AoA Chapter 2 – Part 1

 ­ An Angel’s Life on Chance (2)

Losing consciousness twice in one day.

Having a bad dream with angels and dead spirits.

Gun was frowning due to the stress on both his body and mind.

‘Dreaming about returning going back and forth from Heaven, what’s going on in my mind?’

After regaining consciousness, he tried to bring his body back up.

However, his body did not respond.

‘Am I under a paralysis?’

Gun moved his throat with all his might.

Soon after, a variety of unfamiliar objects caught his attention.

Electrodes, bandages, an IV and an oxygen respirator.

The bandages were covering the majority of his body.

Gun soon realised the severity of his state and closed his eyes.

‘Is this the repayment for my ‘good deeds’?! With injuries this severe, my hopes of entering the Major League are gone. Damn it…’

He thought that the two women he ran into in his dream were demons, not angels.


With a short and sudden sound, a bright light filled his sight.

trainee program has been implemented –

– scanning the body and mind –

– detected bodily impairments –

– initialising reconstruction program –

Despite having his eyes closed, the messages were displayed before him.

Had there been some electronic smart lens implemented in his eyes while he was unconscious?

Putting the questions aside, a significant amount of data were soon listed.

adjusting display settings to suit the user –

User: Gun Choi (Human)

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Occupation: Unemployed

‘What? Unemployed? I’m a professional baseball player who’s preparing for his debut in the Major League!… well with my body in this state that won’t be possible for a long time…’

As if the program was listening to his thoughts, it quickly modified its data.

– Occupation: reinitialising based on the new job suggested –

User: Gun Choi

Age: 25

Occupation: Professional Baseball Player

Position: Pitcher

Preferred Hand: Pitching – Right, Batting – Right

Team: undrafted

Condition: Extremely damaged

– displaying User’s basic stats –

Health: F

Strength: F

Agility: F

Responsiveness: F

Trust: C

Luck: B

Mental Power: A

displaying User’s occupational stats –

Speed: F

Control: F

Movement: F

Pitch Type 1: Fast Ball: F

Pitch Type 2: Slider: F

Pitch Type 3: Change Up: F

Pitch Type 4: Knuckle Ball: F

O Skill: None

Gun was relieved to see knuckle ball included in the list, for he had secretly been training and practising during his time at the military service.

‘It’s classified as F, but it must definitely be included in my arsenal. A bit disappointed that the Curve Ball wasn’t included.’

Out of all the breaking ball pitches (type of pitching), the curve ball was the first type that pitchers trained. However, it was this type that Gun failed to master. Whenever he loosened up, the ball fell short of the home plate, and whenever he tensed he had no control over the pitch.

In his minor league days, one of his coaches once criticised that Gun’s inability to master one of the fundamental pitch types, the curve ball, could be a type of trauma.

Regardless of the reason, it was a fact that Gun was one of the few pitchers that could not utilise the Curve Ball.

calculating time required for full bodily recovery –

– time required: 5,311 hours…

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