BPTH Chapter 109

Little Black Awakens!

Indeed, hundreds of years ago, there was an alliance between the different prefectures. Yet, that alliance was between the Demonic Prefecture and the Mars Prefecture, rather than the Demonic Prefecture and the Barbarian Prefecture. At that time of history, there had emerged an invincible Barbarian Immortal, whose cultivation was incredibly high. Owing to the very existence of such a formidable, God-like cultivator, the Barbarian Prefecture had enjoyed the most privileged treatment, while the other two prefectures had been constantly suppressed in the shadow of this mighty immortal. Eventually, in order to break this deadlock, the other two prefectures had formed an alliance with each other, aiming to crackdown the Barbarian Prefecture.

The previous prefecture-alliance was due to the overwhelming power of a supreme figure, but this time, what could the proper explanation be?

“Forget about their secret purposes! Now, what we should do is to assemble all the participants of the Mars Prefecture and prepare for the upcoming war against the enemies! For now, however, we shall wait and see!” Sitting in the lower-ranked seat, next to Sainan, Wuhen was still dressed in white, while holding a folding fan in his hand.

“Yeah! I agree with young lord Wuhen! The demons and barbarians, in my opinion, will not truly coordinate with each other. Since they’ve all moved towards the Black Dragon Valley, humph, they’ll definitely come back with a great number of casualties! By that time, their plot will automatically be exposed to the sunlight.”

Someone started flattering Wuhen immediately following his proposal.

However, with a deeply concerned face, Shuiliu spoke up with a suspicious tone, “This is so weird. I mean, even though the human team has slaughtered a lot of demons and barbarians by now, it shouldn’t be the reason for their alliance. Yesterday, it was said that the super elite team was narrowly besieged by both Yao Kaka and Man’gan’s teams. Today, more strangely, they all went to the Black Dragon Valley, a place that’s considered to be one of the most dangerous places on Ghost Island. What on earth is their purpose behind this conspiracy?”


“Miss Sainan, please sent out more scouts to investigate this event. We’d better have more discussion before we make our final decision.”

“Yeah, this is a big deal! Please do investigate every detail!”


All of a sudden, everyone contributed their personal opinions or suggestions on this matter. Yet, basically all of them held a wait-and-see attitude. After all, the alliance between the Demonic Prefecture and Barbarian Prefecture was so unexpectedly weird. No one dared to risk facing both of them for now.

“Well, we have no better alternatives but to wait and see what’ll happen when they arrive at that valley. From now on, all of you, stay in the camp. At the same time, closely follow up on the situation amongst the demons and barbarians!”

Following a helpless sigh, Sainan concluded. While deep inside her heart, she firmly believed there would be something important happening in the Black Dragon Valley. She had actually assembled this meeting, in an attempt to listen to others’ advices, and reach a consensus over their countermeasure against the alliance of the other two prefectures. Afraid of being reckless, Sainan had decided to keep them inside the camp for the time being.


Of course, Qinghan, Shiqi, Shisan and Qingwu didn’t know what was happening outside the Black Dragon Valley, the periphery of which had already been occupied by nearly two thousand demons and barbarians in total. Instead, they had been hearing the dragon’s terrifying howls, day and night.

“Is this dragon fucking crazy? It has been howling for several days and nights already, almost without a break! If he’s not crazy, I will be!” Shiqi shook his head helplessly, as he leaned against a side wall in the grotto. He was obviously fed up with the annoying howls these days. None of them had managed to have a sound sleep, since they had entered this secret place! Days of desperate fighting and running away had already made them mentally and physically exhausted. And now, the howls only worsened their condition.

“This dragon must have some problems, or perhaps one severe one.” In a fatigued voice, Shisan spit out a piece of crap, while still listlessly lying against the wall.

Both Qinghan and Qingwu glanced at Shisan with the corner of their eyes, mocking Shisan’s self-telling fact. As the highest ranked being on Ghost Island, it was uncommon for the Black Dragon to howl so many times and for so long. Nevertheless, they failed to figure out what was wrong with the dragon, for they didn’t dare to go and explore his condition.

