Ace of Ace

Alternative Name:

에이스 오브 에이스
Original Author:

Yoo Rim Han (한유림)

Adventure, Slice of Life, Sports, Supernatural

Baseball, Game Elements, Male Protagonist, Reincarnation, Second Chance

 Ongoing in Korea with 154 Chapters/Translation on Hiatus
Translator(s)/Translation Group:

Novels&Chill (TLX) – send me an email at if interested in translating this:)




The life story of Gun Choi going towards being the best pitcher in the Major League.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – Part 1: An Angel’s Life On Chance (1)

Chapter 1 – Part 2: An Angel’s Life on Chance (1)

Chapter 2 – Part 1: An Angel’s Life on Chance (2)

Chapter 2 – Part 2: An Angel’s Life on Chance (2)

Chapter 3: Rehab (1)

Chapter 4: Rehab (2)

Chapter 5: Rehab (3)

Chapter 6: Rehab (4)

Chapter 7: Live Pitching (1)

Chapter 8: Live Pitching (2)

Chapter 9: Live Pitching (3)

Chapter 10: Live Pitching (4)

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  1. Chapter 2 this is reabillitation. Dont an angels chance

    1. Author

      ??Not sure what you’re talking about but cheers for reading:)

      1. on the original of these chapters are called “rehabilitation”, and in the Chapters about the same states

        1. Author

          I finally understood what you meant. If you can read korean translate this novel with my mate then:) But rehabilitation is chapter 3 and we’re only up to chapter 2 at the moment…. The chapters are in parts mostly coz my mates don’t have time to translate or im just a bit too busy to edit all the chapters so I edit some then release that part then do my stuff (mostly homework) then edit the rest and release the rest. Hopefully that cleared that up for you??

  2. where’s chapter 11 i could read?

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