BPTH Chapter 113

The Fury of Yao Kaka and Man’gan

– Swoosh! –

With a booming sound, Little Black instantly flew back, while his body wobbled in the air in the process.

The terrifying speed of Little Black left all of them dumbfounded. It was unbelievable to see a beast speeding up in such a marvelous way: he simply propelled and controlled the speed by continuously wobbling his body. There was no need to accelerate, as he was as fast as lightning from the start.

“Now, after seeing my performance, you should rest assured on my ability to escape. I’m the running-away champion, haha! Just go, and don’t worry about me. I won’t do anything stupid!” With an ardent stare, Little Black confided to Qinghan, as he was trying to persuade his master to flee well before the arrival of the dragon. As for the others, such as Shisan and Shiqi, Little Black simply ignored their responses. He was somewhat proud of being a holy-grade beast, and was loyal only to his master.

“Ok, let’s go!” Having no time to dive into this conversation, Qinghan threw a concerned look at Little Black, before he resolutely ran out of the valley.

“Stay alert, Little Black!”

Seeing Qinghan taking the lead, Shisan jerked his head towards Little Black with anxious eyes. He started to run as well, and Shiqi and Qingwu followed closely behind him. Since the female dragon present was in a weak condition, who they believed wouldn’t come out to fight with them, they released their Battle Qi, to help propel their speed. Only streaks of shadows could be seen, as they were rushing desperately towards the exit of the valley.


Outside the valley, the panic-stricken Yao Kaka was crouching in a corner, for fear of the hovering black dragon, who was busy attacking his underlings, spotting him. Under such unfavorable conditions, Yao Kaka would by no means pick up his spirit once again.

“Tu Qianjun, you bastard! You set me up!”

The eight Demonic Emperors designated to him directly by his father, had now been reduced to a mere two: a wolf race and a tiger race Demonic Emperor respectively. Back when they had first entered the Black Dragon Valley, they had already sacrificed two of these advanced soldiers in the mission of chasing the Sickle Team; another two were killed by the Double-headed Wolf not long ago; and now the other two were left inside the Black Dragon Valley, who, Yao Kaka believed, wouldn’t survive the dragon’s ruthless attacks either.

This time, the seemingly ambitious Yao Kaka had led more than one thousand demons to charge into the Black Dragon Valley, in the hope of claiming a victory and winning the rewards the people from Immortal City had promised him. Contrary to his rosy wishes, his whole team had been battered by the irritated dragon. Among all the sacrificed demons, he didn’t feel sorry about anyone’s death, except for the eight Demonic Emperors, who could become reliable assistants once he took the throne from his father. Now, six of them had been killed. How was he supposed to face his father after telling him of this tragedy?

“It’s a plot! Absolutely!”

All of a sudden, Yao Kaka stood up, as he was trying to run all the way to the temporary camp that belonged to the Demonic Prefecture. As he ran, he dwelled on his thought that all of what had happened these days, was most likely a plot set up jointly by the Mars Prefecture and Immortal City. How could the human super team enjoy such good luck? Last time, when the humans had been in a desperate situation, the Sickle Team had suddenly emerged and helped them out. Later, they were lured by the humans into a creepy gorge, before they were attacked by that wolf. Now, a full-fledged black dragon was engulfing the area with his Black Dragon’s Breath, while their target, Ye Qinghan, was nowhere to be found!

“Run! Run!”

Desperately, Yao Kaka decided to go back to the camp, and keep himself inside it until the end of the Prefecture War. A Saint-level item? He chose his life over anything else at this critical moment!


As for Man’gan, he and his fellow team members had been afflicted by the same suffering as Yao Kaka. Yet, unlike Yao Kaka, Man’gan was a guy of compassion. He cared for each and every one of his underlings, and their deaths had left him furious, while he also felt guilty. In order to obtain the saint-level item, and form a good relationship with Immortal City, untold barbarians had died for this mission! Turning around, and looking at the furious black dragon showering his barbarians with the continuous scorching Black Dragon’s Breath, he felt so infuriated.

Right now, however, he couldn’t even ensure his own safety. He felt so wronged, and depressed.

“All this is because of Ye Qinghan from the human race. I’ll tear him into pieces If I get the chance!” Man’gan extended his pair of muscle-ridden hands, as he was patting his chest to show his resolution.

Intriguingly, the black dragon, which outsized the demons and barbarians multiple times, was very much like an angry toddler, as he was chasing after thousands of ants that were scattering in all direction for survival. Obviously, this child was fully provoked, as he unceasingly lifted his feet, trampling upon the frightened ants…

Occasionally, some demons and barbarians would rush to the teleportation posts in the near distance; yet, every time, once the post activated, it would follow with beams of glaring light, grabbing the attention of the dragon. Within a second, the forceful Black Dragon’s Breath would accurately shoot towards them, leaving only a heap of skeletons and scorched meat to be teleported. After some brazen tests, the other demons and barbarians quickly deserted this method. Left with no better choice, they kept running as fast as their physical bodies allowed them to.


As for Qinghan, and the other three, they winded around the outside of the valley, rather than taking a linear route directly opposite to the entrance.

Eventually, they ran to a place full of thriving trees, which they considered to be a nice place to hide. Most importantly, they discovered a teleportation post amidst the densely-populated trees.

They decided to wait for Little Black here. For one thing, Qinghan and Little Black had to be placed in a given distance in order to sense each other’s condition; for the other, this place was geographically fit to conceal themselves, in case they were to encounter their enemies, or the dragon!

Half an hour later, the valley seemed absolutely silent, and Little Black hadn’t shown up yet. Everyone raised their concerns for the safety of Little Black, especially Qinghan, who kept walking back and forth with a nerve-racked face. Once in awhile, he would search in every direction for the figure of Little Black, hoping to see him in the next moment. However, nothing came.

One hour passed, there was still no sign of Little Black’s arrival. Now, everyone wore a surly face, not knowing whether they should still wait here fruitlessly or… Suddenly, an angry howl came from the valley, and it echoed with an even intensified roar from the far distance.

“Ohhh, Little Black!”

Qinghan raised his head toward the sky, shouting out his beast’s name. Little Black must’ve done something that had provoked the female dragon, otherwise she wouldn’t howl for the help of her husband. The male dragon kept making terrifying howls, from which they guessed he might return to the Black Dragon Valley in a couple of minutes. If Little Black was cut off in his escape by the male dragon, would he manage to survive the boundless fury that the latter would vent?


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