AoA Chapter 1 – Part 2

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 ­ An Angel’s Life On Chance (1)

“What are you going to do now?”

Ell dropped her head at Veness’s question.

“I’m sorry”

“That’s not the problem. Their distorted destinies are too great, That man…”

Ell continuously dropped her head and bowed to Veness.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

Veness led the truck driver Jang Geun Cho to Heaven. The correct target Ell should have led to Heaven.

However, despite Veness’s quick response to the mistake, the destiny had been too greatly distorted to be recovered fully.

“Your trainee graduation… will have to be postponed for now”

Veness turned her attention to Gun.

Was Ell simply unlucky?

Her mistake wasn’t entirely her fault…

The given situation could have easily led to an incorrect assumption.

The truck driver Jang Geun Cho saw the pram racing down the road and quickly turned the wheel. His quick response avoided the truck from running over the pram.

However, that wasn’t it. The truck soon ran uncontrollably, straight into a 5-metre high wall.

The destined task to sacrifice one’s life to save the baby in the pram was Jang Geun’s task, NOT Gun’s.

Gun bolted for the pram and pushed it out of harm’s way, and in the process had simply lost consciousness.

Ell asked Veness in a greatly troubled tone.

“Wha… What do we do now? The spirit already reached all the way here, his physical body down there will hardly be recoverable. Even if we send his soul back down, I doubt his body will be able to accept it and revive…”

“The situation has gotten serious. I mean, we can’t even use the Angel’s Miracle for an incident like this”

An Angel’s Miracle was the angels’ ability to bring a dead person back into life, in itself being a miracle to overcome death.

However, to have this ability, you had to have the consent of those in the High Angel or Chief Angel ranks.

Gun had reached the entry of Heaven but could not enter.

He was troubled between the two angels who were holding a discussion regarding the situation.

‘Hmm… I’m sure there’s something wrong. But I can’t see what it is…. Surely not a problem as stupid as bringing the wrong person. Nah, no way.’

Veness lectured Ell once more and turned her head to Gun.

“Seems like this is the only way”

“Veness, please, not Angel’s Miracle. You must first acquire the Chief Angel’s consent for that.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not using the Angel’s Miracle.”

“Then wha…”

“I’m going to utilise the trainee angel mission program. There’s a revival program included in it.

“Do you think that will work?”

“Let’s just hope his mental durability and will power is sufficient to withstand it”

Veness approached Gun after she finished the conversation.

Gun grew slightly nervous about Veness’s approach.  

‘Maybe they found a solution’

As Veness got closer, Gun could feel his consciousness becoming weaker and harder to grasp a hold of.

The presence of the High Angel and her spiritual power was overwhelming for a normal human being to handle.

Gun stayed conscious with all his might. Then he asked her.

“What’s happening? My mind’s becoming weaker”

After seeing Gun still standing, Veness thought.

“With mental power this strong, it should be sufficient for him to withstand the program”

Veness asked him with a typically bright angel’s smile.

“We have decided to return you to the secular world. As it seems, that is what you desire as well”

“You’re sending me back? Is that even possible?”

Gun’s consciousness grew weaker and weaker.

“Of course, It’s not that simple. However, we are going to repay you for your good deeds sufficiently.”


Gun wanted to ask what the repayment was going to be, but had lost his consciousness.

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