Beast Piercing The Heavens Chapter 207 Part 1 Release

Translated by: TSmith

Saw this novel being dropped and was sad so I asked around and luckily a mate of mine was willing to translate. Not sure on the schedule at the moment but there should be another by tomorrow hopefully. Also its his first time translating and before he was just a reader so point out any mistakes and stuff. Cheers and enjoy:)

Also not sure why this chapter is split into two but my mate said it was so yeah this chapter is split in 2.

Also the other chapters will slowly come onto the site once I get enough time as I’ve just come back from Korea and am super tired.

AH also, new buttons will be on chapters from now on. Not sure how to get it on previous chapters so I cbs. Just enjoy it on these new chapters and don’t complain:)

Also wanted to know about what you guys think about the slider as no other site really uses it and I’m wondering if I should just get rid of it or something…

Chapter 207 Part 1


  1. Thank God,Someone Willing To Continue TLing this novel…

  2. Thanks for continuing this novel

    And thanks for this chapter

  3. When did the tl say he will stop? link please?

    1. Author

      All of Xianxiaworlds novels have stopped and are moving/planning to move elsewhere. There is a post on reddit so check it out.

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