AoA Prologue Release

Translated by: TLX

Edited by: JSmith




New novel about baseball. I’ll be reading along with you guys but it’s No 2 in the Games & Sports category so I’m pretty excited about this one. Let’s enjoy the ride:)



  1. thanks but arent the releases already kinda slow wouldnt be better if you didnt add another one? i really really like the skill maker and am wondering when the next chapter will be?

    1. Author

      Each novel is being done by a different person and EvilArmor (the TLer of The Skill Maker) has the same exam which is like 50% of what determines if we get into med or not. So atm we’re both busy but he did say after that (which is in 9 days) he will start TLing again. Sorry for the slow releases as I understand its pretty frustrating for you guys to read a great novel but us not provide you with more chapters… Please hold on a little longer thanks:)

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