Announcement about EER

So Chamber has decided himself that he would like to move to Kobato so EERs new chapters will henceforth be psted there. There is no reason why Chamber has moved (Nothing to do with Novels&Chill or Kobato) but it was just an individual decision. Nothings really changed except it’ll be on a different site. The releases will be up to Chamber so ask him about that and there’s meant to be another chapter in queue and I have given Chamber the money so I’m sure he’ll upload it sometime later.

There will also be a triple release of R8CM later on this week as we haven’t released last weeks 2 regular chapters. Look forward to that and keep chilling:)


  1. Is Ace of Ace still being translated?

    1. Author

      ATM the Translator is busy with RL but I’m trying to whip him to come back… Not sure how long it’ll take though… I’ll try my best…

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