ID Prologue Chapter 6

 ­ Achievement

□        Ray Starling
Outside of the <Old Loew’s Orchard>
After defeating the 【Demi-Dragwurm】 thanks to Nemesis, I retrieved the 【Demi-Dragwurm’s Treasure Coffer】 that had dropped and, while carrying Miliane on my back, we escaped the <Old Loew’s Orchard>.

The thought of going back and providing backup for Liliana didn’t even cross my mind. Why? Because on the window that displayed the status for all party members, I could see that she was still alive and well; moreover, there was no way that another miracle, like the one from before, would happen twice, thrice, and so on.

I had a hunch that, if I were to get cocky here, I would certainly mess everything up.

“Retreating was the right choice. If it’s that tian woman, she won’t die. She’s stronger than that monster, so if she fights it one-on-one, even if it takes some time the victory will be hers.”

Like that, my so-called <Embryo>, Nemesis, analyzed the progress of battle.

“Although you’ve just been born, you already seem to know more stuff about this world than me, huh.”

She apparently knew about Liliana even though they hadn’t met yet.

Hm, did Nemesis also have memories from the time when she was still in her 0th form?

“I might have this humanoid form, but I am not a person. This is a mystery too, you know. Anyway, leaving that aside, Master? If you are feeling curious, is it not about time you tried revealing the secrets for that miracle?”


More or less, I gradually managed to understand her, but it seemed like Nemesis was the type that liked saying things in a roundabout way. Well, I was a bit at fault too since I actually comprehended her words in the end[1].

In short, she had said, “Hurry up and check my abilities in the status screen.”

When I looked at the 『Detailed Status Screen』, the 『<Embryo>』 entry had been added to it.

I tried opening it without delay; and as soon as I did, a new window appeared, displaying Nemesis’ figure and all of her parameters.
TYPE: Maiden-with-Arms
Attained Form: I[2] Equipment Offensive Power: 50
Equipment Defensive Power: 15

Status Bonuses
HP Bonus: D
MP Bonus: G
SP Bonus: F
STR Bonus: F
END Bonus: E
DEX Bonus: G
AGI Bonus: G
LUC Bonus: G

Equipment Offensive Power and Equipment Defensive Power were her numerical values when used as a weapon… this was just like what you would normally see when equipping weapons and armor.

Then, the “Bonuses” apparently were the <Embryo’s>… Nemesis’ status bonuses that were always given to me just by her being there. The values increased by these didn’t seem to be of a constant amount, and I heard that “G” was the lowest ranking of the bonuses. Incidentally, I also heard that the status growth from leveling up was also affected by them.


She wasn’t really that strong.

It would be unfair to compare her with my bear brother’s costume, but even if we purely looked at the statuses, I didn’t believe they would ever be able to reach values as high as the ones seen in the costume.

Of course, considering that Nemesis had just been born as an <Embryo>, everything was entirely natural.

But then how did we defeat that 【Demi-Dragwurm】? While wondering this, I discovered an entry in the window labeled 『Owned Skills』.
『Owned Skills』

《Counter Absorption》Lv1:
Consumes a stock to generate a wall of light that nullifies attacks.
At Lv1, a single stock is restored every 24 ingame hours. Stock limit: 2.
Active Skill

《Vengeance is Mine》:
Launches an attack at the target that does a fixed amount of damage, ignoring defensive capabilities. The fixed amount of damage is twice the total of all damage values received from the target in the last 24 hours.
Furthermore, both the damage that was reduced by skills or items and the damage that was nullified by 《Counter Absorption》 are also added to the total damage count.
However, once the attack is launched, the total damage count for the target is reset.
Active Skill

“So it was this one…”

《Vengeance is Mine》……an attack skill that returned in double the total damage received from the enemy.

Now I understood. It was no wonder that I managed to beat the 【Demi-Dragwurm】.

Surely, their damage was reduced by the effects of each 【Dragon Scale】, but it was still a fact that I had taken three attacks from that monster. Adding to it, there was a single strike that had been nullified by Nemesis when she used one the skills here, the 《Counter Absorption》.

Four times in total. If 10% of the attack’s damage was 90, then its original value had been around 900. Multiplied by the four attacks, we reached 3600 total damage. Then, with the effect of the skill 《Vengeance is Mine》, that total damage was multiplied by two, arriving at around 7200, I think.

Well, I didn’t know how much HP the Demi-Dragwurm had, but this probably meant that it wasn’t more than 7200. Or maybe it was because I had struck it right in the head, I guess?

