Written by: Liesz So Liesz has come back then disappeared again but I’ll post in his stead and hope he gives us more of his pretty damn good novel. If you’re bored waiting for R8CM or Have a Meal read this. It’s a good binge with 65 chapters. I’m translatingRead More →

Translated by: JSmith Another half chapter. Been supppper busy with reading so sorry for the late releases. Also watched a new k-drama called entourage which was pretty funny so I recommend watching it if your a guy. anyway enjoy. Were also lacking in editors as I would released more R8CMRead More →

Translated by: Shelby Edited by: Crackaz, Illidan Shelby has finished his exams as well so he said he as coming back but he went MIA again. Didn’t ping me;) Anyway enjoy the chapter and hopefully he’ll come back with a lot more chapters or send him a donation so heRead More →