BPTH Chapter 110

Concealed Worms, and a Dragon Crystal

“Errr! Dragon eggs? She’s delivering babies?” Both Shisan and Shiqi looked at one another, as expressions of utter disbelief were plastered on their faces.

“To my knowledge, it doesn’t take the dragon several days to deliver eggs. But, we may try our luck and escape from here during this period, as she seems to be struggling!”

“Yeah… How could a dragon deliver eggs for days and nights? It’s simply insane.” Qinghan frowned, as he kind of agreed with what Shisan said.

Abruptly, Little Black jumped out of Qinghan’s grab, and stood on a piece of slate, placing his chubby claws backward, and walking back and forth several times.

An instant later, he conveyed his voice to Qinghan, “Boss, do you remember what I told you about dragons when we were in the Wild Mountain Range? Our race, the soul-eating beasts, has long been on bad terms with the dragon race. The inherited memories in my brain has a specified description on the various features of the dragon race, thus you should trust what I’m about to say. I’m sure she is pregnant, and more amazingly, she could give birth to a twin-dragon egg, which is partly why it takes so long for her to deliver. On the other hand, this ‘little worm’ (dubbed by Little Black, refers to the dragon) carries a Dragon Crystal in her stomach. Yeah, I’m sure of that! I can sniff the alluring smell emitting from the Dragon Crystal, representing the pure energy between Heaven and Earth.

“A twin-dragon egg? Dragon Crystal? What on earth are those things? I mean, my Little Black just told me that this dragon will give birth to a twin-dragon egg, while she also possesses a so-called Dragon Crystal. These are the reasons why it takes so long for the dragon to deliver.” With knitted eyebrows, Qinghan turned to Shisan for help.

“Dragon Crystal!” Shisan opened his eyes as wide as they could possibly be, while looking down at the upstanding Little Black. Suddenly, he yelled out, “Little Black, are you sure that it’s a Dragon Crystal? Oh, Heaven! We’re super lucky!”

“Shisan, what is this Dragon Crystal?” Shiqi’s interest was piqued, as he couldn’t figure out what had driven the usually composed Shisan to act like a crazy man.

“Haha, Shiqi, let’s go and steal that Dragon Crystal! The dragon should be pretty weak during her delivery, in my prediction, and it’ll be easier for us to fight her. You know, once we get that super treasure, our cultivation level will soar! Based on our current cultivation level, we can probably reach the Realm of the Emperor! At that time, we’ll be invincible throughout Ghost Island!” Hastily, Shisan grabbed Shiqi’s arms, preparing to dash out for the risky, but highly beneficial adventure.

“If you guys are desperate to seek death, just go!” Immediately, Little Black warned Shisan and Shiqi by conveying his words to his master. Thus Qinghan quickly drew Shisan and Shiqi back, who were about to set their feet towards the exit of the grotto.

“If I’m right… hmmm… I sense there are two ‘worms’ in this valley. Given your current cultivation level, you aren’t enough to fill the gaps between the dragons’ teeth! You know, if there was only one, I would’ve certainly gone and stolen it already. Plus, even if you finally get this Dragon Crystal, it’ll take you at least one or two years to cultivate to the Realm of the Emperor! The Prefecture War will already have finished by that time!” Little Black brought out yet another piece of breaking news.

[Editor note: The author is rather inconsistent with the length of this prefecture war. He keeps switching between 1 and 3 years.]

“Ah! Two dragons?” Hearing Qinghan’s interpretation, Shisan wiped the cold sweat off of his forehead, and shivered a little bit, as he walked back.

“Little Black, are you really sure about this? Two dragons? Is the Dragon Crystal so difficult to refine?” Being unwilling to give up on such a now-or-never opportunity, Shisan inquired closely.

“Oh, if you don’t trust me, you’re allowed to go and try out your luck!” Turning around, Little Black faced his back towards Shisan, refusing to give him a more detailed explanation.

