BPTH Chapter 111

The Dragon Emerges!

“Fuck, I should’ve killed him back at the Yue Family!” Shocked by this brutal fact, Qinghan cursed coldly. He eventually came to the realization of the true purpose of the “conversation” between him and Wuhen.

The exposure of their whereabouts had been puzzling them all these days; now these little worms had presented themselves as the best answer. No wonder the Demonic Prefecture and the Barbarian Prefecture had besieged them so successfully, as if they had known every details of their running route. All these were the result of the concealed worms planted by Wuhen into Qinghan’s hair!

Several days ago, they had suspected whether the demon or the barbarians had obtained a heaven-defying skill that could trace other’s whereabouts. However, never had they expected that, as a compatriot of the Mars Prefecture, as well as a young leader of the prominent Xue Family, Wuhen would be an accomplice in this plot by allying with the other two races!

“No, he’s not the head of this conspiracy. I’m afraid there must be someone behind the scene!” After pondering, Shisan blustered out, “Yao Kaka and Man’gan won’t listen to a young leader from the Mars Prefecture. Also, that bastard Wuhen didn’t have any direct hostility against the other young lords, like Hua Cao and Feng Zi. If all the young lords had been sacrificed in this accident, the respective heads of the four prominent families would certainly seek revenge for them by launching another greater-scale war. They should weigh the pros and cons before making such a stupid decision. Ahh, we still have so many doubts to clear… For now, I suggest we’d better act wisely, and don’t kill Wuhen recklessly at this point, unless we successfully figure out the whole picture of this event! Shiqi, Qinghan, we have to be patient before we bring this bastard to justice. Now that we have these worms as legitimate evidence, we can accuse him anytime. In my opinion, given the severity of this event, we have to hand it over to the elders of the family to make the final decision. If the Xue Family really engaged in brooding this evil plot, their whole family will probably be excluded from the alliance between the five prominent families!”

– Crack! Crack! –

In uncontrollable fury, Qinghan wore a surly face, while cracking his knuckles.

Meanwhile, as furious as Qinghan, Shisan twitched his lips, “Let him enjoy the last couple of days of his life, before we behead him!”


Outside the Black Dragon Valley, Yao Kaka looked around the familiar surroundings with extreme caution. While the howls of the dragon made him be exceedingly nervous.

Indeed, this wasn’t the first time that he had led his members to his valley. Almost a month ago, he and his team members had recklessly intruded this valley, in an attempt to annihilate the Sickle Team; yet, only when they were inside this valley, did they see a fully provoked black dragon running towards them!

Last time, if it wasn’t for the protection of his loyal subordinates, Yao Kaka would’ve already died here. Several days ago, the Sickle Team had appeared in front of them once again, helping the human super team out of the siege. But in general, Yao Kaka was satisfied with the fact that the Sickle Team had eventually died. However, now in the Black Dragon Valley, his heart was still fluttering with fear.

Recalling the destructive power of the dragon made Yao Kaka want to retreat. However, while thinking about the juicy rewards he would probably get from Immortal City after ending the life of the target, Ye Qinghan, the fear in his eyes was quickly overtaking by his endless greed. Strangely, Yao Kaka suddenly turned out quite emotional, for he was trying to yell at the spacious valley: “Yao Kaka is back!” However, when he was about to show off his morale, Man’gan had already assembled his barbarians preparing to wage into the valley before him! Having no choice left, Yao Kaka waved his hands to his underlings, signaling to commence the fight against the dragon.

According to the red spot in the crystal ball, Qinghan had been in this valley. Yet, they failed to identify which part of the valley Qinghan hid himself in. Before they decided to launch a blanket-search, they were determined to overcome their first obstacle – the dragon! Without the dragon, they would enjoy free access to any part of this place. By that time, they would tear Qinghan into pieces, and turn this valley upside down.

Instantly, more than two thousands members flooded through the entrance of the Black Dragon Valley, stirring up the soil on the ground. The scenery of this valley was breathtaking, but the beautiful landscape didn’t hold back their steps. Meanwhile, instead of being fearsome, the howls of the dragon only drove Yao Kaka’s fighting impulse to surge. The golden hair on his head swung disorderly in the air, as he waved his hand once again, ordering his team to speed up.

The size of the valley was rather small, and it was covered by numerous trees, small hills, and a pool. All of a sudden, the grandiose march abruptly came to a halt. Both Yao Kaka and Man’gan decided to deploy half the number of their soldiers to scout in the front; while the other half remained with their leaders in the rear.

Yesterday, Yao Kaka had received an intelligence report that suggested that the Black Dragon was in an abnormal state. Therefore, based on this information, he and Man’gan had decided to march slowly along the way to the cave of the dragon, to see what was happening to this giant beast.

Thousands of demons and barbarians winded around the pool, and turned to the left side of the valley. Led by numerous scouts, they waged through a patch of flourishing bushes, before they arrived at the entrance of the dragon cave. Both Yao Kaka and Man’gan’s eyes lit up upon arrival, as they strained their eyes and ears, observing the details inside the cave.


A howl came, which made Yao Kaka and Man’gan rather excited. The fury as well as the weakness in the dragon’s voice encouraged Yao Kaka and Man’gan to launch an attack as soon as possible. Soon after, they were all fully armed, as they were preparing to kill the dragon, which they believed to be in a disadvantageous condition.


Nevertheless, hardly had they charged an inch further, when another howl emerged, which sounded even more furious, and ferocious. Most importantly… the quality of this howl was totally different from the first faint one. For the sake of security, Yao Kaka and Man’gan immediately instructed their teams to hold on, while sweeping their eyes around the bushes, unknowing of what would actually come up to them.

A second later, their eyes suddenly turned terrified, as their reddish, excited faces turned ghastly pale.

In front of them, a colossal black dragon, with a height of more than ten meters, came into view. Under the reflection of the sunlight, the black scales on his back shone out cold light; and his pair of eyes were filled with flames of fury!


Following an even louder howl, the black dragon opened his ferocious gigantic mouth, exhaling a mouthful of the Black Dragon’s Breath towards the countless demons and barbarians. At the same time, his great tail swung in the air, before it slammed onto the ground with an earsplitting boom!

When the tail of the dragon hit the ground, the whole valley shivered for a second. All of a sudden, all the demons and barbarian scattered around, as they were trying to find the right direction to escape in. On their faces, there was nothing left but sheer horror and desperation.

“Fuck, let’s flee!”

The dragon took them aback, and they were too terrified to move, until they were harshly awoken by the scorching flames of the Black Dragon’s Breath.

“Dammit! The intelligence provided to us isn’t accurate!”

The imposing manner of the dragon showed, that he was in a pretty good condition. Recalling the two different howls, they now had the feeling to throw themselves into their own mommy’s arms and have a good cry!

“How come there are two dragons in this valley? The people from Immortal City provided us with the wrong information! Fuck!”


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