back into the summoning space to refine the Dragon Crystal. Wow, I’m imagining how mighty I will be once the energy of this Dragon Crystal is fully absorbed by me!”

Proudly, Little Black waved his tail and handed the rings over to Qinghan. After which, he quickly changed into a black shadow, before he disappeared into Qinghan’s chest.

“Wooo, how many credits do you have now?” Shisan and Shiqi looked at each other, with a big smile plastered on their faces, and asked as one.

Before, they had only obtained several thousands of credits. Little Black, nevertheless, had come back with one or two thousand within just hours.

As he was rather delighted, Shisan spoke up, “Let’s walk out of here. We’d better count the credits along the way. By the way, where are we now? Hey, Shiqi, take out the map.”

Shiqi laughed out heartedly, partly for their escape, and Little Black’s safe arrival, partly for the loops of rings. In a hurry, he rummaged the map out of his chest pocket, before he compared the landscape on the map against the surroundings, and ran back and forth to recheck. After a little bit of investigation, he returned with a solemn expression, “Yeah, Shisan is right. We have to walk immediately. This time, we’ve been teleported to the Scarlet Prairie! I’m afraid it’ll take us roughly ten days to return to the three-prefecture-mingled battlefield.

“Alright, let’s waste no time and hurry up. Shiqi, please lead the way for us and patrol in the front!” Shisan nodded his head satisfyingly.

They were so delighted to see the demons and barbarians being attacked, either by the previous Double-headed Wolf, or the Black Dragon. They weren’t quite sure whether Yao Kaka and Man’gan were still around, but at least they felt that they had somehow avenged the Sickle Team’s death!

“Young lord Qinghan, please wait a minute!” Shisan came to a sudden halt, as if something important struck his head.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Qinghan slowed down, and curiously stared at Shisan. Meanwhile, the other two members, Shiqi and Qingwu, also stopped to wait for Shisan’s response.

“Take out the worms, and pinch them to death! The dead ones are enough to serve as evidence. Otherwise, the other two prefectures will probably siege us once again. Don’t let us be exposed anymore!” With a good deal of fussing, Shisan exclaimed.

“Ohhh…” Being enlightened, Qinghan immediately took out the worms from the bottle, and cut each and every one of them into halves with his cyan dagger. After that, he put them back into the bottle.

“Alright, the ‘trackers’ are killed. They won’t follow us so easily now. Let’s go! I guess the young lords are anxiously waiting for our return.” Qinghan urged the others to speed up.

“Haha, Qinghan, is it Qingcheng the one you most desperately want to see again?” Qingwu rolled her eyes enviously.

“I miss them all!” Awkwardly, Qinghan replied, while the image of the beautiful figure of Qingcheng surfaced in his mind. For a minute, he was spellbound.

“It’s time to go!”

Shisan patted on Qinghan’s back, pulling his mind back to reality. Instantly, Shisan ran forward, while Qinghan hurriedly followed up behind him, while a sweet curve of a smile was still lingering on his face.


The temporary camp, which belonged to the Mars Prefecture.

Sainan was presiding over yet another emergency meeting in the cave.

“Latest report: both the teams led by Yao Kaka and Man’gan have been attacked by the Black Dragon in the Black Dragon Valley. Due to the misleading information they received, they didn’t expect there to be two dragons in that valley. Many of their Demonic Emperors and Barbarians Emperors have either been killed or severely injured. Right now, they’re fleeing. This report has been verified by many scouts.”


Barely had Long Sainan finished her words, or the crowd seated in the cave burst into a clamor, as though they were all struck by lightning. They never thought, that the leaders from the other two prefectures were of such low intelligence. Since they had chosen to intrude into the valley, they had to be fully prepared; at least a thorough investigation was needed. Furthermore, as for Yao Kaka’s team, it wasn’t even their first time attacking this dragon!

“Miss Sainan, are… are you sure? This… is this really happening?” Wuhen’s face turned pale. He knew all too well why the other two prefectures went to the Black Dragon Valley – for the head of Ye Qinghan! Recalling the suddenly disappearing red spot in the crystal ball this afternoon, as well as Sainan’s account, an ominous feeling started to haunt Wuhen’s mind.


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