BPTH Chapter 103


“All of you, listen up! Stop fighting, we’d better breakout right now!” With a booming voice, Shisan ordered in a straightforward way, for he knew it was not the time to be emotional. If they stayed here fighting, they would probably never get out, because the demons from behind were just about to arrive!

What Ye Yi had said was right, as death warriors of the Ye Family, they had to prioritize the security of the young lords and ladies, rather than their fellow brothers. After all, if the young descendants died, they were all doomed. Helplessly, Shisan reserved his grief, as he choked his tears back, and reluctantly gave out his orders.


Not saying a single word, Shiqi gave Shisan an understanding look, and held up his sword, killing several barbarians in a row.

“Go!” Qinghan glanced at the members of the Sickle Team for the last time, as he grabbed Qingwu’s arms, and ran away as fast as his feet could carry him.

“Go!” Hua Xin and Feng Meng looked at one another, and found the same helplessness and bitterness in each other’s eyes. They ran in the front, leading the way for Hua Cao and Feng Zi.

Within a minute, the Sickle Team had forcefully intervened, and put up a desperate fight. Under their cover, the super team successfully waged their way out of the chaos, with only a few of them being injured in the process. They left the howling barbarians, as well as the valiant Sickle Team behind, merely for the purpose of survival!

– Bang! Bang! Bang! –

As the atmosphere continued to intensify, the barbarians tried to chase the super team, but only found themselves being held back by the Sickle Team in the end. Now, all the fury of the barbarians was vented on Ye Yi’s team. The Sickle Team slaughtered as many barbarians as possible, for they knew what their destiny would be.

“Full speed ahead!” Shisan held back his desire to turn around and check on the situation; he led the super team forward by running madly. His eyes were filled with indignation as well as misery. This was an opportunity exchanged by the lives of the Sickle Team, so they had to succeed. Although they were far from absolute safety, at least now they could take a break from fighting… and run away!

– Boom! –

Several minutes later, they had run away over five kilometers from the scene. All of a sudden, an ear piercing rumble sounded out from behind, which followed an earth-breaking howl as well.

“Big brother!”

Eventually, Shisan turned around, crying out heartbrokenly.

All the team members looked backwards, and were stunned by what came into their view: the Essence Qi brought up by a terrifying explosive energy, which was suspended above the fighting scene. The dense smoke in the air, the poignant sound of the explosion, and the outraged howls, all burst out almost at the same time. The super team halted their hasty footsteps… they knew, that Yao Kaka’s team had collided with them! Since Ye Yi’s team had found no way to get rid of both the demons and barbarians at the same time, they had chosen their last resort – Suicidal Explosion! Apparently, the members of the famous Sickle Team had all sacrificed themselves, because only the collective explosion of a large number of cultivators could create such a chaos in Essence Qi.

“Why are you all standing here idly? If you want Ye Yi’s team to die in peace, just run! It’s their last wish! Scouts of the Hua Family, start an all-out patrol in the surroundings.” Shisan’s face was as cold as the winter frost.

– Swoosh! –

Immediately, the super team members converged their grief into motivation, and ran like crazy. Even the girls of the Yue Family followed closely, without regard for their personal appearance. Among them, some injured or fainted members were carried on the back of others’, not a single one was left behind. Their hair was disheveled, and tears swelled from their eyes, yet they had to carry on, like a bunch of uncollected drowned mice.

As for Qinghan, he kept his head low, as no misery or indignation could be found in his expression. But if one looked closer into his eyes, a deathly grey light flashed!

Run, run, run!

With no emotions, no sound, and no extra movements, all the team members kept on running, into the forest, into the valley, or trudging over lakes. In bird’s eye view, they were very much like a group of restless ants crawling on the ground.

“Report! Both the demonic team and the barbarian team are fifteen kilometers away from us!”

“Report! Up ahead is safe. It will take us at least one hour to get back to the temporary camp!”

The scouts of the Hua Family were busy searching around, as they were true professionals. Owing to their Invisible Technique, they were made for this kind of work; otherwise, they would already be completely exhausted.

As predicted, Ye Yi’s team was completely annihilated. But, as a result, they had helped the super team earn ten minutes to escape. Now, the distance between Qinghan’s team and the enemies’ was as large as fifteen kilometers.

However, on the other side, Yao Kaka and Man’gan had continued to chase the human super team closely, immediately after they had annihilated the Sickle Team. They were also desperate to race against the time!

The abrupt arrival of Ye Yi’s team had undeniably tore a hole in the deliberate-knitted hunting net, which was designed by the other two races to end the lives of the human super team.

As for Yao Kaka and Man’gan, they were actually pissed off by these reinforcements, without which they would have reaped the favorable results already. Now, the target, Ye Qinghan, had ran far away from them; they felt like their stewed duck had flown away, right when they were about to enjoy its delicious meat. In a fury, they all vowed that they wouldn’t go back home until they had annihilated the human super team

There occurred an unprecedented chase between the human race and the other two races, as both of them raced at the limits of their speed. Flustered, Qinghan’s team chose any path that appeared in front of them, whether it was a mountain, a lake or a cave.

“This isn’t going to work, Shisan. On the one hand, we have severely injured members, and their speed is greatly slowed; on the other hand, neither our physical strength, Battle Qi, nor our morale is adequate to sustain us any longer. I suspect, after ten minutes, we’ll be overtaken!” Hua Xin expressed his concerns, as he ran forward.

“I know, buddy. But… we have no better alternative other than running away, don’t we? One thing that haunts my mind is: how do they know so well of our whereabouts?” Shisan’s face turned much more composed now, because he had to care about the people who were alive, rather than lingering on the lament for the death.

“Who knows? Maybe the demons or the barbarians have mastered some magical witchcraft. Anyway, this has never happened before! Shit, we’re so unlucky!” With a similar confusing expression, Hua Xin responded.

“Speed up, as fast as you possibly can! Hopefully we can encounter some team from the Mars Prefecture, to help us out.” With blank eyes, Shisan shook his head, for he knew how slim this possibility was.


The crazy chase continued, and the distance between the two sides was quickly shortened to a mere five kilometers. Fortunately, the human super team was also quickly approaching the temporary camp. Based on their current speed, by the time the barbarians and demons would catch up to them, they would probably have already arrived in the vicinity of the temporary camp; where there would run into many of the Mars Prefecture’s teams. If the other human teams would lend them a hand, Yao Kaka and Man’gan would no longer be a threat.

In the next second, nevertheless, a scout of the Hua Family brought a piece of unexpected news that made everyone’s heart sink even deeper.


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