“…Even after revealing the secret behind what happened, it was still a miracle.”

That one-hit kill was possible because I was weak and my opponent was strong.

The fact that I had overcome several near-death experiences, with the help of the items given by my brother, also played a huge role.

And more than anything else, Nemesis’ characteristic skills were a perfect match for that situation.

“It was a pretty convenient outcome.”

The <Embryo> was something unique that combined your individual qualities, personality, biorhythm and so on, right? Looking at the outcome this time, it was almost as if the <Embryo> had been specifically planned for that circumstance.

Also, a skill that got stronger the more damage I took? Were they trying to make me look like a super masochist or something?

“Let me tell you this in advance, this is the result of you being continuously observed. There isn’t a single mistake here.”

Said Nemesis in a tone full of regret.

Wait, did she just reply to my thoughts?

“Err, observed?”

“The 0th form is the period used by the <Embryo> to observe its master. When it finishes checking what kind of person they are, in accordance with what it found about said master, the <Embryo> is then born in its 1st form. Well, even if there are similarities in personal experiences and behavior, there will be differences in the <Embryo’s> form and skills according to each Master.”

I see.

In other words, all my experiences, from the moment I began playing the game, were specifically reflected there.

…Come to think of it, it felt like I had experienced a lot of situations where I received near-lethal damage, like in the collision with Liliana right at the start and the entire fight against the 【Demi-Dragwurm】. If this skill was the direct result from all that, then I could do nothing but accept this situation.

“…Still, I think the 《Counter Absorption》 came from your own personality, Master.”


In what way?

“Aahh, by the way. It might be me saying this, but the TYPE: Maiden <Embryo> is pretty rare, you know? You ought to reflect upon how blessed you are and feel grateful to me.”

Surely, in the usual categories mentioned by Cheshire, the “Maiden” name wasn’t there.

Hm, I was really thankful that not only Nemesis might have been rare, but she also told me so much about the game; still, you see, when I thought that a young girl was something that came out of my own self, I also had this rather awkward feeling welling up inside me.

“Awkward? Really?”

Ah, was she listening to my thoughts after all?

“Yes I am! And what’s with this ‘awkward’!? What is “awkward” here? Did you not hit the jackpot!? Look at my beauty! And my rarity! Just what dissatisfied you?”

“Oh no, by yourself, Nemesis, you are not the reason for this ‘awkward’ thing. I’m talking about the fact that you came from me and…”

As we were having this kind of dialogue, Liliana showed up from the entrance to the <Old Loew’s Orchard>. Although her armor was dirty with mud and dust, the woman herself didn’t look seriously hurt.


Instantly, as soon as she noticed our figures here, she rushed over to us. And then, Liliana breathed a sigh of relief after confirming her sister’s sleeping face.

“Thank you very much for… protecting my little sister… really, thank you…!”

While thanking me, tears were flowing from her eyes.

“Err.. hmm…”

This was embarrassing.

I had no idea how to answer her words.

“Good. You should be grateful to my Master and, above all, to this Nemesis here.”

…And that was how my <Embryo> replied.

Oh, I got it. Nemesis liked saying things in a roundabout way, but she also enjoyed looking down on others.

That personality of hers wasn’t similar to mine.

“Is this child… your…?”

“Yeah, well, she’s my <Embryo>.”

Looking a little surprised, Liliana observed Nemesis.

“I see, of course, since you are that man’s younger brother, you were also a <Master> chosen by an <Embryo>… but still, with a Maiden type, it’s almost like that…”

When she was about to say something,

『Alriiight!! The beary underground world couldn’t hold me down!』

Along with a “ta-da!” sound effect, my bear brother suddenly appeared from under the earth.


He was alive.

Well, considering that his status had been covered in black, I still didn’t know well what to make of it. Moreover, why was it that he was holding a shovel in his right hand instead of the gatling gun?

No way, did he use it to dig through the earth until he reached this place?

『The bear-low earth tunnel is now open for visitors!!』

A second later, the ground shook slightly, and with the sound of earth and sand falling, the hole where my brother came from was closed.

『Oh no, it was instantly bearied by a cave-in!』

Shut up.

“So you were safe, big brother.”

『Yep! Those bunch of losers were mangled into mincemeat by me and Baldr’s fourth form!』

“Fourth? Wasn’t your <Embryo> that gatling gun?”

『That one from bear-fore was its second form.』

I guess there were many forms, then.

“I do not think you know this, but depending on the <Embryo>, it can freely use any of its previous forms. And the one possessed by the Grizzly Buddy is of that very kind.”

