Announcement: EMERGENCY!!

Basically 2 dudes on NU said they got Trojan and one said it from this link:

I need some help from computer gurus/software engineers or whoever is required… Please help me find the source (Most likely an ad so an ad link or sth would be nice…)

I really don’t want to deal with this crap, so please help me so I can get back to finishing some quiz I need to do or sth. Please help.


….pls help…..(Also someone on NU said they use adblocker til this crap is fixed. I recommend that shit as I don’t you guys to get a virus then hate on me. Turn that Adblocker on until a Computer Guru helps me out…)

I beg you computer masters…Please help me find the source….Pls…

Edit#2: Someone said someone injected a code onto the site? Apparently its not harmful? Not too sure how to find this code and get rid of it…

Edit#3: Most people say they see nothing… can I get a confirmation from readers if theyre getting anything?


  1. I didn’t run into anything nasty, just a disturbing number of cookies being set for one page.

  2. Well, I had tried to access the site during the week from two differen places.
    One computer with ad-block on hadno issue.

    But when I had tried to visit this site from another computer without ad-block the anti-virus programm warned me that it stopped the site from loading because it detected some malware or so.

    Therefore it is most likely indeed some issue with the advertisement.

    Btw. until the issue is resolved you might want to change the announcement on the right bar under status.
    Otherwise people might turn ad-block off to follow the favour you ask there.

  3. It sounds like you might have an unpatched server/Wordpress/Wordpress plugin installation that allows for an injection attack. There are injection attacks that use various methods to either attack only people from a specific geographical area/with a specific browser/hit each person only once, which would explain why most people are seeing nothing.

    Check to make sure you have the *latest* versions of any software, plugins, themes, etc. you installed yourself. And you might want to talk to your webhost (checking your IP suggests that’s Namecheap or a reseller of theirs?)

  4. what happen where you at translator?

  5. I get a warning from my antivirus(kaspersky) every time i go onto this site 🙁

    i have both adblocker and the kaspersky extension, but every time i go on this site i run a scan just to be safe

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