AoA Prologue

 ­ Prologue

5th June, 2022

Gun Choi went to the local council light-heartedly.

“Today is finally the last day”

The last day of the 24-month public military service.

Beep. Beep.

Lowering his head to check his smartphone, he found a message from his colleague.

“Don’t forget! after work we’re having your discharge celebratory get-together!”

The colleague who’d been assigned to the civil service department due to his obesity had been counting down days for this gathering.

However, Gun himself wasn’t even the slightest bit interested in the upcoming event.

There was only one thing in his mind right now.


The day had finally come after a long wait of nearly 3 years since his last attempt at the league. He was finally re-entering….  to prove those who doubted and abandoned him wrong.

“This time… Finally…”

As he was walking across the street, he witnessed a pram racing down a hill uncontrollably. Within moments Gun had taken off to save the pram from crashing… to save the baby that may be lying there innocently.



With screams of terror and shock echoing his surroundings, he slowly lost consciousness.


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