Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 17 Part 1

I will be posting Atelier Tanaka to this site from now on. I also wanted to post two chapters this month, but this chapter is about three times as long as the last few chapters and there’s no chance I can get all of it done. I’ll still try to post at least three parts this month.

Here’s Chapter 17 Part 1 for everyone.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter ^^

    I belive she really love him, but he has too little confidence in himself in that place to just belive her so sudenly.
    Still it is really hard to buy when she not only come to tell him that from nowhere, but also ask him to marry her with the ex-boyfriend with her. Thought she loves tanaka she is also in hurry for some reason, Tanaka should have taken sometime to ask about why marriage and her cincustances, but thinking it was a scam he was too hasty to ask them to leave.

  2. This chapter was weird, why would he refuse the blond Lolita, from his point of perspective he is a pervert who thinks about sex alot…

  3. oh no comments within the actual chapter, oh well

    Thanks for the meal~

    damn it tanaka, how can you resist dem lolis,
    Pussy! Sex! Young girl rape!


    once again, thanks for the chap and meal~

    1. Yeah sorry should hopefully have comments on the chapters soon

      1. I am waiting for more 😛 When next one? 🙂

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