AoA Chapter 1 Part 1

 ­ An Angel’s Life on Chance (1)

When Gun had regained consciousness, the situation had already been settled.

He woke up startled, to find a young girl looking down on him.

“What happened…?”

The girl responded indifferently.

“You’re dead”


Gun hastily pushed himself up. Then he raised his voice in anger.

“Look, I can move so freely, and you say that I’m dead? You don’t joke about those things little girl”

The girl remained calm and indifferent, and simply pointed her finger behind him.

When Gun turned his head around to look, he found his body lying in the middle of the road.

“Your life was ended when you saved a baby in a pram and was hit by a truck as a result. But do not worry, you sacrificed your life for the baby, so you will be sent to Heaven.”

Gun wavered his arms as he responded in shock.

“Wa… Wait, what do you mean Heaven?! I’m not yet…”

The girl cold-heartedly cut him off and continued speaking.

“Eliminate any secular desires you may have for the things you failed to achieve in this world. Those will all disappear once you reach Heaven.”

As soon as she finished, a beam of light came down from the skies and pulled Gun upwards.

“Dammit… my life ends here… without ever standing on the Major League mound. What were all those countless hours of practice and rehabilitation training for…?”

As she watched Gun float to the skies, the young girl thought to herself.

“Hmph… not bad for my first mission. I had perfect control of my facial expressions too.”

As of this mission, she was graduating from being a trainee angel.

– Gun is approximately half way up to the skies –

Someone had sent a message to her mind.

“Ell, didn’t you forget something?”

Ell responded to the high angel, Veness’s question.

“This mission was on an accident occurred at local time 08:21:23, on the 5th of June, 2022, in the A-12 region of Seoul, South Korea, which resulted in a death. The target is Jang Geun Cho, a person with enough pure and good deeds to be admitted to Heaven entry. During the procedures, he seemed to have no forgotten memories.”

Veness sighed as Ell responded.

“Ell, as an Appointed Angel, it is one of the most fundamental principles to check the target’s name”

Appointed Angels, aka “AA”s, were those that lead the dead spirits to Heaven.  

Ell froze in shock and horror as she heard Veness’s comment.

“No way…”

“YES way”

Ell hastily shot up to the skies and grabbed Gun, who was about to disappear into the clouds.

“Wait a moment”

Gun looked down at Ell in wonder.


“Tell me your name”

“… Gun Choi… is there a problem?”

As Ell heard his answer, she pulled him down with all her strength.

Unfortunately, the beam of light from Heaven was too strong, and had pulled both Gun and Ell above the clouds, into Heaven instead.



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