AoA Info

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Main Character:

Gun Choi: recently finished military service, An angel ave him the trainee angel program as an apology for making a mistake and nearly taking him to Heaven. Got dropped from Boston Red Sox and by the new GM A. Thompson.


User: Gun Choi

Age: 25

Occupation: Professional Baseball Player

Position: Pitcher

Preferred Hand: Pitching – Right, Batting – Right

Team: undrafted

Health: D

Strength: E

Agility: E

Responsiveness: D

Trust: C

Luck: B

Mental Power: A

Speed: F

Control: F

Movement: F

Pitch Type 1: Fast Ball: F

Pitch Type 2: Slider: F

Pitch Type 3: Change Up: F

Pitch Type 4: Knuckle Ball: F

O Skill: None


Ell: angel who was meant to finish her trainee graduation but was stopped due to her mistake.

Vaness: Angel

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