BPTH Chapter 100

Are We Being Sieged?

“This Demonic Emperor is really something. He has consecutively fended off several of Hua Xin’s attacks. If it wasn’t for Xian’gu’s help, it would be hard to say, whether we could bring this giant beast down. Haha, Xian’gu, your Enchantment Skill is amazing, for you have made this beast lay down by simply using a glimpse of your eyes.”

Looking at the hideous body of the Demonic Emperor, Shisan was elated, for his fury could only be dissipated by seeing the death of the enemy. He turned to Yue Xian’gu, and spoke in an appreciative tone.

“Hehe, don’t flatter me, Shiqi. Don’t forget, this was a severely wounded Demonic Emperor, and it had already taken many of Hua Xin’s attacks. My attack was merely the last straw that led to his death!” Despite the humble explanation, Xian’gu rather enjoyed Shiqi’s sweet compliment. Her expressionless face burst into a rarely-seen laughter, and her feminine body shivered accordingly, giving emphasis to her beautiful curves.

“He won’t flatter you for nothing. Xian’gu, Shiqi has a secret crush on you…” With a chuckle, Hua Xin cut in jokingly.

Surprisingly, Shiqi wasn’t embarrassed at all; he raised his eyebrows, and stared at Xian’gu’s bosom, “Haha, Hua Xin, thank you buddy, thank you for saying the things I’ve kept so dear in the bottom of my heart! However, I’m afraid, that Xian’gu will never be in love with a rough fellow like me…”

“Hey, shut up! Actually, I’ve been told by my friends, that you guys are the most rakish cultivators in the Mars Prefecture! Remember, I’m not a naïve teenage girl who can be baited by a couple of nice words. If you really want to form a romantic relationship with me, I suggest you to just give up already… You bunch are ugly.” In response, Xian’gu rolled her eyes, as she cursed both of them. As soon as she finished her remarks, by moving her fatty hips left and right, she turned away, and walked towards the group of girls of the Yue Family.

“It’s enough, Shiqi, Hua Xin, prepare yourself to retreat!” Shisan urged the two of them to stay focused on the mission, rather than talking nonsense.

Receiving Shisan’s glare, Shiqi scratched his hair and wrinkled his nose in embarrassment, while Hua Xin suddenly disappeared by using his Invisible Technique.

However, within a quarter of an hour, Hua Xin reappeared with a surly face, and seemed extremely worried, which was a sharp comparison with his earlier frolic expression.

“First-grade report! There are three demonic teams up ahead! We’re now only five kilometers away from them! We’d better retreat immediately in a southern direction!”

In a sharp, urgent voice, Hua Xin repeated this report three times, in an effort to ensure that this inauspicious piece of news was received well by every member. After that, he disappeared once again.

“Oh, fuck!”

The whole team was stirred up with negative emotions by Hua Xin’s report, with some of them even being lost in helplessness, and others looking around with blank eyes.

“What are you waiting for? All of you, retreat!” In a hysterical manner, Shisan shouted at the super team. It seemed, as if he had also lost his usual composed, level-headed temperament.

During these days, Shisan’s words had always been taken as the most authoritative order among the super team members. They deserted the items they had fetched from the bodies, and converged with the rest of the team. Qinghan, who was busy collecting rings, was forced to stop halfway through, and followed the team, heading south. Their footsteps gradually accelerated, as they ran forward.


“There are three barbarian teams flooding to us from the south! They are only 7.5 kilometers away from us!”

In the next moment, a scout of the Hua Family brought another unfavorable piece of news. The team halted in the middle of their escape, in sheer astonishment. Both Qinghan and Shisan looked at each other, and saw the confusion and fear in each other’s eyes. While at the same time, the other young lords were all left confused, and frightened!


“In the west, there is a super demonic team! It is likely the team led by Yao Kaka!”


“In the east, another barbarian team is flocking towards us! They’re only five kilometers away! We’re investigating whether it is the team led by Man’gan!”

“Ohhh, holy shit!”

“What’s happening?!”

“We’re doomed…”

By hearing bad news upon bad news, the human super team burst into a clamor. Like ants blindly crawling on a hot pan, the members strode back and forth, but had no idea in which direction to go. The emotions in their eyes showed horror and confusion!

“How could it be possible that we’re being sieged?”

“It seems that we’re being encircled by both the demons and barbarians. It must be a scheme co-launched by the Demonic Prefecture and Barbarian Prefecture.”

“It’s so oddly ridiculous! How can these two prefectures ever form an alliance with each other? Historically, they have been foes for generations! Even if they made a joint attack against us, how could this be arranged in such a perfect way. I mean, I cannot believe that this is just a coincidence!”

“Yeah, and how could they know exactly where we are? This is so weird!”

These unanswerable questioned bewildered them all…

However, under such an emergency, no one was allowed to think much over these matters. They were all caught up in an exceptionally dangerous situation. Any delay in response of this fight, would result in a tragedy, where the future leaders of the four families, and the seven Prince-Realm cultivators would all be killed right here. Therefore, instead of a pre-attack discussion, which they normally had, Shisan directly gave an order.

“Listen up! You’re now ordered to run towards the south as fast as possible. Hua Xin and Shiqi, lead some members of the Hua Family, and divert the enemies’ route. Survival is the priority right now, forget about the credits!”

Meanwhile, Shisan conveyed an unsounded conversation with the other Prince-Realm cultivators, and they all agreed to enact the backup plan known as Complete Retreat. In times of extreme danger, they had no alternative but to put the lives of the young lords and young ladies on the top of their schedule. As the situation became more and more intense, they had to sacrifice the relatively unimportant descendants, and only protect the young lords.

In awkward silence, Qinghan, Feng Zi and Hua Cao followed the team south. The suppressed and almost suffocating atmosphere penetrated every hole of their skin, making them feel a chill roll down their spine. Some of the girls of Yue Family even shivered in fear, as they came to realize how severe and fatal the situation was. They could turn out to be, in the next moment, corpses!

“Run, with all your strength!”

The dirty water from the mud pool splashed onto their luxurious clothing; the thorny branches cut through the skins on their legs; and the silk veils on the girls’ face were now dangling lopsidedly on one ear… They had no better choice, given the dire situation, where they could be torn apart by the enemy from any direction.


Qinghan spit a stick of grass out of his mouth, before he stole a glance at the panting, red-faced Qingcheng.

“Man’gan and Yao Kaka, have they really formed an alliance? How could they trace us so accurately? Are we really being sieged?”


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