Atelier Tanaka

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Atelier Tanaka – Age = Years Without a Girlfriend
Tanaka The Wizard
田中のアトリエ ~年齢イコール彼女いない歴の錬金術師~

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Action Adventure Comedy FantasyHarem Mature Seinen


Adapted to Manga AdventurersAlchemy Aristocracy Cheats DragonsElves Game Elements Healers Hiding True Abilities Level System Loli Male Protagonist MisunderstandingsMonsters Netorare Netori NoblesOrgy Overpowered Protagonist R-15Reincarnated Into Another WorldSpecial Abilities Sword And MagicUgly Protagonist


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Rhex Translations




Yoshio Tanaka gets reincarnated into a fantasy game world, with healing magic as a “cheat” ability.



  1. When The part 2 of Volume 2 will be available?

    1. Hopefully, I can post part 2 next week and maybe even part 3, but if not, part 3 would be the following week after that.

      1. You do really good work bro 🙂

        1. Honestly, I’m never sure if it’s good enough, so thank you it’s good to hear.

          1. Thanks for translating, this series seems to be the author trolling the reader a lot, so once i got on board with that idea its been nonstop fun.

  2. “Pussy! Sex! Young girl rape!”

    Oh hell yeah!

    Thanks for the chapter

  3. Hi, I am a simple user from South America and I wanted to tell you that if you have a translator who speaks Spanish, I wanted to tell you that there is a page that has the volume of the novel translated to 3 and I also wanted to ask if you can take the novel of ore wo suki the truth here we have the translation of the manga but there are some that we do not agree with the manga since almost nothing progresses and the translators can not get it from the Japanese please consider it is very good

    Here is the page that has the light novel until the 4th I’ll wait with your response 😀

    1. Well, I’m the only translator and I barely know any Spanish, so I don’t think that would be possible. As for the other novel you’re talking about, I already have three projects, and will potentially be getting a fourth, so I really wouldn’t have the time for another.

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