BPTH Chapter 108

Ye Qinghan’s Depression

Looking at the bitter expressions on Shisan and Shiqi’s face, Qinghan lowered his head in dejection. Like a withered plant, his eyes lost their aspiring light, as if his soul was hollowed out. For a moment, he recalled a great deal of unhappy things, while staring to the ground in a trance. He was worried about the security of the rest of the super team members, as he recalled the earsplitting noise when Ye Yi’s team had exploded themselves; and he was also concerned whether he could gather enough credits to save his sister… Qinghan was caught in a swirl of negative feelings, perhaps depressed, thwarted, saddened, or even more complicated…

Several months ago, he had been full of spirits when he had led the elite team out of Grey City. At that time, he was pretty confident to kill a great number of enemies, with the help of his holy-grade beast, and the self-healing magic saint-level ring his father had left him. As such, he would be able to obtain a Spirit Immortal Dan, and return to the Ye Castle with glory, and eventually save his sister. Yet, it seemed he had overestimated himself.

Indeed, before the Prefecture War had even commenced, Qinghan had already received a piece of brutal information: of all the elites involved in this Prefecture War, Qinghan’s capacity in cultivation was actually at the very bottom, which was part of the reason why Ye Tianlong had deployed the secret team to help him out behind the scene.

When they had first arrived on Ghost Island, Qingcheng had proposed to form a super elite team, thus everyone saw the silver lining of winning in this Prefecture War. In the following months after the formation of this special team, they had successfully breezed through various battles, either against the demons or the barbarians. Not a single team of the other prefectures had ever defeated them, which had made them super excited, and he firmly believed that if they could hold on to this upper-hand situation, the 10,000 credits would be at his fingertips.

Today’s twist of the situation, nevertheless, had disheartened the whole team. Now, the four of them were caught in this Black Dragon Valley and were uncertain if they could make their way out of here or not, not to mention the survival of the whole super team. It was true that the Sickle Team had once escaped by taking advantage of the chaos created by another intruding team. Would the four of them have the same luck as Ye Yi’s team? Would there be one more silly team to redirect the attention of the dragon and help them get out?

Even if they managed to escape in some way, how could they face the people of the other three families? Even if they reunited later on, would they still be as courageous as before to hunt the demons and barbarians? What if they encountered the same desperate situation once again? Thinking about this, Qinghan completely lost his confidence in obtaining the 10,000 credits, whether they got out of here or not.

“Little Qinghan, don’t be so depressed. We’ll sort it out…” Apparently, it was the first time for Qingwu to face such a dire situation, but she still tried to sooth the depression-stricken Qinghan a little bit. Receiving no response from Qinghan, she sighed and bit her lips helplessly.

“Young lord Qinghan, no one would ever blame you! Don’t think too much about it! We’ll figure out how to escape!” Shisan’s face turned radiant, for he knew the dead wouldn’t be able to revive, and there was no use to regret the past. The living ones had to carry on, regardless of what was ahead of them.

“No, am I not the one who’s responsible for their deaths? If Ye Yi and his team members didn’t come to this damn Prefecture War, they wouldn’t be dead! Plus, there is no better way to escape other than relying on our luck!” Qinghan’s heart was bathed in the feeling of self-accusation, as he failed to pull himself together.

A little bit annoyed by Qinghan’s unnecessary emotions, both Shisan and Qingwu were desperate to console him, but failed to come up with a proper suggestion, though the words were on the tip of their tongues. On the contrary, Shiqi suddenly frowned and spit out indignantly, “Young lord Qinghan! I know I’m not in the position to scold you, but I have to say what I have to say. Don’t act like such a little pussy. You know, our big brother, and all his team members were all orphans at the beginning. It is the Ye family, our benevolent savior, who adopted us and trained us as death warriors. Honestly, we all feel obliged to make our due contribution to the family. If you really want to avenge them, then snap out of it, and start cultivating, rather than sobbing like a girl! This is what a man is supposed to do. If you continue on with this withering spirit, our deceased big brother won’t be able to rest in peace, and your sister won’t be saved either! Think, you idiot!”

“Then what shall I do exactly, tell me!” Reluctantly, Qinghan raised his head, staring at Shiqi expectantly.

“I cannot promise you anything, but I can assure you that if you continue these negative thoughts, that both you and your sister will be doomed. There are many ways to solve this problem. I and Shisan will continue cultivating, and surpass the Realm of the Emperor, for instance. Or you, our young lord, will make another breakthrough, and become more powerful. Only in that way can we escape from this creepy place. Where there’s a will there’s a way!”

Although Shiqi wasn’t an eloquent guy, and his reply was somewhat ambiguous and not well organized, it had successfully rekindled Qinghan’s flicker of hope. Qinghan’s dim eyes grew brighter and brighter…


Long Sainan, like Qinghan, wasn’t in a good mood; instead, she had the same upset feeling like when she was exposed to the scorching sunshine. Several days ago, she was told a big event had happened in the chaotic battlefield, which had kept her nerves on edge during the following days.

The demons and barbarians had actually formed an alliance with each other, and set up a siege against the super elite team! Immediately after she was notified of this situation, she had led her team to the gorge the Double-headed Wolf inhabited, but only found that the human super team had already fled, and the chasing demons and barbarians had had severe losses caused by the wolf.

Despite this lucky escape of Qinghan’s team, Sainan had no time to cheer up, because she was too stunned to convince herself of the fact that the Demonic Prefecture, and the Barbarian Prefecture, who had long been foes, had teamed up! How was this possible?

The question haunted Sainan for several days, to which she couldn’t find a proper answer. Yet, No matter how ridiculous this was, it had actually happened, in broad daylight!

Luckily, a small portion of the super elite team had been teleported to the temporary camp, and they had brought the latest news about their team. In their description, Sainan learned that this allied attack was grotesquely absurd, as if there was a spy, who was telling them all the traces of the human elite team.

This was simply unimaginable! Throughout the history of the Prefecture War, never had they encountered such an unfathomable situation.

Today, Sainan had received another unusual report, which said that both teams led by respectively Yao Kaka and Man’gan had simultaneously resembled their underlings, and set off in a grand formation. Although each of their teams was led a different route, the final destination was predictably the same – a famously dangerous place, the Black Dragon Valley!

Both Yao Kaka and Man’gan’s team had at least one thousand members this time, as they waged all the way to the Black Dragon Valley.

Actually, when she was told of this news, the first few questions that popped up in Sainan’s head were: Are they going to kill the dragon? Is there any treasure in the valley? But, after some serious pondering, she quickly dismissed these groundless hypotheses.

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