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Okay so I have gotten some comments and messages from people about a few things so I will clear it up here.

  1. The Font/Layout/colours apparently hurt my eyes/paragraphs are chunky/whatnot.
    1. So people have been saying that the font is too light. I have added an accessibility button on the right (the human thingo) which if you click, you can bold the text (Readable Font) and even make it bigger or smaller depending on your preferences so everyone is happy.
    2. The second thing is apparently the layout or colours or something hurts the eyes or something. (For me it seemed fine but maybe for others it hurt so I’m addressing the issue) I’m not too sure but there is also option for that with the new button. The grayscale one makes everything black and white and grey or something so thats all good. Also you can make it black and yellow for funsies or whatever. If it’s still hurting you’re eyes just leave a comment for the third option of finding a new theme
    3. The new theme also makes everything single spaced but there are button where we can jsut paste it as text and it will become double spaced. I’m lazy so the old ones will stay single spaced. Thats a problem due to the theme. Extremely sorry about that but new chapters will definetel be double spaced
    4. So in the end the new theme is the problem and we have 3 options. Go back to the old theme (which was okay but was not that good), stick with the new one (which has problems but I personally like) or go exploring once more for another theme. I will count up the total responses/comments in about a week or sth and we’ll go with majority. Of course the votes of Fan Gods, Patriarchs, and whatever higher than a pleb will be considered more as they’re not plebs:)
  2. Second major thing was ads. Around 75% used to not use adblock but now around 70% use adblock.
    1. I understand the reasons for using adblock mainly consist of: Lag due to Video Ads, Redirects, Popups, Eats up data like a hoe. However, now I’ve turned off video ads, there were never redirects and popups so there should be no reason to turn it off. However if there are other reasons why you’re using adblock please do tell me so I can address that issue as well.
    2. . I would really appreciate it if people start turning off adblock. I even added that adblock detector thing as I felt like it would work but it didn’t:/ I really appreciate those who turn off adblock and sincerely beg… I’m begging… readers to turn off adblock as I pay all the translators from the ad revenue and from my own pocket when ad revenue isn’t enough. So please, trust this site once and turn off adblock.
  3. Also people don’t like the new banner ads inbetween chapters so that’s out of the window. (However if no one complains about it on this page I’m leaving it there as I’m assuming everyones chill with it)

That’s all folks, enjoy reading and chilling


  1. wonder if “the human thingo” can be hidden?
    it’s annoyingly block the text if i view it in opera mini.

    1. Author

      you’re the second person to say this but then it would give people less options. If more people say get rid of it I will but people wanted bolder font, and such so not sure whats going to happen:/

      1. no, no, i didn’t mean that you should get rid of it. Maybe you could place it in the top right corner instead of floating in the middle section.

        1. Author

          ah… Unfortunately there’s no option to change where it is. IT would be great if it could change position like that iPhone thingo. Sorry man

  2. Stick with the current theme, I also like it.
    And I’m fine with ads, also already whitelist this site, (well I use phone mostly) but the ads inbetween chapter is kinda annoying, maybe 1 ad inbetween chapter is okay, but when 2 or more it is kinda annoying, but hey if it keeps the site running then I’ll just shut up, read, and chill.

    1. I agree with everything Greg said. I also think this site should have world time so we can see what time a post was done all across the world. I think this site is from Korea but not sure. Anyway the time zone is different. And if possible to have post regerrly updated on certain intervals so we can know what and when post updates are Cummings. Thanks and long live the site.

      1. Author

        Why thank you Big Fan. As you’re sunbai as the No1Fan I would recommend joining the disord as usually I say it there first that a chapter is incoming. Anyway enjoy your reading and dont stop chilling brother

  3. I can vouch as someone that used to have adblock on and now have it off that the video ads and the stuff that tend to pop up in your face and stuff have gone.

  4. I like the current theme more than the previous one. It’s flows better for me.

  5. Not a big fan of the theme. I don’t like the font or the colors, but the actual layout is fine.

    For the ads, I turned off my adblocker a while ago. The ads are thankfully not so obnoxious, but it still slows down page loading by a very noticeable amount on my laptop. Not sure how you could really fix that though.

    1. Author

      It shouldn’t anymore as there are no more video ads but tell me after a few days if its better

  6. I’ve had no issues since you changed the theme, could just be reading on mobile doesn’t load all of the themergency settings but personally I have no issues.

  7. I rather like the new theme. My only complaints would be how faint the text shows up on my computer but if I set it to high contrast on the web page then it fixes it. Also whitelisted the website and the video ads are gone which is a huge plus. Those annoyed me into blocking it in the first place.

    1. Author

      The new button has a high contrast button as well if you ever need it and thanks:)

  8. Thank you so much for black yellow. I love you so much.

  9. I’m sorry – do you have a Paetron amount in mind for substituting for ad revenue? After being bit by a cryptolocker a few years ago, I will never allow ads again, from any site to any machine I control. Realistically, you don’t have control over what ads you show, and the ad networks can screw everyone like an Ikea bookshelf whenever they want to – or whenever they accidentally pass a malicious ad.

  10. Not on my phone, which is where I usually read on, but the ads used to completely freeze up the page with my slow computer. It’s much appreciated that they were removed. I’ll leave ad block off now.

  11. Along with AdBlock I’m using SafeScript, that blocks the unwanted scripts, but it can only allow the selected scripts globally, there is no whitelist.
    I don’t want to allow the scripts from ad-sites for all other sites, so because there is no better alternative to the Chrome then SafeScript, I won’t be able to allow the ads on this site.

  12. Grayscale and bold looks ok, but it makes my tablet crash – it eats memory like crazy and in a few seconds it reboots. FF on android.

    Also ideally I’d like white text on a black bg, that the least tiring and best for battery on mobile.

    1. Author

      okok thanks for the info if more people complain that it crashes on mobile ill fix it

  13. Hello! I just wanted to thank you for the hard work and let you know that the ads on this site are bearable compared to lots of other sites. I leave my AdBlock on by default, but I will turn it off if the ads aren’t obnoxious on a site-by-site basis (especially if there’s a reminder about it). I think that others do the same.

    The accessibility panel was a nice addition, especially for the “readable font” option. Thin fonts like the default cause eye strain for me when paired with a white/light background, since I spend a lot of time in front of a screen.

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