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So the new release date of TSM will be on Sunday as tahts what EvilArmour favours. Thus TMoS will also be released later on Wednesday unless more accidents happen and I release it earlier. Here’s the direct link and please leave a comment if this doman is also blocked inRead More →

Once again an apology for all TSM fans as EvilArmour has decided to change the release date for TSM to Sundays and as an apology i’ll release a chapter of TMoS earlier than usual as an apology I’ve also made all direct links as an adfly banner which won’t disturb yourRead More →

Sorry about this chapter being late. The new TL, EvilArmour, was being a party animal and partying out til late and so couldn’t send me his completed chapter. Plus he had work today from 9am til sometime in the afternoon as a waiter. Please forgive us for our tardiness:( So sorryRead More →

As TSM is coming later today, as an apology I decided to release TMoS 2 days early to compensate. I might have also released it early as I finished it earlier than usual:p Anyway, heres the Direct Link HEREE!!!! Once again thank you those 250 people who clicked on theRead More →