Announcement – I’m Back

Okay boys and girls I’m back. The last exam, which was chemistry for those who are curious, is over. Thank God and I’ll be back to regular 2 chapter per week for TMM and R8CM. Although the Translators for both have gone MIA, I’ll give them a good whipping and bring them back. Also got 2 donations I think for R8CM which I’ll have to check. New home page/theme with sick revolving novels and such. I might get into MTLing for korean novels and so look forward to that as well. The click rate went down after I went MIA and ended up only at 2,700 which I’ll round up to 3000 and I’ll post an extra 3 chapters when I get started on a new novel. I’ll be getting rid of the click thing as I think it isn’t working:/ I think that covers most of what I want to say. New MTL novels (google translate level), New novel (I’ll make a poll later), regular chapters will be back. Yep that’s it for this announcement so look forward to the TMM and R8CM which will be released by tonight (unless my mates call me up and tell me to 5-man league… Which will push back the chapters til tmr:/ soz)

Also shout out to my patreons as even a little helps me a lot:)


  1. Welcome back!! We missed you!!!

  2. Good job!
    It is sound like EoSP is being dropped from regulars, that is my misunderstanding, right? RIGHT??

    1. Author

      yeah EOSP is not dropped. It will slow down due to exams as Fudge also has midterms but he will be back so don’t worry:)

  3. I read R8CM’s chapters 1 to 6 and I think you should really recruit an editor.
    One who knows grammar, pacing, page layout, and everything an editor should know.
    As it is now it’s unreadable.
    It looks like a 12yo kid wrote it on his

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