AoA Chapter 2 – Part 2

 An Angel’s Life on Chance (2)

‘5,311 hours?! That’s… 220? 221 days?! And let’s see… That’s over 7 months!’

‘Dammit, 7 months from now it’ll be early next year. I need to recover before this year passes’

Next year he’d be turning 26. Including rehabilitation time, he’d be well over 27 before he could start pitching properly.

‘Isn’t there a way to recover faster?’

As if the program was responding to his thoughts, new messages were displayed.

recovery time using mental enhancement: 1,244 hours –

– may I commence the mental enhancement?

1,244 hours was equivalent to approximately 2 months.

‘Full recovery in 2 months, then I may be able to finish the rehab program by early next year’

This was Gun’s final chance.

Without hesitation, he responded in his mind.

‘I don’t know what mental enhancement is, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Hurry and commence the enhancement’

– initialising mental enhancement –

Within moments, Gun could feel his body rapidly heat up. He wanted to groan and scream in pain, but no sound, nor words could escape his mouth.

*12 days after the accident*

Gun was recovering at an unbelievable rate, surprising all the doctors and nurses.

“I have never seen a patient recover this quickly”

“Perhaps it’s because he’s an athlete that his recovery is outstanding!”

“Hm… maybe he was born with unique genes. His muscle density and recovery rate is no match for an ordinary human being”

“You mean to say, he was blessed with special gifts or powers?”

“Hm… as reluctant as I am, I’d have to assume so”

Gun was lying down on his nursing bed, looking at the texts that were displayed.

Health: D

Strength: E

Agility: E

Responsiveness: D

Trust: C

Luck: B

Mental Power: A

As the recovery processes progressed, the mere F’s on his stats were beginning to slowly rise.

‘Hm… I guess there’s no point telling other people about these stats, they wouldn’t believe me… What a shame.’

Gun also knew that even if he could somehow prove that he could magically quantify and produce an accurate table of his stats, the people would only take him to a hidden laboratory for cruel experiments in an attempt to extract the power from him.

According to the messages, there were approximately 40 days left until all stats were to return to normal.

‘I wonder how long the rehab would take. I’d have to start from rock bottom again right’

He let out a deep sigh.

The minor league life was dooming.

‘Here comes the bread and strawberry jam again…’


4th of January 2020 (2 years and 6 months ago)

Gun let out a breath of relief as the doctor notified him that the operation was successful.

“Only thing you need is some good rest now”

Gun delivered his words of gratefulness on his nursing bed.

“Thank you very much”

2 months ago, with the help of his minor league team, he was drafted into the top 40 list of the Major League and was aiming to be drafted officially into a team.

The major league, which he dreamt of for years.

However, due to a critical elbow injury, he ended up undergoing a surgery.

There were 2 things pointed out as the cause for his injury.

Firstly, his incorrect pitching form.

Gun held the ‘Inverted W’ pitching form.

Numerous major league pitchers from the past with high speed balls fell with the Inverted W form.

Gun also knew very well of the dangers and risks of adopting this form.

However, this form was also the best form to produce top speed fast balls. Gun was unable to resist the temptations of immediate quality performance for taking the risks of injuries, much like other pitchers from the past.

Secondly, he often overworked his body.

Gun was known for his significantly large amount of training. He trained even after games, typically working on mastering his Breaking Balls.

It didn’t come to a surprise that Gun faced such injury, for he was overworking his body with an incorrect form.

“It ‘s a miracle that your body endured for 4 years”

After he was discharged, the draft team officials visited his cabin.

Gun regarded it as a necessary visit of manners and courtesy to check up on a player’s conditions after an operation.

However, their purpose for the visit was different to what Gun had expected.

“Mr. Choi, you are now an unrestricted free agent, able to establish contracts with other teams”

Gun hadn’t even entered the major league yet, but they were talking about free agency.

It took Gun several moments to figure out the deeper meaning of their notice.

“…Are you saying that I’m no longer part of the team?”

“Mr. Choi, the team can no longer wait for you”

Gun’s age had already reached the end of that of a super rookie. He knew that very well. Which was exactly why he had spent so much time and effort training harder than others.

“Is it okay for a team to abandon their injured player like this? Without pre arranged meetings or negotiations?”

Gun yelled in a tone filled dense with emotions.

The team’s draft officials had experienced these types of abandonments numerous times, so they had grown accustomed to the players’ outrages.

“Mr. Choi, your talent is sensational. However, you are slightly different to the rest of the players. You own an absolute Achilles heel.

“I’m different to other players? Is it the injury?”

The official replied as he shook his head.

“It’s not the injury, Mr. Choi. It’s the military service.”

It was true. Gun hadn’t yet served in the compulsory South Korean military service unlike many other players in his age.

Had he entered the Major League he wouldn’t have these worries. If you enter the Major League, and ultimately the Olympics and win a medal, you are able to apply for an exemption.  

However, all such hopes were blown away by the injury.

“Mr. Choi, I hope you are able to respect the team’s decision.”

The official used the excuse of the military service, but in fact he wasn’t regarding Gun’s abilities that highly at all.

Had he seen true potential in Gun’s abilities, then despite the military service issues, the team would have waited 2 years or so.

However, that wasn’t the team’s decision.

They regarded Gun’s talents as quite ordinary.

Gun asked.

“Is there no other way?”

The official shook his head firmly.

“It was Thompson’s final call. It would be impossible to oppose it. Mr. Choi, please respect his decision”

A.Thompson was Boston Red Sox’s new GM. As soon as he was newly appointed, he used his very first opportunity to eliminate ‘ordinary’ or ‘hopeless’ rookies, and Gun was his first target.

“Pardon me, but I will be on my way, I have a lot to take care of today”


The door closed, and the draft official disappeared.

Gun murmured, filled with rage.

‘Damn it… To be abandoned like this. I will show those bastards what I’m capable of. I will become the second Bambino.*

*Legendary home run king, Babe Ruth’s nickname. After Boston traded away Babe Ruth at an incredibly low price, they failed to win a World Series for 86 years until 2004. They often referred to this as the Bambino’s Curse.

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