Another chapter This is another sponsored chapter. Thanks to the donator (the queue is cleared again). I binge read like the last 90 chapters of ISSTH after saving it up for quite a time, and damn, what a cliffhanger to end on…. should’ve listened to my instincts and waited fewRead More →

Translated by: Chamber Edited by: Illidan Regular Chapter 1/2, Chamber’s first post! Also, please comment on the format of this chapter, are the previous chapters better when the conversation lines and item stat lines were apart? Or this new format? (Below is copy paste from last chapter notice) So Novels&ChillRead More →

New chapter is out Here’s the first regular chapter of the week (2 more planed for this week as of right now). I saw some comments asking about some of the Korean novels I talked about last release. Max Level Newbie isn’t being translated as far as I know; TheRead More →