“What’s the problem with this black dragon? Shall we think out some ways to approach him so that we can figure out what’s wrong with him? Or could this be a golden opportunity for us to escape?” Qinghan thought to himself. Having been in this secluded grotto for days, he was almost driven crazy by the grotesque atmosphere, as well as the limited food they had left. Every now and then, the fighting scene of the Sickle Team flashed through his mind. Apart from that, he also deeply missed his sister, who was back at the Ye Castle. With these unpleasant thoughts occupying his mind, he was inevitably developing a severe headache.

“Oooh! I know what’s going on!”

A resounding, yet familiar sound came out of the blue, which disrupted Qinghan’s mingled mind, prompting him to break into a bright smile, as he cheerfully exclaimed, “Little Black! Is that you? Did you finally finish cultivating?”

“Little Black?”

The abrupt exclamation made by Qinghan scared Shisan to death, but when he looked at the joyful expression on Qinghan’s face, he stared at him in utter confusion.

As for Shiqi and Qingwu, they also focused their eyes on Qinghan blankly.

“Little Black, get out! These are all good people…”

Hardly had Qinghan finished his words, or a puff of black gust appeared in front of his chest, before it condensed into a unicorn-like shape.

“Hello, boss!”

Little Black straightened his body, and stretched his claws out lazily. He immediately threw himself into Qinghan’s arms after some winks to his master.




The materialization of Little Black had left the other three people dumbfounded, as though they had just seen a ghost. Shisan and Shiqi stared at Little Black with bulging eyes, while Qingwu had covered her wide-open mouth with her hands. Although they all knew beforehand that Qinghan had a holy-grade battle beast, none of them had ever witnessed its appearance.

“How could this legendary battle beast be so small?”

“Hasn’t he long surpassed his weak period?”

“Oh, look at this unicorn… it looks so much like a Lion-nosed Dog…”

“Hey, guys, don’t be suspicious! This is Little Black – a soul-eating beast! Before, in front of so many people, I felt that it wasn’t appropriate to summon him out. Plus, he has only just surpassed his weak period, and needs ample time to stabilize his current state. That’s why I didn’t let him out… Errr, he has just conveyed a message to me, telling me that he figured out the dragon’s problem!”

Holding Little Black in his arms, Qinghan explained to the rest of the three panic-stricken people. Ever since he had left the Yue Family, Qinghan had known that Little Black was entering into his maturing period, in which this little beast needed an adequate amount of sound sleep and cultivation. Unless Qinghan summoned him for the purpose of integration, Little Black would keep himself inside Qinghan’s chest. Today, after such a long time of not seeing one another, Qinghan was thrilled to finally see Little Black again!

“Wow, impressive! A holy-grade battle beast that’s capable of conveying his voice with his soul!” With astonished, as well as admiring eyes, Shiqi had put his thumbs up for Little Black.

“Haha, he’s so adorable! My seventh-grade snow wolf isn’t even able to convey his voice to me, but he can comprehend my words. Alas, he was injured in the last battle, so I had to throw him inside the summoning space to recuperate. Otherwise, I would certainly call him out to play with Little Black!” A delighted giggle of Qingwu narrowed her eyes to the shape of a pair of crescent-moons.

Thanks to the presence of Little Black, Qinghan’s mood was so much better than it had been during the previous few days. Affectionately, Qinghan stroke Little Black’s head, and asked, “Little Black, tell us what’s up with that dragon?”

While at the same time, the other three leaned forward, while straining their ears, as they eagerly waited for Qinghan to tell them the reason for the dragon’s odd behaviour. They were all marveled at the ability of Little Black, who had been out of touch from the outside world for so long, yet knew everything in detail, even including the things that perplexed them so much.

“That worm is having a baby! She’s delivering dragon eggs!” By shivering his nose a little bit, Little Black conveyed to Qinghan in an immature voice.


It took Qinghan a full moment to calm down, before he could repeat Little Black’s words in a composed manner. After hearing this, the other three were caught in astonishment once again.


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