BPTH Chapter 101

Rush, Rush!

For months, the super elite team had invincibly fought against the enemies’ team, and gained much reputation for their excellence. Nevertheless, what they were facing right now wasn’t a single team, but a deliberately-plotted siege launched by Yao Kaka and Man’gan. Qinghan knew, this time, the chance of survival was extremely slim.

In front of this imminent life and death moment, Qinghan exhibited no fear, not even the slightest of it, for death was not a stranger to him.

It was his sister that made his heart sink, as he was afraid that she would be in a vegetative state forever without the Spirit Immortal Dan! Also, at the same time, he was ashamed of himself for letting so many people die for him. The feeling of regret, depression, and helplessness rushed through his heart, leaving him inconsolably silent.

– Bang! Bang! –

An explosive sound ahead made the super team members toss their heads forward, while hope was flashing within their eyes. If Shiqi and Hua Xin successfully led away the three barbarian teams in the south, perhaps, they could fight an exit out of this tight siege.

“We still have a chance to escape, don’t we?” Some of them exclaimed, as if they had tightly grasped onto a life-saving straw.

A couple of moments later, with the return of the gloomy-faced Shiqi and Hua Xin, that sliver of hope in their heart had fallen into a pitfall of desperation.

“Shit! There’re four Barbarian Emperors up ahead; we’ve failed to divert their route. They seem… to know exactly where we’re going. In three minutes, we’ll run into them!”

What Hua Xin reported, had given another mental blow to the members, as their faces grew grotesquely surly.

“Six hundred barbarians in total? Four Barbarian Emperors?”

“Whatever is ahead of us, just keep on marching forward. Slaughter the barbarians that come in our way!”

“Slaughter them all!”

By hearing Shisan’s extremely loud voice, the team members kind of regained their waning spirit. Everyone unsheathed their weapons, before they ran forward in a frenzy.

Under such a grand siege, the super team had no alternative but to rush ahead and slaughter for survival. As for whether they could break out of the encirclement or not, they could only leave this up to destiny.

The three barbarian teams up ahead were indeed not that frightening, and they were confident in their ability to fight their way out, if given the time! Yet, time was so limited for them, for another three demonic teams were approaching them closely from another direction! If the team was flanked by both the demonic and barbarian race, the result would be self-telling: the human super team would be completely annihilated. They had to, therefore, run as fast as they could, in case of being chased up by the demonic teams from behind.

Since the team was called “super elite team”, the team members were all young and intelligent. Definitely, this team was basically moron-free. They were hyper responsive upon hearing Shisan’s hysterical retreat order, despite the confusion and despair they had underwent just minutes ago. Sometimes, when one was caught by absolute hopelessness, his hidden potential would be fully unlocked. Such was the case with the human super team, for their morale bounced back, and surged to a new high. They slashed the daggers and swords through the wind, yelling out, as they sprinted forward.

“Rush, rush!”

With an unprecedented fanatical momentum, the super team swarmed forward. Even the girls of the Yue Family, who had vomited so many times over dead bodies, had now unsheathed their daggers, and followed the rest of the team with bloodshot eyes. No fearsome or blank eyes could be found among them, because they were fully prepared to confront whatever came at them!


Despite the obnoxious sweat that soaked his clothing, Yao Kaka was in a really good mood. The scheme, that they had long planned, would finally commence. He couldn’t help but chuckle along the way.

The target was up ahead, or more exactly, the saint-level item, which he would be given for capturing Ye Qinghan, was at his fingertips. The situation, right now, turned quite favorable to the demonic side, as Yao Kaka just needed to draw in the net and reap the rewards.

“Hurry up! Don’t let the barbarians take the initiative! The head of the target is worth a saint-level item! Have you all seen the portrait of the target? Slaughter him on sight!”

Yao Kaka roared to his team members, as he swung his golden, curly hairs in the wind.

“Your Majesty! The target is now moving towards Man’gan’s teams in the south!” The wolf-like demonic female reported, as she held up an transparent crystal ball in her hands. Inside this ball, a small red dot was continuously moving towards the opposite direction, which seemed quite mysterious.

Upon hearing this, Yao Kaka tossed his head to the female demon, and observed the crystal ball with extreme caution.

“Shit! Why aren’t they coming towards us? Damn it! I won’t allow Man’gan to kill the target before me! Speed up, all of you!”

As he saw the target nearing the barbarians, Yao Kaka urged his team members to speed up.

– Boom! –


– Bang! –


In the far distance, the sound of explosions reverberated in the air, suggesting that the human super team and the barbarians had collided with each other already! Meanwhile, Yao Kaka found those noises rather annoying; for he was afraid that the long-awaited golden opportunity would slip away from him. With no choice left, he increased his speed once more.

He firmly believed, that as long as the barbarians were entangled with the human super team, and blocked their way out, he would be able to chop their flesh into heaps of meat powder.


On the other hand, Shisan’s mood dropped to the bottom of his heart. Like the billowy Qi waves up ahead, his heart was surging with uncertainty and dejection. The concerted efforts among the seven Prince-Realm cultivators had failed to break the “wall of barbarians”, that stood densely like lines of giant pillars. Furthermore, the sound of numerous footsteps was flooding from behind. In an uncontrollable fury, he exclaimed desperately, “Fuck you barbarians! You don’t dare to die? Come, and I will slaughter all of you personally!”

Just two minutes after their arrival, when they were about to wave their swords and launch a bloody fight, the barbarians unexpectedly formed a fan-shaped defensive formation, trying to deter anyone from the human side to flee. The barbarians were in full swing, with four Barbarian Emperors standing in the forefront, and the rest in the rear. Now, the human super team was under an even tighter, if not seamless, siege.

The moment the defensive formation appeared; Shisan realized almost instantly that their chance of running away had turned even slimmer. In whatever direction they ran, the barbarians would encircle them like a rolled-up dumpling, let alone the demons, who were chasing them from behind. Even if they had the luck to escape, two thirds of the team would die here.

Without any delay, Shisan immediately ordered the whole team to fully release their Battle Qi, and attack unanimously in one direction. He was right, indeed, for the force created by the total amount of Battle Qi pooled by around two hundred members, would certainly be formidable. Either the barbarians dodged or their formation would collapse in the process. In the end, the super team would stand a chance to speed up and rush out of the encirclement.

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