…Grizzly Buddy[3]? Was she talking about my brother?

Yep, she was.

『Is the dali over there the <Embryo> bear-longing to you, Ray?』

Dark Loli. Dali for short[4]. One name as bad as the other, anyway.

“Pleased to make your acquaintance. I am this Ray Starling’s <Embryo>, Nemesis the Maiden-with-Arms. Please continue treating me well in the future, okay, Grizzly Buddy?”

Apparently, Nemesis had the intention of referring to my brother as “Grizzly Buddy.”

“That’s all good and well, brother, but since you were alive, you should have returned quicker. I almost died there.”

About four times.

“That would’ve been beary hard to do. After all, bear-low the ground, I have been battling that bunch of good-for-nothing demidras.”

Demidras… a bunch of them?

『They were freaking swarming inside a massive underground cavity. Maan, I don’t really hate bugs but that truly gave me some polar chills.』


Those things? A swarm of them?

…I’m glad I didn’t stay too long inside that dungeon.

“To think that so many of those monsters appear there… the 『Rookie Killer』 is just too scary.”

Or should I say, as expected of the trauma making machine.

『That’s not it, in the first place, not even a single demidra was supposed to be living here…』


『Anyway, I got rid of every demidra I managed to find down there, so they shouldn’t multiply around this place anymore. Now then, leaving that aside, let’s return already. We have to get Milia-chan home, you know.』

“That’s right, shall we go?”

Thus, followed by Liliana and Miliane, I started on my way back to the city together with Nemesis and my bear brother.

Since the Royal Capital wasn’t that far away from the dungeon, we quickly arrived, bidding our farewells as soon as Liliana and her sister passed through the gates. On that occasion, the woman affirmed, “I will definitely return this favor,” while the now awaken Miliane gave each of us one of her precious 【Rem Fruits】 from her basket, saying, “Thank you.”

Finally, when I was observing the two sisters, their hands joined together as they headed for home…

【The objective of the Quest “Missing Person——Miliane Grandelier” has been achieved.】

Was displayed before me, and I felt that, at long last, the quest had been completed.

“It’s finally oveeer…”

Honestly, I ended up going through such an incredibly dreadful experience right at the very start of the game…

“So the reward was one rem fruit, huh? Quite shabby for all the trouble I had.”

A fruit that costed around 500 yen, I guess. Still, I believed that it had a worth beyond that.

I cleaned the rem with my clothes and took a bite. While it had a strawberry flavor, its texture felt just like an apple’s. But the taste of the fruit in my mouth was much more delicious than any strawberry or apple.

It was the sweet taste of accomplishment.

『Oookay then, time to bear-gin the celebrations! Let’s have some ursome dinner. Bear-cause today is Ray’s first day here, I have arranged in advance a great feast for you.』

“Is that so?”

『I have prepared a pile of meat and vegetables to fill our bear-llies. They are also of the beary highest grade.』

“Oho, you have honestly caught my attention.”

It seemed like it was going to be delicious. Even Nemesis apparently held the same opinion… wait, so <Embryos> ate food too?

『As for the bearlicious dessert, I made arrangements with the 【Rem Fruit】.』


『Just for the dinner, I went to the marketplace bearly in the morning and bought all the 【Rem Fruits】 there. It’s an all-you-can-eat bearffet.』


Surely, the reason why Miliane went to the <Old Loew’s Orchard> was because they weren’t selling that fruit, right?

Then, in other words…

“Damn you, bear brother, you were the one who started everythiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnggggg!!!!!”

On that day, my eardrum-shattering scream echoed in the Royal Capital.

TL Info:
1↑意味が分かってしまう俺も俺だが – From what I know, the “X も X だが” has a certain nuance, indicating that while X is the cause/at fault for something (in this case, “understood the meaning in the end”) , the other party (say, Y) is also mixed up in it. I’m no expert so I’m just going with this translation for now.
2↑In Roman notation.
3↑クマニーサン – “Kuma Nii-san” or “Bear Brother” if you were to take it literally. But “Nii-san” doesn’t strictly mean familial brother and can be used to refer to a young man (fellow/fella, buddy, etc). Naming is of course open to suggestions.
4↑黒いロリ。略して黒リ – The brother says “黒リ” or “Kurori”, joining “Kuroi” (dark/black) with “Rori” (loli). For now I couldn’t find a way to translate it while keeping the same sense of “completeness” that you usually see in the Japanese sentence, like chaining the end of the first word to start the second word (imagine something like “Uniteddy” for “United” and “Teddy”).

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