“Shisan, tell me, what is this Dragon Crystal? Is it so magical that we can reach the Realm of the Emperor with its assistance? As far as I know, it requires the comprehension of the laws of Heaven and Earth to reach the Realm of the Emperor. I could be convinced if the energy inside the Dragon Crystal is able to prompt our cultivation to the peak level of the Realm of the Prince; yet I consider it too exaggerated to say that it could help us reach the Realm of the Emperor. You know, the boundary between these two levels is always regarded as the most-difficult to break, with some cultivators spending their entire lifetime trying to break this boundary, but failing to do so.” Straightforwardly, Shiqi voiced all of his doubts.

At the same time, Qinghan and Qingwu shared the same confusion with Shiqi, for they anchored their eyes on Shisan, expecting to hear a proper explanation. As cultivators, they all knew that the Realm of the Emperor required one to grasp the laws of Heaven and Earth, rather than endlessly accumulating Battle Qi. How could the Dragon Crystal be so powerful as to help a cultivator make such an incredible breakthrough?

Dejectedly, Shisan shook his head, and replied after a moment of silence, “What a pity! The treasure is around the corner, yet we aren’t able to grab it! Alas! I happen to know about the Dragon Crystal since a couple of years ago… As you all know, a cultivator at the peak level of the Realm of the Prince has to grasp the laws of Heaven and Earth, before he can enter the next realm – the Realm of the Emperor. It is comparatively easy to cultivate on the basis of Battle Qi. However, one has to be truly talented to grasp the laws of Heaven and Earth. I mean, it’s the ability endowed by Heaven, and cannot be made up merely by diligence. Among countless cultivators, some learn the laws of Heaven and Earth overnight; while others explore their lifetime, only to find out in the end that it was all in vain.”

“Although it’s common sense to all the cultivators, there are some exceptions, such as young lord Qinghan’s sister – Ye Qingyu, who is endowed with a Jade Spirit Body. Like the Dragon Crystal, her body also is innately empowered with laws of Heaven and Earth. Or let me put it this way, either the Jade Spirit Body, Dragon Crystal, or other unknown supernatural treasures, could greatly increase the odds of breaking through the Realm of the Prince and entering into the Realm of the Emperor. Inside the Dragon Crystal, there is an immense amount of energy as well as the laws of Heaven and Earth. As long as it is refined properly, you will eventually receive the knowledge concerning the laws of Heaven and Earth, and reach the Realm of the Emperor!”

“That’s incredible!” Qingwu’s eyes flashed with light, as her pinkish lips parted.

“It’s true, it’s a rare treasure. The problem is, we’ve failed to come up with a safe way to steal it! Jiji! Jiji! If I swallow this Dragon Crystal, the time required to mature will be shortened by half! Moreover, there can be some additional functions that await for us to explore.” Little Black couldn’t help sharing his point of view.

“Oh, I remember, boss!” As if he had recalled something important, Little Black gave Qinghan several winks, before he jumped onto Qinghan’s back, after which he sat down and combed his master’s hair with his claws. A little while later, on Little Black’s stretched palms, there appeared several transparent worms!

“What are these? Boss, back in the Wild Mountain Range, I cleared the worms out of your hair, how come they’ve appeared once again?” Being taken aback, Little Black showed his master the worms.

“Worms? What kind of worms?!”

Looking closely at the grain-sized transparent worms, Qinghan was confused. During these days, he had taken a shower at the frequency of once every ten days to half a month, which was considered to be acceptable on Ghost Island. It was impossible for him to grow worms in his hair, especially such weird looking worms.

“Ye Qinghan, you’d better pay more attention to your personal hygiene! Oh, how disgusting that you have worms in your hair!” As a girl, Qingwu couldn’t resist the existence of any type of worms in or on one’s body.

– Bang! –

Meanwhile, Shisan glared at the worms in a fury. All of a sudden, he extended his palm and slammed it against the wall of the grotto, making the whole place slightly shake for a little while, as the dust of soil flew up into the air.

“Ohhh, I get it. Fuck that despicable bastard Xue Wuhen! He’s playing dirty! Once I get out of his valley, I’ll kill him!” With a ferocious expression, Shiqi gritted his teeth in indignation, while staring at the worms that had all fallen to the ground due to Shisan’s palm.

“Xue Wuhen?” Both Qinghan and Qingwu looked at each other in surprise.

The worms were from the Xue Family, which were used as trackers, under the nickname ‘concealed worms’.


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